Scooby accuses, Mr. Olympia 2011, winner, Phil Heath of using steroids…

Scooby1961, who is a well known online fitness trainer, has put himself in hot water by accusing the new, Mr. Olympian, Phil Heath, (who won the competition for this year), of using steroids. Scooby put up this blog post about it.

Scooby is already angering a lot of readers, read the comments here yourself, I even replied a few times.

I understand Scooby’s point of warning teens about building muscle like a pro, Mr. Olympian, but he should have thought twice before accusing someone else of using steroids by using his full name publicly.

This makes Scooby hypocritical ’cause he doesn’t like other people accusing him of using ‘roids, yet he accused someone else of using them. See what’s wrong with that picture? In this blog, I have questioned Scooby’s possible use of steroids and I got slammed by his fans for it. Maybe they’ll agree with me now.

Congrats to Phil Heath by the way, he deserves it. It’s just wrong for Scooby to come right out and accuse him, that’s why his readers are pissed. People are finally starting to see that this Scooby guy is a joke.

I hope Mr. Heath sees that blog post and slaps Scooby with a huge lawsuit. Whether Phil Heath used steroids to win the thing or not, you should not accuse them of ‘roids.


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One thought on “Scooby accuses, Mr. Olympia 2011, winner, Phil Heath of using steroids…”

  1. Looks like this lawsuit never happened, hey, some of the muscle magazines and bodybuilders like Dorian Yates who seems to be an honest fellow, Brit, big in the ’90s says most of these people are using and that he did though to a lesser extent, he says not the bodybuilders have more quantity but less conditioning. Scooby just may be telling it the way he sees it.

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