Report: Howard K. Stern’s acquittal on the Anna Nicole case, overturned!!!

I remember being very disapponted that Howard K. Stern, was acquitted to control Anna Nicole Smith, into using drugs that would lead to her death, back in 2007. A lot of people would like to blame Anna Nicole, that she brought her death upon herself, that she was a trainwreck, and an addict, but it is possible that someone can manipulate someone else to become an addict to prescription drugs. Get with it people. That son of a bitch, Howard K. Stern, murdered Anna Nicole and got away with it. Hope they do the right thing and put that asshole away for life! Justice for Anna Nicole!

TMZ, reports.

I’m a fan of Anna Nicole. Yes, she was a plastic blonde barbie doll, like all the others, but I admired and respected her legacy with, Playboy. She was a great supermodel. I respected her for that, not for her reality show.


Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter makes appearance at Kentucky derby…

Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, Danielynn, is now 5 and she’s getting a little older. The older she gets, the more she looks just like her mother, Anna Nicole. Danielynn and her father, Larry Birkhead, enjoy the day at the Kentucky Derby.

See, the photo, here.


How much do you want to bet that when Danielynn gets older, she’s going to be a Playboy playmate just like her, Mom? Wouldn’t surprise me. Usually when kids have a celebrity parent, they follow the same careers just like them. I think Danielynn will indeed become a big supermodel, like her Mom, when she turns 18.

I’ve always liked Anna Nicole and still do. Was a big fan of her Playboy years, didn’t like her reality show though.


BREAKING NEWS: Howard K. Stern walks Anna Nicole case!!!

This is no surprise to me as I’ve been saying for a long time now that Howard K. Stern is going to walk this case, a free man. Money and power will do that. Stern has been found guilty on 2 charges but not guilty on the 7 other charges. Even if Stern’s 2 charges a guilty, the judge threw them out, which makes Howard, officially a free man.

TMZ reports.

So sad. If I was part of Anna Nicole’s family, I wouldn’t give up until this man is behind bars for the rest of his life. Dr. Conrad Murray would probably walk the Michael Jackson case too. Just watch. Being rich will give you whatever you want.


Report: Anna Nicole Smith, pharmaceutical suicide…

Anna Nicole Smith news has been pretty quiet for a long while, it just started back up again, when it was discovered that doctors gave her a long list of drugs.

You can find the news story on TMZ and all over the web.

Me thinks, Howard K. Stern is guilty of this.

If you want to become rich and famous, and become an icon…you’ll have to be careful with it, if you don’t, you’ll wind up like Anna Nicole, Michael Jackson, you get the deal. Fame is a disaster. Be careful of what you dream of.


Report: Another Anna Nicole doc arrested!!!

Look like Howard K. Stern had some extra help to murder Anna Nicole. Yes, supplying another person drugs so they can die over it, is what I call cold blooded murder.

Anna Nicole’s psychologist has been arrested accused of fueling the Playboy legend’s addiction with prescriptions.

TMZ reports:

Great news, justice for Anna Nicole! Hope Anna’s killers rot behind bars.


Howard K. Stern should rot in prison for a long time…

He supplied her drugs ’cause he knew they were going to kill her. Stern knew what he wanted. He wanted her dead and he got what he wanted. He knew what he was after. He wanted Anna Nicole’s fame, he got it. He wanted her money, he got it. He tried to get Anna Nicole’s baby, Dannielynn, he failed at that. Larry Birkhead, ended up winning custody of Dannielynn since he is the biological father.

Imagine if Howard K. Stern won Dannielynn’s custody instead. He’d probably turn her into a drug addict when she got older. So it’s a good thing that Larry has her now and taking good care of her.

I’ve been pointing the blame of Anna  Nicole’s death on Howard K. Stern from day 1. Justice for Anna Nicole, FINALLY! Anna Nicole Smith would still be alive right now, if it wasn’t for that asshole.

Love Anna Nicole or hate her, that little girl, Dannielynn, deserves to know who her mother is, and Stern is a prick for taking her mother’s life away from Dannielynn.

Although I think, Stern won’t get prison time, he’ll probably just walk with a small charge by acting as his own lawyer in court, since he is a lawyer himself.

Lets cross our fingers that this asshole will be put away for many years. Although I don’t think it’s going to happen.


BREAKING NEWS: Did Howard K. Stern kill Anna Nicole Smith? It’s certainly turning out to be that way, shady lawyer turns himself in to police…

Is Howard K. Stern finally admitting that it was his fault that Anna Nicole Smith, the legendary Playboy playmate, died? It certainly seems to be that way. Two other doctors has also turned theirselves in.

Read more at TMZ here:

Don’t forget Anna Nicole’s son, Daniel. Is it Stern’s fault that her son died also?

Howard K. Stern should be charged with double murder and be put away for life.

You could imagine what Larry Birkhead is thinking right now. Those two guys buried the hatchet and became friends, I wouldn’t be surprised if Larry is fucking pissed as soon as he heard the news that Stern is turning himself in over Anna’s death.

Either that or Larry talked Stern into turning himself in?


Report: Larry Birkhead buys Anna Nicole’s lingerie for Dannielynn at celebrity auction…

Larry Birkhead recently attended a celebrity auction in Los Angeles and bought $3,000 worth of lingerie worn by Anna Nicole Smith that she wore during one of her Playboy photoshoots. The reason that Larry Birkhead bought them is because he’s saving them for Dannielynn when she’s old enough. When Dannielynn reaches the age of 18, Larry plans to tell everything about Anna Nicole’s life because Larry wants Dannielynn to know who her mother is. Larry doesn’t want Dannielynn to know about Anna Nicole’s Playboy past until she is a full grown adult. So there is nothing to worry about Larry telling Dannielynn dirty stories about Anna Nicole when she’s underage.

The Associated Press reports:

Larry’s a good man! He seems like a good father.

If Dannielynn becomes a Playboy playmate or an adult porn star when she’s a full grown adult in the future, I’m not sure if Birkhead would want that or not.

But I’m betting your money that Dannielynn will become a sex symbol when she’s old enough and legal.

It’ll be interesting to see what Dannielynn is going to look like when she’s older. Will she be big, blonde and beautiful just like Anna Nicole? Or will she look normal and natural?

Playboy will be eyeing Dannielynn when she’s older for sure.



Report: Larry Birkhead confirms Anna Nicole gave Daniel drugs…

Larry Birkhead testified for the inquest of the death of Daniel Smith, the son of Anna Nicole. At first Birkhead says that Daniel stole drugs from his mother Anna Nicole, but later Birkhead changed the story, saying that Anna Nicole gave Daniel methadone. Birkhead also confirmed that he saw Daniel smoking pot with Anna Nicole and Howard K. Stern.,2933,338632,00.html

If what Birkhead says is true, then it’s no surprise to me that Daniel would be partying with Anna  Nicole.

RIP the both of them, it still feels like they died yesterday.