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Kurt Cobain’s documentary, “Montage of Heck” trailer is here…

I’m a huge Nirvana fan. Always have been ever since I was in high school. I first became obsessed with Nirvana right when the “Smells Like Teen Spirit” video aired on TV and then I went out and bought the “Nevermind” album. I couldn’t stop listening to that album and I’ve always been a fan of Nirvana ever since. At the time when “Nevermind” first came out, I think I was in about 7th or 8th grade when I was in junior high. My love for Nirvana stopped and I still love the band now. I still have that same Nirvana “Nevermind” CD that I bought when I was just a teen. Never got rid of it and it’s still in my CD collection.

Looking forward to this movie. I can’t watch it since I don’t have HBO anymore but I’m actually thinking about subscribing to that “HBO Now” streaming service when they get it out in April. Not sure I’ll do it or not but thinking about it.

Anyway, I’m probably gonna get the BluRay to this movie when it comes out so I’ll watch it then for sure.


Frances Bean and Courtney bury the hatchet after a 5 year feud…

Frances Bean Cobain the daughter of the late Kurt Cobain have finally buried the hatchet with her mother, Courtney after a 5 year long feud. A long while back, Frances Bean and Courtney have been fighting and Frances shut Courtney out of her life for a while. It seems that they are getting along again as they just reunited at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah. Sundance Festival is an annual film festival that is founded by legendary actor, Robert Redford.

Courtney and Frances Bean are at Sundance to help promote the Kurt Cobain documentary they just produced titled, “Kurt Cobain: The Montage of Heck”.


It’s great to see Frances and Courtney getting along ’cause I’m sure that’s what Kurt himself would have wanted.

As a huge Nirvana fan, I’m dying to see this documentary myself. I’m sure the documentary will soon be available for Itunes rental and maybe Netflix streaming sometime in the future, though. If not, I’ll probably buy the BluRay or DVD when it comes out.


Ever wonder if Kurt Cobain would like the Foo Fighters? Now we finally know!!!

Some of us wondered if Kurt Cobain would have liked the Foo Fighters. Some of us speculated that he wouldn’t like them ’cause of his punk background and some of us speculated that he would love them. Turns out that Kurt ended up loving the Foo Fighters. Kurt heard an early demo of the Foo Fighters back in the days when it was just Dave in the band (NOTE: The Foo Fighters started off as a one man band at the time). Kurt loved the demo, loved the demo a bit too much that is. If Kurt was still alive today, I’m sure he would have continued to support the Foo Fighters.

I thought this was an interesting story so I thought it was worth posting here.


People showing more compassion to the Robin Williams suicide than Kurt Cobain’s???

This the public’s response to the Kurt Cobain suicide: “What he did was a stupid selfish act. A drug addict who got what he deserved. Fuck him.”

This is the public’s response to the Robin Williams suicide: “RIP, Robin. Lets remember him as the talented and wonderful man he was.”

Something is wrong with this picture hey? My simple point being is that people showed more compassion to Robin’s suicide than Kurt’s. All Kurt got was a lot of hateful and negative responses while people mourned for Robin.

Isn’t this messed up or what??? Sometimes I don’t get people. Kurt Cobain sparked a lot of controversy with his suicide. Sparked a lot of anger and outrage. While people today felt sorry for Robin Williams. Back in the day when Kurt killed himself, you never saw people help bring awareness to suicide. You never saw people bring up suicide prevention hotlines back then while a lot of people are doing that right now with Robin.

There are some people saying hateful and disrespectful things about Robin’s suicide but not a lot of them. Kurt got it worse.

Why didn’t people show a lot of compassion for Kurt? Don’t bring up the drugs ’cause Robin Williams was a drug addict too at some point. Robin used to be a big time cokehead in the 80’s. I believe people treated Kurt like crap ’cause he was young and he was a rock star. People thought Nirvana was a horrible band so that made it easier to attack him. People didn’t bash Robin for his suicide ’cause he was more of a lovable guy and a talented actor/comedian.

Sorry y’all but all people who committed suicide deserves compassion. It doesn’t matter whether or not you like the person. It doesn’t matter how talented you think he/she is. They all deserve compassion and respect. Why? It’s because saying negative stuff like “suicide is a selfish act” and saying all kinds of hateful things about it is not gonna help put suicide to an end. Talking trash like that is just going to keep making suicide a lot worse in America. You gotta show compassion for all suicide victims. If you have a loved one or a friend who is suffering depression and is suicidal, you can’t ignore it. You gotta give them psychiatric help. Yeah, a lot of psychiatrists are garbage and some don’t even help but makes things worse but you can help suicidal people yourself. You gotta put ’em on suicide watch and things like that. Do your best to try and talk to them and stuff.

Maybe Robin’s suicide will get more people to feel compassion for Kurt now.

I just find it strange and hypocritical that when celebrities in the past commit suicide, they get treated negatively but when Robin killed himself, everybody showed compassion.

Just wait until the next celebrity kills him/herself. If a reality star or a rock musician commits suicide, nobody would care but if it’s a celebrity that everyone likes, they would be like, “Oh wow, RIP”.

See where I’m getting at?


Nirvana and Joan Jett perform “Teen Spirit” @ the Hall of Fame…

Here is Nirvana and Joan Jett performing together for the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Bootleg video but you can still hear it pretty good. I really liked their performance quite a lot. Joan’s voice has similarities to Kurt’s. Joan is still sexy as hell looking and I would totally date her, don’t care how old she is now. I’ve been a Joan Jett fan for years and glad she collaborated with Nirvana. I think Nirvana and Joan Jett should go on tour together or play a few shows to play a full concert performing Nirvana songs. That’ll be pretty sweet. I doubt more shows with Joan is planned but ya never know. Nirvana seems to be collaborating with other artists lately so you may never know what they’re planning.

It sucks that Kurt is not around. If Kurt was still alive, I’m sure he would have been on stage instead of Joan and Lorde.


Seattle Police facing lawsuit after Kurt Cobain death photos have been publicly released…

With today being the 20th Anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain, The Seattle police are being sued by an investigative journalist named Richard Lee, who strongly believes that Kurt was murdered. He was unfairly labeled as a “conspiracy theorist”.


My thoughts on this is that I think it is wrong and unfair for Richard Lee to get labeled as a “conspiracy theorist”. I also think it’s wrong for people to accuse him of trying to make money off of Kurt’s death which is total bullshit. He’s not the only one who think Kurt was murdered. Most Nirvana fans and most of Kurt’s supporters think he was murdered as well. When it was announced that the 4 rolls of film was found and the Seattle police was going to release them publicly, fans immediately responded thinking Kurt was murdered. Richard Lee is like the rest of us. He just wants answers out of Kurt’s “suicide”. This is just his way of fighting back and trying to get them to re-open the case.

It’s really the Seattle police trying to make money off of Kurt’s death, not Richard Lee. That’s why they found the photos and released the photos hoping to make more money off of them. They also did it hoping to shut people up about their thoughts that he was “murdered”. Well, it’s not working. There are still a lot of people who believe Kurt was murdered so are you gonna call them “conspiracy theorists” too? They aren’t conspiracy theorists, that is what they believe in.

Whether you agree it was murder or not, Kurt’s death STILL should be investigated. It sounds pretty suspicious and fishy. Richard Lee was just trying to let the police know that Kurt shouldn’t be ignored. The Seattle Police deserved the lawsuit. They released the photos publicly and they claimed nothing came out of them? How come the police aren’t the bad guys in this?