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Nirvana and Joan Jett perform “Teen Spirit” @ the Hall of Fame…

Here is Nirvana and Joan Jett performing together for the song “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Bootleg video but you can still hear it pretty good. I really liked their performance quite a lot. Joan’s voice has similarities to Kurt’s. Joan is still sexy as hell looking and I would totally date her, don’t care how old she is now. I’ve been a Joan Jett fan for years and glad she collaborated with Nirvana. I think Nirvana and Joan Jett should go on tour together or play a few shows to play a full concert performing Nirvana songs. That’ll be pretty sweet. I doubt more shows with Joan is planned but ya never know. Nirvana seems to be collaborating with other artists lately so you may never know what they’re planning.

It sucks that Kurt is not around. If Kurt was still alive, I’m sure he would have been on stage instead of Joan and Lorde.


Seattle Police facing lawsuit after Kurt Cobain death photos have been publicly released…

With today being the 20th Anniversary of the death of Kurt Cobain, The Seattle police are being sued by an investigative journalist named Richard Lee, who strongly believes that Kurt was murdered. He was unfairly labeled as a “conspiracy theorist”.


My thoughts on this is that I think it is wrong and unfair for Richard Lee to get labeled as a “conspiracy theorist”. I also think it’s wrong for people to accuse him of trying to make money off of Kurt’s death which is total bullshit. He’s not the only one who think Kurt was murdered. Most Nirvana fans and most of Kurt’s supporters think he was murdered as well. When it was announced that the 4 rolls of film was found and the Seattle police was going to release them publicly, fans immediately responded thinking Kurt was murdered. Richard Lee is like the rest of us. He just wants answers out of Kurt’s “suicide”. This is just his way of fighting back and trying to get them to re-open the case.

It’s really the Seattle police trying to make money off of Kurt’s death, not Richard Lee. That’s why they found the photos and released the photos hoping to make more money off of them. They also did it hoping to shut people up about their thoughts that he was “murdered”. Well, it’s not working. There are still a lot of people who believe Kurt was murdered so are you gonna call them “conspiracy theorists” too? They aren’t conspiracy theorists, that is what they believe in.

Whether you agree it was murder or not, Kurt’s death STILL should be investigated. It sounds pretty suspicious and fishy. Richard Lee was just trying to let the police know that Kurt shouldn’t be ignored. The Seattle Police deserved the lawsuit. They released the photos publicly and they claimed nothing came out of them? How come the police aren’t the bad guys in this?


Kurt Cobain the musical? That’s a horrible idea and Kurt himself wouldn’t want it…

I’m fine with Courtney’s idea of a Kurt movie biopic and documentary but I’m not okay with the musical idea. That’s not what Kurt himself would have wanted and he would be disgusted by the idea. Hopefully, Dave Grohl will speak up and stop the musical from happening. On top of that, I don’t think she owns the right to Nirvana’s song cataloug, correct me if I’m wrong? I think Dave Grohl and the surviving Nirvana members own all the rights to Nirvana’s music. Not quite sure, though, I’m looking into it. I do know that Courtney lost the rights to Kurt’s image in 2012 so she could get sued for this anyways and I hope she does.



Kurt Cobain death reopened? No… not at this time…

Local Seattle reports have reported that the investigation of the death of Kurt Cobain have been re-opened due to finding 4 film rolls. Even though this news was reported locally in the Seattle area, it was only a matter of time this news is going to become a trending topic nationally.

However, this article says that there were no new findings and the case isn’t really being re-opened:


Like a lot of people, I believe that Courtney Love murdered Kurt Cobain. She murdered him, covered it all up and got away with it. Kurt wasn’t suicidal before his death, it even says that right there in the article, “Cobain told police he had locked himself in the room to stay away from Love, police said. He said he was not suicidal, and he didn’t want to hurt himself.” 

Kurt locked himself in the room to get away from that annoying bitch Courtney ’cause she was probably bothering the hell out of him and he just wanted to be alone. It’s either Courtney herself shot him or she hired someone to do it… a hitman.

I do think this case should be re-opened, though. Kurt’s death certainly deserves answers.

Even though the case isn’t really back open at this time, hopefully those four film rolls will help get it back open sometime in the future, though. The 4 film rolls still sounds a little suspicious.


Congrats to Kiss, Nirvana, Peter Gabriel and other Hall of Fame inductees for 2014!!!

If Kurt was still alive, I’m sure he would have been honored to be inducted along with Kiss and Peter Gabriel. Too bad he’s not around to see this. I’m sure Dave, Krist, and Pat will accept this honor on his behalf. Will the surviving members of Nirvana perform? I’m sure they will.

Love Kiss or hate them, they deserve this honor too. Kiss has been ignored from the Hall of Fame for years and they finally made it in. I love Kiss too but only their earlier stuff. I’m not into Kiss’s new music too much but I love all of their classic songs, though. Will Ace Frehley be there to reunite with them? I’m sure this induction will be for all members of Kiss over the years.

I love Peter Gabriel’s music as “Us” and “So” are two of my favorite albums of all time. His induction is worthy for sure.

Congrats also go out to Cat Stevens, Linda Ronstadt, and Hall & Oates. Another famous backing band gets the induction and that’s the E Street Band, Springsteen’s backing band. So this means Bruce’s wife Patty and Little Steven Van Zandt are now Hall of Famers. The same goes for Max Weinberg and Clarence Clemons.

The next Hall of Fame show will be interesting for sure.

I’m more interested on who’s going to induct, Nirvana. Butch Vig, Frances Bean, the guys from the Meat Puppets? Anyone of them, a possibility.

See the full inductee list, here.


I’ve always believed that Kurt Cobain was murdered and he didn’t actually kill himself…

For many years in my blogs, I’ve always believed that Kurt Cobain was murdered, and he didn’t actually commit suicide. I still stand by it too! For hints on how you can tell, first of all… take a look at Kurt’s so called suicide note pictured above. Notice the last part of this writing where it begins with “Please Keep Going  Courtney”, and the rest — notice how the handwriting is a little different? I believe that this write-up was just a letter to somebody that Kurt was ranting about that he wasn’t feeling the passion and love for music and he was thinking about quitting music. Who ever killed him finished this write-up for him and made it look like a suicide note instead. Secondly, at the time of Kurt’s death, he was loaded on heroin in his system so I would think he would be incapable of pulling the trigger himself. Makes sense right? On top of that, on the final days of Kurt’s life, Dave said that Kurt was a pretty happy guy and he was all smiles before his death. Really, read Dave’s interviews online about Kurt’s final days.

One more thing, what is, “To Boddha” in the introduction of this write-up? Is that a misspelling of Courtney Love of “Buddha”? She has always been a horrible writer — “To Boddha” and the closing of this note kind of matches Courtney’s writing style. If you look closely, you can see that Kurt was a better writer than who ever finished the note for him. “Buddha” is just another word for god as it is widely known that Kurt Cobain was a Buddhist. I don’t think he was writing this to god. Maybe he was just writing this note as a letter to a friend or to himself. Don’t know. Just making observations.

There have been a couple of theories on how Kurt was murdered.

One big theory is that Courtney Love hired a hitman named El Duce who was also a musician — Courtney offered him 50 grand to kill Cobain as the man claimed himself on the documentary “Kurt and Courtney”. Another theory is that another musician named Allen Wrench may have killed both Cobain and El Duce.

Why would Courtney or other musicians want to kill Cobain? Jealousy and ego maybe a huge part of it. Plus, they wanted to take Kurt’s fame and it seems like Courtney wanted to own Nirvana’s entire song catalog which she has been fighting for a long time now. That’s what Cobain got for marrying another drugged up whack job like Courtney. She probably hung out with bad people which will eventually end up Kurt being dead.

Kurt may have been messed up on drugs but from the sounds of things he really wasn’t ready to go yet ’cause I’m sure he wanted to be alive for his daughter, Frances.

Many believe that Kurt committed suicide ’cause that’s what they wanted it to look like and many believed it. There’s no doubt in my mind that Kurt was murdered and they got away with it successfully. Before Kurt’s death, he was getting ready to breakup Nirvana anyways so that’s another hint that he wasn’t ready to die yet.

In the videos below, watch the creepy interview with El Duce himself and listen to the song he wrote about Kurt’s so called suicide. There’s no way to prove that El Duce was the actual killer ’cause he’s dead now.


Nirvana nominated for possible “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame” induction!!!

In order to be eligible for a Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction, an artist or band must have their first album out for 25 years. Well, Nirvana’s first album, “Bleach”, was released 24 years ago. The next Hall of Fame won’t be until 2014 so this is what helps get Nirvana the nomination. There’s obviously going to be a lot of controversy over this ’cause as you all know, Nirvana isn’t for everyone. Nirvana certainly deserves this honor and if Kurt was still alive, I’m sure he would be all for it too. Nirvana means so much to me. They’ve pretty much helped change my life. Their songwriting and musicianship may have been pretty questionable — Kurt may not have been the greatest singer and guitarist but you don’t need to be to write killer and amazing songs! Most importantly, Nirvana were the greatest live performers. It was their live shows that really mattered. Kurt may have dressed up in drag onstage quite a lot and he smashed a lot of instruments but that’s what made him amazing. He wasn’t afraid to be different on stage.

If Nirvana wins the induction and they probably will, it’ll be interesting to see who is going to induct them. Hopefully, it won’t end up being Courtney Love. I don’t think she’ll be any part of the induction ’cause she never got along with Dave and Krist over the years. Courtney and Nirvana always had a big feud over legal rights, and all that bullshit. I think Frances Bean Cobain (Kurt’s daughter) should induct them or maybe the Nirvana producer, Butch Vig. Maybe the guys from the Meat Puppets — Cris and Curt Kirkwood should induct them too. Any of those could be a possibility.

To see the full nomination list for 2014 Hall of Fame, check it out, here.

Kiss got nominated again this year but don’t get your hopes up if they’ll actually make it… they could get snubbed again for the 20th time, I lost count.

I can see Peter Gabriel winning his nomination. Hall and Oates for sure. The Zombies I would like to see make it in. Deep Purple and Yes both deserve their time. Linda Ronstadt deserves her time as well!

I have a feeling they’ll probably end up inducting another rap artist and if they do, they should give it to the N.W.A. They are more deserving than LL Cool J.

That’s all. Just thought I’d give you my quick thoughts on the Hall of Fame.


Kurt Cobain died 19 years ago today…

Every year, when Kurt’s birthday or date of death comes around, I would post about it for a few reasons. First of all, I’m a huge fan of Nirvana’s music. Secondly, I respected Kurt as a musician, singer/songwriter and live performer. Every year when ever his birthday or date of death is here, Kurt and Nirvana would get so much negativity from the fans. They would talk a lot of negative shit about his personal life and problems. They would also criticize the music of Nirvana. I like to treat Nirvana positively. That’s why I refuse to post in music forums and music posts in facebook ’cause so many music fans are assholes, and a lot of them are so misinformed about the music business.

Why does the media and the press get all over Kurt’s birthday/date of death when it comes around? It’s because the man is a legend and was an icon in music. They don’t do it for no reason.

Nirvana’s music has always meant so much to me. I remember when I was a kid in high school, I just couldn’t wait to go home, flip on the TV to wait for a Nirvana video to come on MTV. Then the album, “Nevermind”, came and I went right out and bought that. I’ve been hooked to that album ever since and still LOVE it to death. I still have the same copy I bought years ago too. Never got rid of it. Nobody stole it from me. It’s still sitting on my CD shelf.

Kurt was a genius songwriter, and live performer. While he was a great studio musician, it was his live performing that mattered. Kurt was a showman on the stage, and Nirvana shows were pretty intense. People like to pay tribute to Kurt whenever his birthday/date of death comes, ’cause it’s about celebrating the music of Nirvana. It was never about his problems with drugs and his suicide. It was about the music.

Nirvana was a big part of that made me want to become a musician and songwriter myself. Oddly enough, I was just a teenager myself, when “Nevermind” first came out, and that was the time that hit “Smells Like Teen Spirit”, was everywhere. The song is only 4 chords all the way through, but that’s all you need to make a hit song.


Happy 46th Birthday, Kurt Cobain…

Today marks, Kurt’s 46th Birthday. I have always been a huge Nirvana fan. Have been during my high school years, and still am a big Nirvana fan now. I love all of their albums. Every song they did was great.

In facebook and other social networking sites, there have been all kinds of shit talk and hate toward Kurt & Nirvana all day. Of course, the Kurt & Nirvana bashing usually starts whenever the day lands on Kurt’s birthday or his date of death in April. I don’t see how you can hate Nirvana. To me, they were an important part of the music industry. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, they were a huge part of our lives and they inspired all of us. MTV were largely responsible for making them huge & mainstream, thanks to their “Teen Spirit” video. Their videos is what made them for who they were. It’s too early for Nirvana to be eligible enough to make a Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame nomination, but they are getting pretty close to it though. They have a few more years left, I think.

I remember back in the day during my high school years, I just couldn’t wait to get home. Turn on the TV, and immediately switch it to MTV, hoping for the next Nirvana video to air. Whether it would be “Teen Spirit”, “Come As You Are”, “Lithium”, “Rape Me”, “All Apologies”, etc. I’m a big Nirvana fanatic. I just loved Kurt’s songwriting. While their music was really great, it was their live performances that mattered. They were the best live band, that would put on an incredible show. Just three guys rockin’ out on stage.

I can’t stand it when people hate Nirvana and bash their music. Why? Sure, most Nirvana songs were easy & simple chords, and Kurt wasn’t an opera singer, but he didn’t need to be. I love those kind of songwriters, who never took themselves too serious. They just wanted to write and play, regardless of the technical skills. Nirvana’s music was the Led Zeppelin of the 90’s to me. In high school, I would listen to “Nevermind” and “In Utero”, obsessively. Still listen to those two albums.

Kurt was a great talent. He maybe gone but his music is certainly never forgotten.


Paul McCartney and surviving members of Nirvana “could” collaborate for new album and tour…

Paul McCartney and the surviving members of Nirvana performed twice together on TV. One at the Sandy Relief show in NYC and then on SNL last night, (which I did stay up to watch on TV). Last year, Paul McCartney expressed interest in working with Dave Grohl to make a hard rock album with original songs. See an old article, here, about it.

Look like a Foo Fighters/Led Zeppelin supergroup is not gonna happen anytime soon. It looks like we’ll be getting a McCartney/Nirvana supergroup next year instead. Still cool though! And it’s pretty badass these two are collaborating.

It may seem pretty odd that Paul McCartney sings hard rock and heavy music, but like I said before, Paul McCartney can sing any genre. He can do everything well. A new hard rock album haven’t been confirmed by McCartney yet, but it’s getting close to it. I think those two performances he did with Nirvana was just a small preview of what’s coming up ahead. It’s a just a test. They want to get feedback from the people, before they go ahead and do it. Paul’s a pretty versatile musician, he can do it all!