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Hugh Hefner responds to Holly Madison’s claims in new tell-all book, as I predicted he calls them bullshit…

Hugh Hefner, the Playboy founder just released a statement about Holly Madison’s so-called shocking tell-all book…

He said:

“Over the course of my life I’ve had more than my fair share of romantic relationships with wonderful women,” the Playboy founder explains to Us. “Many moved on to live happy, healthy, and productive lives, and I’m pleased to say remain dear friends today. Sadly, there are a few who have chosen to rewrite history in an attempt to stay in the spotlight. I guess, as the old saying goes: You can’t win ’em all!”


Hugh Hefner is a pretty classy guy, in my opinion. Holly is just a cunt trying to leech off his fame & fortune. Nothing more. He should sue her for slander & libel but it doesn’t look like he’s going to.


Is Holly Madison being truthful about her life in the Playboy Mansion???

Holly Madison, former Playboy playmate and one of Hugh Hefner’s ex-girlfriends is releasing a tell all book to tell stories of her life living in the Playboy mansion. She’s about to reveal some pretty bombshell stuff about Hugh Hefner of what really goes on in the Playboy mansion.

Crazy stories such as this stuff in the articles here:



Is Holly being truthful? Last thing you wanna do is trust those Playboy playmates. She could be trying to make an eye-catching book to make Hugh Hefner look bad just to make some extra bucks, ya know? Hugh Hefner himself is probably gonna respond to her claims about him pretty soon.

Even if the stuff she says was true, it’s her own fault for getting herself into that lifestyle to begin with. It is obvious that all those women go to Hugh Hefner for the money and a career boost, everyone knows that.

I’m sure it’s pretty crazy in the mansion but despite what anyone thinks, Hugh Hefner is a good guy. Whenever I read an interview or watch an interview with him in youtube, he seems pretty down to earth and cool to me but yes, the guy can be a bit of a whack job too, I’m not denying that.

I’m not gonna read that book and you shouldn’t either. Don’t waste your money on it. Holly should be careful here ’cause Hef could sue her if he wanted.


Why do people like Azealia Banks have a career in music? WOW!!!

Rapper Azealia Banks is in a heated feud with FOX News reporter, Eric Bolling. Eric is just doing his job… doing what he is supposed to do is report news and Azealia is unprofessionally responding to him and attacking him on twitter. I mean, she did a Playboy interview and said some offensive things by “hating America” and she expects Americans not to call her out?

Why is it okay for a black person to say things like “Go suck a dick and die” to a white person? Isn’t that kind of racist? Yes, I believe so. I look at her offensive tweet and sure enough, her “fans” are all over it. What Azealia said is a threat and she used homophobic slurs. Doing a little google search, she used homophobic slurs before and GLAAD called her out for it.

How come liberals aren’t being outraged against Azealia’s behavior on twitter? Where is the liberal outrage that she’s using homophobic slurs? Why do people like Azealia Banks and Chris Brown have a career in music when they shouldnt’?

Welcome to the new music industry, y’all. We’re in an age where rappers can do and say bad things, yet they get away with it. Instead of getting a public backlash, they get rewarded.



You can add Azealia Banks to the traitors list too…

So did Iggy Azalea had every right to attack Azealia Banks on twitter now? I believe so.

It’s amazing how Playboy would publish such an offensive interview. So she’s the first female rapper to get a cover shot and do a nude pictorial for Playboy? Then she rants about America and goes on about how she hates everything about the country? No surprise there since she seems to be a die-hard liberal and talking trash at conservatives. No surprise that she would be anti-America just like all liberals seem to be anti-American.

Kind of funny how they publish an interview of her trashing America and conservatives, then they have an interview with Dick Cheney along with it.


Look I’m gonna boycott Playboy magazine and I’ll never buy that magazine again

Azalea Banks is just doing whatever she can to get attention. She put out a new record back in Nov. of 2014 and now she’s doing whatever she can to promote it. Doing a nude pictorial and spewing a bunch of bullshit and hate.

Welcome to the new music industry where they make artists famous by controversy and negativity. Her latest record must not be selling all that well. That’s probably why this bitch is mad.


Interesting article on why men prefer MILF’s these days…

Playboy posted an interesting article on why men prefer older women these days.

Check it out here:


Not only that older women are more experienced and know what they’re doing in bed… they are also easier to get along with too. No drama. No bullshit. They are more nicer and down to earth than the younger women, in my opinion. Younger women can be more of a pain in the neck… with older women you get into more intelligent and mature discussions.

I prefer older ladies myself. I know older women are better ’cause I hung out with some of them in the past as friends. As “friends” as in not dating. Just hanging out and good company.

Would I date MILF’s??? Yes absolutely! Not too old but I would date women who are in their 40’s or early 50’s would be good enough for me.

Of course, finding older women to date would be a lot harder to find ’cause many of them would be married. It’s difficult to find older women you like that are single.

If you wanna date older women, finding them through dating sites would probably be your best option.


Do celebrities think they’re all that big and special??? You’ll be surprised that a lot of them don’t think so…

Not all celebrities are in it for the fame and glory. Gary Oldman makes that pretty clear in his Playboy interview. He clearly doesn’t care about the fame. He doesn’t even realize that he’s a big star. He doesn’t like watching himself in his own movies. He’s just in it for the work ’cause that’s how he makes a living. He claims he’s not all that rich either.

Here’s the full Gary Oldman Playboy interview… it’s worth a read. Entertaining as hell!!! I think next time I go to Barnes and Noble, I’ll pick up the magazine with this interview in it.


Most people like us believe that celebrities and movie stars are bigger than us but they’re really not. You’ll be surprised that many celebrities are normal. A lot of them live normal lives like us. They are definitely different people in real life than what you see of them on the big screen. A lot of these guys don’t even see themselves as “celebrities”. They’re just human beings who are in it for the work.

A lot of people get into Hollywood ’cause that’s the only way some of them can make a living. It’s hard for them to get other work so they choose acting.

Don’t make the mistake by thinking that actors and actresses enjoy watching themselves in the movies ’cause a lot of them don’t. A lot of them don’t have time to watch movies ’cause they’re always working all of the time… plus a lot of them don’t like watching themselves. They like watching other movies but not movies that they are in.

Movie stars are just like us. That’s all there is to it.


I like Playboy and respect it’s legacy, but I’ll admit, I hate Hugh Hefner, always had…

So Hugh Hefner and Crystal Harris, finally got married at the Playboy Mansion yesterday on New Year’s Eve. Kind of funny, coming from a girl who called off the engagement last year. How much do you want to bet that Hefner offered her a huge deal that she couldn’t refuse? I bet he offered her millions. We all know that all of these young women, go after Hefner for the money and for a hopeful career boost. Last year, Crystal  was going to launch her music career, and this could be another reason she went back to him ’cause he’s probably going to help launch her music career in a big way.

Like I said in the title of this topic, I do like Playboy. I like to read the magazine and check out the pages of naked women. I respect the Playboy history and legacy, but Hugh Hefner, is an asshole and a selfish greedy douchebag.

Sure, he’s a helluva rich guy. Some may think he deserves the things he gets ’cause he was successful with Playboy, but come on, lets get real here. If he never did Playboy, and lived a normal life like all of us, he would have a hard time trying to hook up with a woman. He started Playboy, just so he can fuck all these plastic blonde bimbos. He starts an empire and became rich for it, that’s when all the gold digging women will start coming after him. The same goes for Donald Trump and his women.

It’s really insane to me that all these young women would give up their normal life to this guy. In their world outside of Playboy, I’m sure they’ve had a whole life ahead of them. I’m sure they have important family and friends who worry about these women. I’m sure these women have better and more important things to do in their lives like going to college, dating men their own age, working real jobs in their careers, etc. Yet, they seem to enjoy getting spoiled by Hefner. I’m sure Hefner pays all these women to stay with him.

What will happen to all the other women in the Playboy Mansion now that Hefner is a married man? Will he stay faithful to Crystal and kick out all the other women? Yes, he would probably do that, but don’t expect him to be faithful. I’ll give it a month or two and he will cheat on her, behind her back. Maybe even sooner. If another supermodel wants to get laid with Hef, all he have to do is answer the phone or open the door.

Sometimes I even wonder what life will be like inside the Playboy Mansion. Oh man, I can’t imagine it.

I think Crystal just wants to be the one to be with Hefner when he dies, and when it’s his time to pass away, in his will, he’ll give her all the money and possibly let her have ownership of the Playboy Mansion. Hefner is 86, and I’m not sure how much time he has left, but it is amazing to me that he lived this long. If he does pass on sometime, it may be a sad loss, but truthfully I could care less if he goes or not. Let him go. He’ll no longer have to use and torment these young women. What’s funny is that he thinks all of these young women truly loves him. They’re all gold diggers and he doesn’t realize it. When will he ever get that hint? He’ll never get it. He’ll think he’s too important and wouldn’t want to stay alone ’cause of his legacy with Playboy. The guy’s a delusional egomaniac. Money and power. That’s what he’s all about, folks.

Don’t go thinking that this is true love ’cause it is not. I’m pretty sure Crystal hates him just as much as we all do. It’s all money and power.