All the drama that comes out of the Zimmerman/Martin case…

I know… this trial is controversial all around. People are addicted to talking about it. While most mistakenly believe that Trayvon didn’t deserve it, and there a handful of others who believe GZ is innocent. It’s a mixed reaction. Of course, when people side with GZ and think he’s innocent… people will look at this person like he/she is an asshole or something. It makes Zimmerman supporters bad for siding with him. I’ve never seen such a case that came out to be such a damn circus. It’s almost like a soap opera, indeed. I’ve had several people in facebook turn their back on me and deleted/blocked me just for agreeing that GZ did it for self defense. I’ve been called a racist for it too and all that stuff. This is why I was quietly following the trial before the verdict even happened. I didn’t really want to talk about it publicly ’cause I had a feeling I was gonna get a lot of bullshit from it. I really should have kept quiet and kept my opinion to myself. Oh well. I can’t please everyone. That’s not the way this world works, ya know?

There has been plenty of true crime cases over the years. Whenever I side with the defendant and thinks he/she is innocent… people had no problem with my opinion. It was all fine and good but here comes the Zimmerman case… people gave me a lot of shit for it. I mean really?

These true crime cases & big trials that makes the news are public stories. There’s going to be mixed reactions. The only reason people give you shit is because they mistakenly see Trayvon as this harmless little boy who didn’t “deserve” it. They’ll go after anybody who disrespects him and they’ll defend him no matter what it is said or no matter what has been proven. When people publicly side with GZ… they become the easy target and they end up losing a lot of respect from people around them.

Really, people? These are big national news stories that has nothing to do with us. Are there better things to get mad about over? Does this stuff have to do with our personal lives or our business? Really proves how dramatic and soap opera like people can really be. I’m tired of it.

That’s what trials are made public for. It’s made public for people to discuss their views and honest thoughts. It’s made for the people to decide whether the defendant is innocent or guilty.

I delete a lot of comments on Zimmerman trial ’cause most of you were acting dumb. Repeating the same discussion, “he shouldn’t have gotten out of the truck” or “let the police handle it”. You wouldn’t quit those postings. It was annoying me. Come up with something new. Something intelligent ’cause the three of you don’t do any of that.

Zimmerman didn’t do anything wrong. He defended his life, helped that small little community in Sanford, he was found not guilty, and it’s time to move on. You just need to accept things for what they are. Just imagine if Trayvon did break into someone’s home or start a fire on someone’s home. He could have done all that. That’s why George had to check him out to make sure he wasn’t gonna do anything stupid. That was all George wanted to do. Check him out. He got attacked by Trayvon and that was the end of it.

Zimmerman is not going to prison. They gave him his gun back, and he still plans on carrying it around which is good. He certainly needs his gun back since so many people out there hate him. I don’t think people will go near him after the Trayvon shooting. If someone tried to attack him again ’cause of the verdict… I can see George doing “self defense” again. Registered permits. Right to Bear arms. That’s what the 2nd Amendment is for is to protect and defend yourself. George did the right thing and I’m sticking with it. I don’t care how many people I piss off. Don’t like it? Go F’ yourself. Thank you.


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