About the “he shouldn’t have gotten out of his truck” or “let the police handle it” arguments…

When people try to defend Trayvon Martin the best they can, the only arguments I can see them come up with is that, “he shouldn’t have gotten out of his truck” or “he should have” let the police handle it”.

Here’s my response to those two arguments:

He shouldn’t have gotten out of his truck…

One of the most popular arguments I’ve seen is that people claim if he didn’t get out of his truck then none of this would have happened. Wrong, and here’s why he got out of his truck. Zimmerman was driving to buy groceries and spotted this suspicious kid standing in the yard of someone’s home where he didn’t live. Trayvon was looking around and staring at him. On the reenactment video, George made it pretty clear that he didn’t have to get out and follow him but the reason he did that is ’cause he already called a police officer to the scene to pick Trayvon up. George just wanted to wait with Trayvon for the police officer to arrive, that was it. George didn’t really want any violence to come out of this thing at all.

If you watch the reenactment video, George didn’t confront Trayvon at all. George was just walking around trying to find him and when he was no where to be seen… George went back to his truck, and that was when Trayvon confronted him. Trayvon yelled from behind him, “Yo, you got a problem”, and George simply said, “No, no problem”. George went looking for his cell phone and Trayvon yelled, “You got a problem now?” Then Trayvon punched him in the face, and that’s when the fighting all started.

It was Trayvon that was confrontational from the very beginning. Trayvon staring at George just made him a little uncomfortable and that’s what made George have no choice but to go around looking for him. So some of you mistakenly believe that none of this would have happened if George didn’t get out of his truck?

Correction: None of this would have happened if Trayvon wasn’t so confrontational and cooperated with George. It was Trayvon that should have behaved more responsibly. All George was doing was doing his job.

Letting the police handle it…

A lot of people like to make it look like that George wasn’t gonna let the police handle it. They all want to make it look like that George was going to take matters to his own hands when all that is not true. Like I said. George was following the guidelines of the Neighborhood Watch. He knew exactly what he was doing. That’s his job if you see something suspicious, you’re supposed to call it in to police right away. George called the police like maybe once or twice before the shooting happened, and there was already a police officer on the way.

Keep in mind guys that these small gated communities and villages are pretty far away from police stations. That’s why the community has a Neighbor Watch ’cause the police can’t be around, all the time.

When you’re getting your head slammed into a sidewalk… do you honestly believe a cop is gonna rush over to stop it? George tried screaming for help (which I’m pretty sure it was him screaming for help in the background in that 911 call, not Trayvon) and no help came but when George was able to reach for his gun — that’s when he had no choice to do what he did.

George was gonna let the police handle things. Nobody will never admit to that. It’s just sad. Like I said, people will make up all kinds of lies to make Trayvon look good. Just like Trayvon’s witnesses lied that it was himyelling for help in the background of the 911 call when it was actually George screaming.

George did all the right things. He would have done the same to a white person. If he did it to a white person, then this case wouldn’t have been all over the news and nobody would have cared. George’s innocence was clearly proven in trial and sure enough — people are going to think it’s a broken justice system. People also mistakenly believe that George feels no remorse for it which I also disagree with. I’m pretty sure he hated to do it. I’m sure he still feels terrible that he did it but he had no other choice.

You would have done the same thing if you were in that situation. I would. Trayvon’s family members are a bunch of liars as well. They make claims that he wasn’t a thug and they tried their best to make it look like George was the aggressor — the people went along with it. Just wait until Trayvon’s criminal record gets released to the public. Just wait until videos and photos of Trayvon doing bad stuff. Maybe if someone shot video footage and photos of that shooting incident… that stuff could get released too.

Nobody wants to admit that Trayvon started it all. Like I said, I hope you guys don’t become jury members or lawyers.

George got the not guilty verdict. Accept it. Shut up. Move on. George should be able to move on with his life and leave this behind him.


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  1. About the Manning / Snowden thing…Liberals support them much more than Conservatives. You have that backwards.

    1. Actually, I was right. There’s a lot of conservative people out there who defended Snowden such as Rand Paul and Glenn Beck. It’s the liberals that lose support for Snowden. Look it up.


    1. Dick Cheney is the only republican I’ve seen who think Snowden is a traitor. His first name is Dick for a reason ’cause he is a dick. Just because he thinks Snowden is a traitor doesn’t mean the majority of conservatives will think he is too.

      Barack Obama thinks he’s a traitor too and he’s doing all he can to get him.


      1. Doing a little more research. I’m noticing that both liberals and conservatives have mixed opinions on this. Doesn’t matter whether you’re left wing or right wing. Some think he’s a hero and some thinks he’s a traitor. It’s a mixed reaction on both sides.


      2. I can understand why you would think that republicans would think snowden/manning is a traitor just because famous people say so. They’re just being assholes, nothing more. Most republican people like me think those two guys are heroes. Take a look at republican forums in facebook, other blogs, and other places on the web — you would see that most of us worship those guys.


      3. Seriously, I wish the three of you would quit acting like assholes. This is my site. If you don’t like it. Leave.


      4. I delete comments ’cause you’re nothing but argumentative assholes. It’s not debating. Big difference.


      5. Debating is writing intelligent stuff. Something insightful. You just don’t quit arguing. Nobody knows how to debate anymore.


      6. No, it’s not that I get uptight that people disagree with me, it’s just that people won’t give up. I’m about facts. I don’t talk opinion. A lot of you guys just make up lies and make things up as you go along. You guys think you’re right all of the time even if I post the facts right there in front of your face.


      7. Closing this, I’ll stand by the things I say. You guys are ego-maniacs, thinking you win all the time but you don’t. You never win in my site. REMEMBER THAT!


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