Why the media reports a bunch of bullshit that shouldn’t be necessary…

So Kate Middleton had a baby boy. Sure enough… this news story have to be the biggest news story in the world. Like most people… I could care less. Why is it that everything the royal couple does have to be the biggest news ever even if what they do is not that big of a deal? Why do people from overseas has nothing do with the United States have to be huge news over here as well? Simply put…

All the news media care about is money. Everything from the internet, magazines, and TV news. All they care about is money and ratings. Whenever a hot celebrity or a celebrity couple does something… it becomes huge media news. Why is this? It’s because the press and the media knows that this is the kind of stuff that people like to talk about. Celebrity gossip, celebrity meltdowns, personal problems, celebrity marriages/divorces, celebrity babies, etc. They just wait for a big opportunity to report a story about a certain celebrity even if it’s something small like a male celebrity walks through airport with his pants unzipped or a celebrity couple goes for a stroll with their baby child through town… you can betcha stuff like that will be big news stories. This is what people love to talk about and that’s what makes the news media the money.

That’s what helps keeps their business thriving and strong. We’re helping them to stay alive. We’re paying the news media to work by paying for the internet, cable TV, and buying newspapers/magazines. That’s why sites like TMZ or perezhilton is still around. We’re helping them to stay alive by paying attention to their stuff while they report the stories that help keep us addicted to reading them.

We may not care about celebrities personal lives as I don’t either but since they are such a huge public figure — everyone knows who they are — the news media will try to put out every detail about them ’cause they know it’s gonna help make them a lot of money. That’s why you always see Kim & Kanye in the news. That’s why Michael Jackson’s wrongful death trial is all over the news. This is why the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin stuff is all over the news. It’s just a big money making opportunity for the news reporters that work for the media. The paparazzi and all that stuff.

People seem to mistakenly believe that the things reported in the media is a big dose of reality. It’s not. Most of it’s a bunch of bullshit. Most of the stuff reported about celebs are not true and the media are just being paid to make celebs look bad. That’s what they do it for. That’s why I still support Arnold Schwarzenegger ’cause I believe the media treated him pretty unfairly… I found what they did to him was just a bunch of bullshit. It’s not a dose of reality… don’t take everything you see reported in the media so seriously.

With this blog, I don’t concentrate on the celebrity bullshit too much. What I mostly talk about on this site mostly movie news and things like that. Stuff about “reality”. Not the celebrity media bullshit.

We may not like this stuff being reported in the news but that’s what they do this for ’cause they know we don’t like it. Whatever makes these bastards the money. Whatever keeps us watching the news or reading the internet.



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