This is Gary Oldman exposing hypocrisy in America and I freakin’ love it!!!!

In an interview with Playboy magazine, Oscar award winning actor Gary Oldman goes on a rant on hypocrisy in America.

He rants about a lot of things like political correctness, Bill Maher and Jon Stewart having the power to say what they want and they get away with it, he talks about Mel Gibson and Alec Baldwin and other topics. He also exposes the evils and the secrets of Hollywood.

Read what Gary have to say here:

Gary Oldman is one of my favorite actors of all time. I’ve admired his acting for years. I respect him even more now.

More examples of liberals getting a free pass… they think it’s offensive for people to hate on Barack Obama and compare him to Hitler and all… yet liberals think it’s okay to say all kinds of hateful things about Sarah Palin or George W. Bush. That’s hypocrisy.

When you want to show support for George Zimmerman or Paula Deen, you’ll get called a racist.

If you want to support people like Phil Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” for his views on homosexuality when he has every right for an opinion even if you don’t like it, you’ll get labeled a hateful homophobe.

Welcome to America. Interesting how this country works, doesn’t it? You really do have to be careful of what you say these days when it really shouldn’t be that way and liberals have a free pass that they think can say whatever they want to and get away with it. Pisses me off.

Gary talks truth 100%.


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