The liberals & black people like to call everyone racist but they don’t call George Takei racist…

It’s no surprise to see that George Takei is playing innocent victim and he clearly defends himself… sure enough, liberals are praising the hell out of him going, “Oh George, you’re so right. You’re my hero… blah blah blah blah”.

I know what “blackface” means. I’m sure everyone knows what “blackface” means. The reason what George said was offensive is ’cause he was implying that Clarence Thomas is really a white guy pretending to black when Clarence is really black. That comes off as “racist”. When George wants to bring in “color” and mention the word “black” while bashing someone, that is still pretty racist no matter what you think of it. He was attacking a Supreme Court justice who is black and saying that he doesn’t belong there. George also called him a “clown” which is name-calling.

Remember when Robert Downey Jr. was a blackface in “Tropic Thunder”, that movie got so much controversy ’cause of it.

When George clarified himself in his facebook post, he still called Clarence Thomas a “Black Buffoon”:

What in the fuck is wrong with this country when Ted Nugent got into trouble for calling Obama a “subhuman mongrel” and when Paula Deen got in trouble for saying the “N” word 20 years ago, George Takei don’t get no flak for calling Clarence Brown a “clown in blackface”? Liberals love to call cops racist. They love to call George Zimmerman racist. They love to call anti-Obama people racist. They love to call the Confederate Flag racist but they don’t call George Takei racist. Instead they stand by him and still support him which is no surprise.

Yet, liberals go out of their way to attack Bobby Jindal for his Indian background which is pretty racist and that’s okay for them to do.

I don’t know about you but liberals are really whacked and messed up. Liberalism is a mental disorder and I ain’t afraid to say it. George Takei should be looked at equally as a racist too regardless of his political views. It’s amazing to me how “right wingers” get into trouble for saying offensive things but when liberal people say offensive things, they don’t get any shit for it. Unfucking-believable.



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