Listen to Obama praise Islam in this video montage, this is a huge part of why we elected Trump, y’all…

What kind of president do we have when all he’s gonna do is praise other people before Americans? It’s pretty insane that Obama was allowed to praise Islam before Americans and libtard media allowed him to get away with it. Well, we the American people didn’t let him get away with it and that’s why Obama got rejected on Nov. 8th. This is also a huge reason why Hillary Clinton lost ’cause we simply don’t want a president to praise Islam instead of us. America first, y’all. That’s why we’re all upset with Obama & Hillary those two act like the American people are a bunch of nobodies. Instead they give praise to Muslims, illegal aliens, Syrian refugees, etc.

Obama even admitted that he’s a Muslim a couple of times and liberal media aka “Fake News Media” let him get away with that too.

No more of this garbage and Jan. 20th can’t come soon enough. We want our leaders to recognize the American people, that’s a part of why we looked up to Trump. He’s looks after the American people… not Islam, illegal aliens or people from other countries. America first. That’s why we elected Trump. Obama and Hillary acted like the American people don’t exist anymore so on Nov. 8th, we never allowed them to forget that we do exist.


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