Brian Johnson returns to the stage since pulling out of AC/DC tour but he isn’t singing with AC/DC…

Last year, Brian Johnson suddenly pulled out of AC/DC tour due to his hearing loss during their “Rock Or Bust” tour to support their latest album. While Brian couldn’t finish the rest of Ac/DC tour, Axl Rose of Guns N’ Roses took over on lead vocals.

Well after a long break of performing live, Brian is back performing on stage again. Ac/Dc is all done touring so Brian collaborated with Robert Plant and Paul Rodgers on stage at Oxford New Theater in the UK. Those guys are performing a cover of Barrett Strong’s, “Money (That’s What I Want)”.

Glad to see Brian singing again. I don’t know why some people don’t like the Brian Johnson era of AC/DC. I love AC/DC. I’ve been listening to them all my life. I love both eras Bon Scott and Brian.

I think Brian’s a great singer. Wonder what Brian plans to do next musically? I’m sure we’ll hear from him again on what his plans are. He’ll probably stick with Ac/Dc a little while longer. Their latest album, “Rock or Bust” came out in 2014, they could do another new album next year in 2018 hopefully. I’m sure he’ll still tour with Ac/Dc but he’ll be wearing these unique in-ear monitors so that the loud music won’t damage his ears even more.

I wish people would stop knocking Brian’s vocals. He’s one of the best rock & metal singers out there. Nobody can sing like him either. I know a lot of singers out there try to copy other singers vocal style but you can’t copy Brian’s style at all. I know there are plenty of Ac/Dc tribute bands out there but even they can’t match Brian’s style. Brian’s got a unique voice. When he starts singing, you know it’s him. He’s definitely a total original. That’s why I respect the hell out of him.

I’m the biggest AC/DC fan. Heard every album they did.


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