Jaliek Rainwalker case catches the attention of Black Lives Matter group in Austin, TX… uh oh… here we go…

I’m not a big fan of the Black Lives Matter group and HATE everything they stand for but I was actually pretty glad they posted this. Yep, I think you can safely say that the Jaliek Rainwalker case has definitely gone viral.

I agree “black boys do matter” and it was a good thing that this “Black Lives Matter Austin” FB gave this case a shoutout. I’m noticing that the Rainwalker case has been catching the attention of the black community more which is a good thing so it’s no surprise that the BLM group will pick up on the case.

The more attention this case gets, the merrier. We need more people talking about this case as much as possible ’cause it helps put the pressure on the adoptive parents and the local police department.

I want this case solved like everyone else so we can move on from it. Of course, the only way to solve this case is that Jaliek needs to be found. There’s no way he’s still alive and his remains needs to get found and the adoptive parents need to get locked up. Hopefully soon.



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