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Report: Singer Toni Braxton hospitalized…

The R&B singer Toni Braxton has been admitted to a local hospital in Las Vegas. No one knows why she was there, but she does have a heart condition called pericarditis. She was going to perform at a venue called the Flamingo in Las Vegas but her concert there may be postponed depending on her condition. Toni Braxton was well known and famous for her popular hit “Unbreak My Heart”.

More on it here:

Get well Toni!

Here’s the video to the song to refresh your memory on who she is.


Report: Conan O’ Brien stalker pleads guilty…

The accused stalker of Conan O’ Brien who is a Roman Catholic Priest named Rev. David Ajemian, admitted to everything. He admitted sending Conan e-mails, DVD’s, and trying to enter the studio during the show’s taping. Ajemian and O’ Brien attended the same college at the same time at Harvard University. Ajemian was charged with disorderly conduct.

The Associated Press reports:

The stupid priest was just trying to get fame out of Conan O’ Brien. Seriously, peeps, stalking celebrities isn’t the way to get fame.

Besides, why do people become priests? Then later they become whackos? Look at how many priests out there that turned into pedophiles and child molesters?

I never really liked religion, that stuff is hard to believe, to me, religion seems to be a fantasy delusion. All fiction.



Report: Stone Temple Pilots perform their first reunion gig in Los Angeles…

The reunited Stone Temple Pilots played their first intimate reunion gig at a small club in Los Angeles. It is a club called the Harry Houdini Estate. They played the show last night actually.

Their setlist for that show was:

Big Empty



Lady Picture Show

Big Bang Baby

Interstate Love Song

Tripping On A Hole In a Paper Heart

Sounds like a good show. Lets hope the band goes back in the studio for a new album after their summer tour!


Report: Clint Black eyeing to become a comedian…

Country music star and icon, Clint Black is getting more interested in comedy and is very interested in becoming a stand up comedian. Clint Black is set to perform stand up comedy for the CBS TV series, “Secret Talents of the Stars” tomorrow night at 10 p.m. Clint has already been practising stand up comedy at small comedy clubs in Los Angeles and Nashville. The TV show “Secret Talents of the Stars” is a show where celebrities can perform talents that people don’t know about.

From Country Weekly:

In other Clint Black news, he just released a new internet album available for via-internet only titled “The Long Cool EP”… check for more info.

I’m a big Clint Black fan, I have several of his albums in my CD collection and I’m curious on how he’s going to do standup comedy so I will definitely watch this tomorrow night. Clint is the man. Talented musician and talented songwriter.

I’m not into country music much, but I do enjoy some of it. I listen to the genre because I grew up in a small town of Greenwich where the town is obsessed with country music. I don’t like every country artist I listen to only certain ones that impact me. Clint writes amazing songs.



Report: Princess Diana unlawfully killed…

The verdict for the inquest of the death of Princess Diana is in. The jury found that the death of the Princess of Wales and her companion/friend Dodi Fayed their cause of death is being blamed on Henri Paul and the paparrazi. They say it was an unlawful killing.

More on the story here…

That’s no surprise. I’ve been pointing my fingers at the U.K. paparrazi at this ever since she was killed.

The paparrazi is sick and a disgrace on this planet.



Report: Radiohead, Kanye West, and Wilco to be the big headliners for “Lollapalooza 2008″…

Radiohead has been booked to be the big headliner for “Lollapalooza 2008” along with rapper Kanye West and Wilco. The historic music festival will take place Aug. 1st in Chicago’s Grant Park near Lake Michigan. Perry Farrell the former frontman from Janes Addiction and Porno For Pyros calls this year’s lineup the best ever.

The Associated Press reports:

And Perry is right. This is the best lineup with some of the most amazing talent. A decent Lollapalooza show finally.

But…don’t expect Radiohead to be playing all their old classic songs from “Creep” to “Paranoid Android”. Ever since Radiohead left major labels years ago, they’ve been staying away from their old hits. Radiohead will probably wind up playing everything on “In Rainbows” in it’s entirety.

Amy Winehouse should have been on the lineup, oh well, there’s always next year for her.


Edit to add: I just remembered that Amy Winehouse was at last year’s Lollapalooza so she was already part of the festival once. Forgot.


Report: Clooney’s “Leatherheads” flops, Spacey’s “21” tops the box office this weekend…

George Clooney’s third directorial film “Leatherheads” dissapoints Hollywood movies by only making 13.5 million tying it up with Jodie Foster’s “Nim’s Island”. “21” a film about gambling in casinos starring Kevin Spacey tops with a 15.1 million.

More on it here:

Not very good in my opinion. Such a shame. I’ve been wanting to see Clooney’s “Leatherheads”, looks like a good flick. I’ve always been a big Clooney fan, I love his acting and his movies.

But don’t worry folks, May is just around the corner when Indiana Jones starts hitting the big screen, Indy will make box office history indeed.