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Thought: Why do people attack Guitar Hero videogames?

I have noticed a lot of negativity and hatred toward this videogame by musicians and guitarists that play the real thing. Basically because they don’t want a fake toy taking over the industry of the real guitar. If you honestly think that the real guitar has been taken over by a videogame, then you’re absolutely wrong.

Like it or not, Guitar Hero is the next big thing in guitar playing. Sure, it’s a fake toy being runned by batteries but the game has inspired young kids to pick up the real guitar. Imagine if your son or daughter was playing Guitar Hero and they say to themselves, “Gee, I want to play the real guitar and be a real guitar hero when I grow up.” Guitar Hero is a success because it gets kids out of violent games like first person shooting stuff and Grand Threft Auto games. Plus, it introduces kids to rock music.

The game is not only for kids, adults play Guitar Hero too. Even profesional musicians in the national industry from Slash to Joe Perry even play the game (they wouldn’t be part of the Guitar Hero games if they hated it, believe me). I’ve read an interview with them Slash and Joe Perry in Guitar World with Guitar Hero cover story, Slash and Joe Perry both admitted they suck at the game even though they play good guitar for real. The game is also a good marketing tool to get bands music out there.

I really enjoy Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock. I haven’t been playing it that much since I’m trying to beat the other games for the PSP, but I will get back to Guitar Hero III soon. I’m not even good at the game at all, I’m pretty horrible at “Guitar Hero III”. The new Guitar World magazine out now has a cover story on the videogame, they try to defend it by inspiring videogamers to get into the real thing and they teach you how.

Guitar Hero is a great game for the whole family. If you’re not much of a music fan, the game will get you into music. It’s a good thing for everyone. Those who hate on the game are probably coming from people who never played it before, just give it a try, and I assure you, it’ll change your mind and you’ll become immediately addicted to the game. Just because you already play guitar does not mean you’ll be good at the videogame both are totally different.

I’m looking forward to picking up the “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith” when that comes out. I’m definitely getting it. Give the Guitar Hero games a chance. Even if  you’re already a musician, the game can even give you musical inspiration, it did with me. It helped me play better lead guitar solos on the real guitar for sure. Guitar Hero is great and will change the world of music.



Report: The Tenacious D to open for Metallica in Ireland…

Metallica just announced on the band’s official website, that the Tenacious D, a comedy acoustic project brought to you by Jack Black and Kyle Gass will open a show for Metallica in Dublin, Ireland on August 20th at Marley Park.


Jack Black has always been a huge Metallica fan and always been talking about them his whole life. I’m sure Jack is thrilled and psyched that he will be sharing the stage with the gods of rock. Congrats to Jack and Kyle!



Report: Guns N’ Roses finish “Chinese Democracy” and new reality TV show coming?

Guns N’ Roses label, Geffen Records just confirmed that Guns N’ Roses finally finished their album “Chinese Democracy” after 14 long years of making it. Look like Dr. Pepper was a success at their goal! However the band is still having trouble with money and copyright issues for the album. While it’s good news that the album is finally finished, the next thing we should do now is keep our fingers crossed in hopes of the album getting released this year so we can have our free can of Dr. Pepper and celebrate!

Rumours are swirling that a Guns N’ Roses reality TV show will soon be hitting your tubes.

More on it here:

Pretty sweet news. Hopefully “Chinese Democracy” comes to a reality this time around.



Report: Variety does a review on “Macbeth” starring Patrick Stewart….

Oh my, those reviews of “Macbeth” that Patrick Stewart plays in just keep coming. Variety just posted their review when they went and saw the “Macbeth” show in Brooklyn, New York April 8th last night (the start of the six week show), Variety commended Patrick’s acting in this play saying that Patrick is giving this character “brutal bid for power” and you can absolutely see that in him in the picture posted above.

See the Variety review on “Macbeth” here:

The more I read these reviews, the more it makes me want to purchase tickets and go to Brooklyn to see “Macbeth” with Patrick Stewart.

I don’t go to theatre but I would go see this one if I had the cash, I would imagine ticket pricing to this one would be pretty pricey.


Report: U2 releasing remaster editions of 3 classic albums…

The legendary Irish rock band, U2, is set to release 3 remaster editions from 3 of their classic albums. The band will be re-releasing: The Joshua Tree, October and War. All 3 set for release July 21. Each disc will feature extra b-sides, live recordings, and rarities. The albums will also have extended CD booklets with full lyrics and never before seen photos. They have been restored and expanded.

From U2’s official website:

Three of my favorite albums! I’m definitely buying all 3 of them. I’m such a die hard U2 fan, I love them to death and I can’t wait for their new record as well.

Here’s a couple of youtube videos of one song from each of those three albums:

“Gloria” from October

“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” from the Joshua Tree

“New Year’s Day” from War