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Report: WWE invites Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to RAW April 21st…

The World Wrestling Entertainment invited Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to the special 3 hour RAW episode April 21st to settle their differences in the wrestling ring. My guess is that WWE is inviting them to do their presidential debates in the ring, not have an actual wrestling match. It’s no surprise to me that WWE would pick up on their feud because WWE likes that kind of stuff.

I’m sure Barack and Hillary would be there. Somehow Vince McMahon will be involved by interupting their speeches, I’ll imagine that Vince McMahon will come out saying stuff like, “I’m Vincent Kennedy McMahon dammit, I’m the one that should be president of the United States, not these two phonies.”

Maybe Hillary and Barack will be involved in a match but they obviously won’t be wrestling, they’ll probably be at ringside by a wrestler. Just like at last year’s Wrestlemania with Vince vs. Donald.

The WWE will do anything to raise ratings.


Thought: Stephen King has lost it…he is not a good writer anymore…

I just got done watching the film “Stephen King’s the Mist” which was written and directed by Frank Darabont, I can tell you right now, that “The Mist” is possibly one of the worst movies I ever seen. It was downright horrible. Bad acting, bad directing, bad writing by Darabont, just an all out terrible movie that I’m not gonna review it. What’s worse about the movie is the ending to the movie version of “The Mist”. I will not talk about the ending since I don’t want to spoil anything. “The Mist” was crap crap crap. I don’t see how this film is getting good reviews by critics and the fans. The movie was awful. King didn’t write the script/direct “The Mist” Darabont did I know, but Darabont did work closely with King for this movie just like Darabont did with “The Green Mile”, and “The Shawshank Redemption”, those two movies were better than “The Mist”.

I used to admire Stephen King’s novels back in the 80’s and early 90’s but his new work hasn’t been that great. I am currently reading Stephen King’s new novel “Duma Key” and it’s hard to get into, I’m not getting into that story, it’s boring to read. King’s work keeps getting lamer and lamer. I believe he really has lost it since his accident when he got hit by a van years back. His writing was great before then, his writing is horrible now.

He can’t come out with any good “movies” or “books” anymore. His past work with books like “The Stand”, “It”, “The Shining”, “Pet Sematary”, “The Talisman”, “Needful Things”, “The Dark Half”, “Christine”, “The Tommyknockers”, the Dark Tower series, etc. They were all amazing and mind blowing stories.

Hollywood can’t make good movies for him anymore as well. Not even his new TV mini series movies are good anymore. COME ON STEPHEN! Come out with some decent work so we can all worship the writer we all once loved back in the good old days.

Stephen King used to be one of my big heros back in the old days but I’m losing interest in him. One of his new books “Lisey’s Story” was the only good new novel he put out. “Lisey’s Story” was amazing but his other new stuff is trash.

The problem is, Stephen has been staying away from the horror genre lately. He’s been writing more serious stuff. If he gets back to writing true “horror” again, he’ll get all his old fans back. We need the real Stephen King back, where’s the “master of horror” that he once was?




I’ve been saying for months now that Ac/Dc could possibly be working on a new album and making a full time comeback soon. It turns out that I’m right!!!!!!!!!!

Ac/Dc has begun recording their new album for Columbia Records with producer Brendan O’ Brien. Of course, a full world tour will be following the new Ac/Dc album. This will be their first record in 8 years since 2000’s “Stiff Upper Lip”.

The news came from the band, The Supersuckers engineer who works with Ac/Dc.

Billboard Reports:


Get ready!!!!!!!

Rock n’ roll is coming back to destroy pop music!

The boys in Ac/Dc are coming back! Fuck YEAH! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛



NEW: More OO7 “Quantum of Solace” set photos…this looks to be action packed…

More set photos from the next James Bond flick “Quantum of Solace” has surfaced the web, in these photos you can see Daniel Craig doing some of his own stunt work in the action scenes. In these photos, you can see him on top of a bus while it’s driving…

My guess is that this scene, Bond jumps off a high building and lands on top of a bus, that’s what it looks like here. In the completed filming, the film makers will edit out that cable on his back to make it look real.

Can’t wait to see this film. Daniel Craig is the best James Bond of them all, even Sean Connery agreed of that article I posted about him a while back.


Report: Ice Ice Baby…Vanilla Ice busted for domestic battery…

Former rap star Vanilla Ice was busted in South Florida and was charged for domestic battery, the Palm Beach police is accusing him of kicking and punching his wife. Later his wife came out to them defending Vanilla Ice by saying he only pushed her. Vanilla Ice himself denied pushing her.

Vanilla Ice was known for the hit song “Ice Ice Baby” from the album “To the Extreme” which was a popular album back in the old days.

The Associated Press reports…

Lets hope he’ll be listening to “Ice Ice Baby” in the slammer, stupid prick.


Report: Mudcrutch hope to be a full time band…not just a one off reunion…

Mike Campbell and Benmont Tench hope the reunited Mudcrutch will be a full time band, to be a real band. Not a one off reunion tour type of thing. In the 70’s Tom Petty’s previous band, Mudcrutch was shortlived but they are back possibly full time. Mudcrutch will play a bunch of California dates, but hopefully do way more after the Heartbreakers tour.

Billboard reports:

Why bring Mudcrutch back after all these years even the band never made an album? Well, I’m sure Petty’s original vision with Mudcrutch was to be a succesful touring band to make an album all the time. But since the band broke up, that’s what made the Heartbreakers.

I’m willing to bet that Tom Petty’s dream was to make Mudcrutch big and huge, not the Heartbreakers. Petty’s been wanting to make Mudcrutch big ever since but never had the opportunity until now.