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BREAKING NEWS: Priscilla Presley sent home from “Dancing with the Stars”…

I’m sure everyone was expecting Priscilla Presley to win the entire “Dancing with the Stars”, the smash hit TV show, but think again. Shockingly, Priscilla Presley was booted off last night’s show. Heh, they don’t even give a shit if it’s Elvis’s wife, they gotta keep everything real and get the job done.

More on it here:

I’m sure the only reason she did that show was for Elvis anyway. I’m sure she was seeing herself dancing with Elvis instead of the celebrity she danced with on the show the entire time.

I never watched “Dancing with the Stars” and never plan to ’cause the show never interested me. I was curious on how Priscilla was going to do on it though.

I don’t watch hardily any TV but just a very few shows.




Report: Bruce Springsteen endorses Obama on his website…

Bruce Springsteen, the boss himself, wrote on his official website that he and the rest of the E Street Band support Barack Obama 100%. Springsteen wrote some insightful thoughts about Obama on his website.

Read about it here:

To be honest, I’m not liking either Clinton or Obama. I used to like Obama but his feud with Clinton is a turn off. Everyone thinks Clinton or Obama will be President, but I disagree, I’m rooting for McCain all the way. I’ve been liking McCain a lot more these days.

McCain seems to know what he’s doing while Clinton and Obama is wasting time showing their negative hatred against each other. I wish both of them would shut the hell up already. McCain has been getting out of the political picture lately ’cause of the Clinton/Obama hype, and I like that. McCain is powerful and intelligent. Clinton/Obama are a couple of pussies.



Report: X-Files 2 title unleashed…”I Want to Believe”…

20th Century Fox unleashed the title to the new X-Files movie today, it is titled “The X-Files: I Want To Believe”. The film will be released July 25th. No official trailer for the film has been released but a few bootlegged trailers are on the net though.

The Associated Press reports:

I’ll be seeing this one in theater as well. Can’t wait!


Report: Guns N’ Roses denied TV reality show rumours…

Guns N’ Roses wrote on the bands official website that they have denied reports saying they will have their own reality TV show to promote “Chinese Democracy”, they say it’s untrue and just a big rumour.

But still the band seems to ignore confirming or not whether they finished the album that was reported by Geffen Records.

From the Guns N’ Roses official website:

Axl must spend quite a bit of time on the net if he knows what’s going on through it every single time.



Report: Star Trek XI gets a PG-13 rating…and other Star Trek news…

In this article reports lots of new information revealed for the upcoming “Star Trek XI” directed by J.J. Abrams (pictured above).

The movie has been given a PG-13  rating (my guess for violence and brief profanity). The reason Star Trek XI has been pushed back in the summer of 2009 instead of Christmas this year is because Paramount really wants this to be a summer blockbuster. They really don’t want this movie to bomb.

The budget to this film is way below 200 million. (My guess is to keep it low budget as possible to get the classic feel of the original Star Trek TV series)

Originally Steven Spielberg read the script to “Star Trek XI” and he was the one who talked J.J. Abrams into making this movie for Paramount during their work on the “Transformers” set.

The whole point of starting over again in Star Trek was to “re-invent” the franchise. Leonard Nimoy says that “Star Trek XI” will be the biggest film ever and it will be worth waiting for. What’s even more interesting that Nimoy says that he didn’t like Captain Kirk’s death scene in “Star Trek: Generations”. Nimoy also agrees that it wouldn’t make sense to bring Captain Kirk back in “Star Trek XI” saying that it would put damage to the story.

In this article, it also explains that the USS Enterprise will be built in the film as you saw on the trailer. So we probably won’t see the completed Enterprise toward the end of the film.

More on it here:

Interesting stuff. I just can’t wait to see this film. It’s going to be an amazing movie with a killer cast. This is gonna be the best Star Trek film ever made, mark my words!



Report: Amy Winehouse denies recording song for 007 “Quantum of Solace” movie…

After all this time we thought Amy Winehouse and producer Mark Ronson were confirmed to record a song for the opening title sequence for the new James Bond flick “Quantum of Solace”, Amy came out to the public and said it’s not true.

Amy did confirm that she is finally, yes “FINALLY”, in the studio again recording her third studio album with new songs, she is not recording anything else outside of her new album.

Yahoo reports:

Way to go Amy! I’m happy she’s in the studio again after all the hell she’s been through lately. Great to see she’s getting happier, stronger and better!

I’m looking forward to her new album.



Report: Harry Potter court drama day #3 – Judge orders Rowling to settle things with RDR Books and Vander Ark out of court…

Day #3 in Harry Potter court drama. Today in court, the judge wants J.K. Rowling or Mrs. Loudmouth to settling things outside of court with RDR Books and Steven Vander Ark.

The Associated Press reports:

Oh my, the judge is getting tired of her whiny bitching already and doesn’t want to hear anymore of it. I can’t blame him though.