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Report: Amy Winehouse posed nude for charity for “Easy Living” magazine…

Look like Linsday Lohan inspires other celebrity women to pose nude for charity for non-porn magazines. Consider Amy Winehouse to be next. Amy Winehouse has just posed for a nude pictorial for “Easy Living” magazine. “Easy Living” magazine is NOT an adult porn magazine, it is strictly a magazine for fashion, cooking, beauty, and the like. The magazine will post an issue about “Breast Cancer”. The Amy Winehouse nude pics aren’t released to the public yet but when it does, I’ll post the link, because I know some die hard Amy fans are going to leak her nude photoshoot to the internet at some point.

Singer, Sade and actress Helena Bonham Carter will also pose nude for “Breast Cancer” charity for “Easy Living” magazine.

And to learn more about Easy Living magazine, go here:

There is absolutely nothing “wrong” with people wanting to pose naked to the public. If you’re proud of how your naked body looks or if you’re not proud and want to get feedback from the public, don’t be afraid to show it all off! If you’re into that type of thing, have fun with it and get into it!

As long as it’s legal and as long as it’s in their consent, go for it. It’s a good thing to be naked and free.


Thought: Speaking of Eastwood’s Gran Torino…the return of Dirty Harry? OMG!!!!


In the Variety article I posted about Clint Eastwood’s movie “Gran Torino” that he will direct and star the lead in, notice how the article said the plot and story is under wraps, which means they are keeping everything a secret. Which means it could be a huge surprise.

Does this mean that Eastwood is bringing back his iconic character Dirty Harry to the big screen for one last time?

A Gran Torino is a car made back in the 70’s, similar to the ones that Dirty Harry drove in those movies…

Check out the cars here:

Aint It Cool just brought up the story:

OH MY FUCKING GOD! Please CLINT make it be true!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy shit!!!!

Look like Clint has been following the footsteps of “Rocky”, “Rambo”, and “Indy” coming back for one last time. 🙂

Clint back into action movies for one last time? If Harrison Ford and Sly Stallone can do it, why can’t Dirty Harry!


Report: John Singleton’s “The A-Team” remake gets a release date…

20th Century Fox has just confirmed a release date for “The A-Team” remake which will be helmed by John Singleton, the movie will be released June 12th in 2009. John Singleton is really dying to have Woody Harrelson play the role of Murdock. And I agree, Woody Harrelson is a perfect choice for Murdock since the two men look almost exactly alike.

Singleton says the script is completed and finalized. The A-Team script is written by the same guys who wrote the movie “3:10 To Yuma”. The film will NOT be a comedy/action like “Starsky and Hutch”. Singleton wants “The A-Team Movie” to be a strictly action flick like how the 80’s action movies were.

No one has been casted in the “A-Team” remake yet, it’s just that Singleton’s first choice for Murdock is Woody Harrelson. As once reported on MTV Movies Blog, Woody Harrelson already talked with John Singleton about it but has not signed with him yet.

It was rumoured that Ice Cube may play the role of B.A. Baracus taking over Mr. T. Ice Cube ain’t a bad choice either.

I’m still wondering who will be good for “Faceman” Peck and Hannibal. Finding an actor for “Faceman” won’t be too hard but it might be tough to find someone for Hannibal.  For Hannibal, they gotta find an actor to match the white hair and that unique smile with that cigar.

For “Faceman” Peck I’d say give that role to Steve Carrell.

Steve Martin for Hannibal maybe?


NEW: See the trailer for “Superhero Movie” here…

Finally, the trailer for “Superhero Movie” starring Leslie Nielsen, Pamela Anderson, and Brent Spiner (Data from “Star Trek: TNG”) has made it’s way to the internet. It actually looks kinda cool and entertaining. I’ll still see it, just not in theater. I’ll definitely wait for DVD rental on this one.

Yes, Brent Spiner is in the trailer. He’s the guy with the very white hair, glasses, the one showing the dragonfly, that’s Data from Star Trek: The Next Generation. 🙂


Report: The Velvet Revolver claims they’ll tour with Led Zep…

First The Cult, now the Velvet Revolver is bringing up rumours of touring with Led Zeppelin.


The rumours of Led Zeppelin touring just won’t end, eh? Even if Led Zeppelin keeps denying a tour, that doesn’t help destroy the rumours either.

Get the hell over it people! In the words of Jason Bonham, he said “Begging for a tour” is greedy. And I agree with him.

I’m not upset of Led Zeppelin not touring. I’m happy enough they finally got to gig together for one last time. Who cares if Led Zeppelin don’t tour! Be happy that they came back to us for one last round.

And for the record, the Velvet Revolver is a shitty band. They suck. Led Zeppelin were never known to share concerts with other bands. They only shared with other bands at the O2 gig ’cause it was a tribute for Ahmet Ertegun.

I wish these delusional bands like the Velvet Revolver would stop fantasizing about touring with Led Zeppelin, keep dreaming boys, it will never happen.


Thought: George Lucas, ENOUGH OF STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!

I am sick of it. Sick of Star Wars. Sick of it, sick of it, sick of it!!!!!! Come on George!!!! 6 movies is enough! Now we’re getting a CGI animated movie and a live action TV series based on nothing but the “Clone Wars” coming our way. It’s all pathetic in my opinion.

I like Star Wars don’t get me wrong, but I sometimes feel the Star Wars franchise is highly overrated. I enjoyed the six Star Wars movies, the 3 originals and the 3 prequels, I liked them all.

I want to see George do something original. I think George is just doing more Star Wars ’cause he enjoys the attention of money being made off of it. “American Graffiti” and “THX 1138” were both great films. If he keeps doing more Star Wars, I believe he can’t do original work anymore ’cause if he did something that is not Star Wars, it’ll bomb, that’s exactly what happened to “Howard the Duck”.

If George Lucas one day announces he’s doing three more live action Star Wars films in the future based on a different plot, I’m done with Star Wars, completely. This guy is gonna be doing Star Wars stuff until the day he dies.


NEW: First look of Benicio Del Toro as “The Wolfman”…

Entertainment Weekly magazine has the first official photo of Benicio Del Toro as the new “Wolf Man” remake from the original. The original Wolf Man is pictured above.

See the new version of the Wolfman here, along with a short interview of makeup artist Rick Baker:,,20185191,00.html

I don’t like the new Wolf Man look. If I see the trailer, I might change my mind, but so far this film isn’t look good.

Benicio stars alongside with Anthony Hopkins. As long as Anthony Hopkins is in the film, I’ll see it for that one reason ’cause he’s one of my favorite actors. So far, this film is sounding like a “wait for DVD release”.