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My fitness adventures so far…what I’m up to…

Yes, I’m still working out three times a week. Stopped going to the gym for a while but plan to go back when the nice weather returns this Spring so I can start riding my bike to the gym again. It’s been almost a year since I got into this fitness thing full time. It’s really working for me good. Noticing small results, a tiny little bit adding up as I go along, so I’m progressing. Totally changed my eating habits and eating right. Instead of drinking soda all the time, I would now only drink either regular water or seltzer water. Been eating lots of vegetables and fruits. protein. I would only eat cheat snacks on the weekends now.

Since I haven’t been going to the gym lately, I have been doing a lot of home workouts since I do have a dumb bell collection and a stability ball, and such. My dream is to try and get in the best shape as I possibly can. It doesn’t have to be a Mr. Olympian Strongman as I always say, I’m not going for that look. I do want the ripped body and am going for it. A while back when I was going to the local gym, I experimented with benching. To be honest, I don’t really like benching that much as I will only do that once in a while, not too much. I find pushups and dumbbell flies or dumbbell presses to be better than benching. I workout every body part, yes, even the traps, thighs and glutes (or the butt if you want to call it that).

There are many reasons why I want this. One is I want to prove people that I can be physical. Another is I don’t like having a small look and want to look bigger, and get stronger. Another is to get healthy and feel great. Maybe even attract more women, etc. Lots of reasons. Just to simply look good. Bodybuilding and fitness is a lot of fun.


Fast food fries unhealthy? It depends on where you’re getting it from…

Some people may think that fast food french fries may be too unhealthy and too fatty, the deep fried stuff, that won’t be good for your healthy nutrition but are they really that bad? The curly fries you get from “Arby’s” are bad… but what about fries from “McD’s”, “Wendy’s” and “Burger King”? Truthfully those fries are actually pretty good. Low in calories and fat is not too bad. As long as you eat small fries, it won’t ruin your fitness nutrition at all. So don’t listen to fitness experts that tell ya that “McD’s” fries are bad for your health ’cause they are full of it…



5 WWE Superstars with the best bodybuilding physiques…

Most would accuse WWE guys using steroids to get ripped, most has yes, but it is still possible to get that look naturally. Which superstars in WWE do I think has the best bodybuilding physiques? I can think of 5 at the top of my head right now…

1. Triple H

2. John Cena

3. Dave Batista

4. Sheamus

5. “The Glamazon” Beth Phoenix

Triple H definitely tops the list. Most would hate John Cena but you can not deny that he has a very impressive physique and a great look. Dave Batista makes the list, he’s a scary looking dude. Sheamus, the WWE Champion, the redhead Irish guy, he’s probably one of the only guys with a natural look. Sheamus doesn’t tan his body, his body is almost white as a ghost as you see of him on TV. He’s one guy that I think that got the look naturally. Beth Phoenix, is a female wrestler and she’s an incredible built for a woman. Much better than Chyna’s fake look.

Enjoy the list.


Not A Cool Video: Scooby tells teens and everyone else to stop playing football…

In my opinion, I don’t think football is the most dangerous sport. It’s actually a pretty safe sport. To those that say that football is unhealthy and dangerous probably haven’t even played it. I was never in football in high school or anything like that, but I think this Scooby guy is entitled to his own opinion in this video again.

As for the most dangerous and unhealthy sport in the world, most would rank cheerleading. Google it. Most polls has cheerleading pretty high.

You can get injured and die in pretty much all sports but cheerleading is considered the worse. I think Scoob just wanted some attention to his page since the Superbowl is coming up.


Cool Video: Fast food is bad for bodybuilding/fitness? Not according to this guy…

When I learn about fitness/bodybuilding and nutrition, a lot of people say that Fast Food is bad for bodybuilding. Not according to Scott Herman, who is a young bodybuilder and personal trainer. He says it’s still cool to eat fast food once in a while. It’s important to build in some carbs and calories. As long as you don’t eat fast food all the time, fast food can be a useful cheat. There’s nothing wrong with fitness people eating fast food once in a while. I know all fitness people don’t want to be stuck eating healthy food all the time.

Scott Herman’s Fitness is a great youtube channel. He’s much better than that Scooby1961 guy, in my opinion. Plus, Scott has a much better physique.


About fitness pics or videos of myself…

I talked about fitness so much online that you probably wonder why I haven’t showed myself off yet. Keep in mind that I’m not camera shy. Not at all. I was just waiting for more improvements on my physique. Later in the year, when I start getting better results, maybe I will start showing off my muscles. I won’t be that big yet…but you might notice a change that I maybe starting to look pretty fit. It’s been almost a year already since I’ve started bodybuilding and yes, I’m committed to this for life. I hope to continue to improve later in the year as I will not give this up. Getting big and strong is a slow process. So it may take me a couple more years or way more to get the look I want. I’m noticing a difference and small results, so it’s working. My goal is to get that muscle and beefy look that all guys want. I take this fitness thing very seriously. It’s my new addiction and my new passion other than music.


Anybody can get a ripped and hot body!

If your dream is to get a ripped and jacked body. You want to get that sexy and hot look. If that is your goal, and if people are laughing at you. Calling you delusional, and saying it will never happen. Don’t listen to anybody. Getting a ripped physique and sexy body can happen, and it is possible. If you want it to happen successfully, you can’t give it up and good nutrition is important. You have to stay motivated permamently if you want it badily. Not listening to what anybody says and just keep going. That is actually my goal is to look better. Trying the best I can and taking my time.

It’s amazing how easy fitness and bodybuilding really is. It may seem really tough and risky but all of it is actually very simple, and very safe. Proving people wrong is what this is all about. People think you can’t do this and you can go for it. Getting a new transformation in your body that will knock people out and make ’em jealous.

I’ve been taking a break from the gym. I plan on going back soon. I’m still doing workouts three days a week at home though with dumbbells and body workout stuff. So I’m not stopping. This fitness thing is doing well for me. The main reason why I’m doing it is to look better for the performing stage, to look better with my guitar performing in front of people.

My point in this post, don’t listen to anybody who try to shoot down your dreams. You can make your dream come true.