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Report: Healthy and unhealthy snacks at the movies…

If you’re a bodybuilder or simply trying to lose the weight, you have to be careful what you eat everywhere you go when not at home. Including when you go to the movies. If you’re a fitness and health person that enjoys going to the movies on a regular basis like myself, you must stay away from popcorn completely. Popcorn is your enemy as they are high in calories and high in fat too.

Probably the most healthiest snacks to eat from the snack bar at Regal’s movies would be a pretzel. I never really eat snacks when I go to the movies since the food there is very pricey, but if I felt like it, I would probably go for a pretzel. If I was in the mood for chocolate, Kit Kat bars are probably the most healthiest candy bars out there. Swedish Fish, is also a healthy snack that is good for ya. Swedish Fish, them chewy red fishes that are all tasty and stuff.

I’m trying to keep my nutrition plan, as strict as possible. Only eat healthy stuff during the week, and I just eat what I want on the weekends. When I go grocery shopping, I always find myself looking at every nutritional labels, making sure if it’s good or not good.

I like to eat what I want on the weekends only ’cause I was reccomended that it is okay to still put some calories on ya when bodybuilding. Not too much calories but some.

Read this interesting article here for you movie buffs:


“Muscle and Fitness” magazine, the December issue…

I received “Muscle and Fitness” magazine in the mail after subscribing it, and in the December Issue, it is mostly a “Supplement Issue”. It’s like a complete guide to supplements.

Scooby’s Workshop claims “Supplements” aren’t good for muscle building. Read this month’s “M&F” and you would see why that guy is so wrong. The magazine explains everything in detail on how supplements are very healthy and how they really work your body.

The most popular supplements I’ve heard of so far, is Whey Protein and Creatine. I’ve been using Whey Protein but haven’t been trying any other supplements yet, but after having reading this issue makes me want to try some of the other ones reccomended in this magazine. I think I will try creatine.


It’s time to get my own exercise cardio machine…

Now that Fall is here and Winter is around the corner, it will be kind of difficult to do outside cardio since it will be cold, raining, even snow, etc. So I’m thinking it’s about time for me to get my own cardio machine. I’m probably going to go for a cheap and small treadmill machine. I’m sure you can find a cheap treadmill machine anywhere. I’m not going to spend like $500 – over $1000 on a machine, just something under $300.

I’ve been collecting my own gym equipment, so I can do all workouts at home so I can stop going to the gym in the future whenever I get all the stuff I need for each body part. Starting off with a dumbell collection first. Then I’ll get a bench press and a barbell set somewhere down the road. I’m sure you can get other cheap weight lifting machines anywhere too like on ebay, craigslist or yard sales, etc. You don’t have to spend thousand of dollars at sporting good stores.

I already picked up a chin up bar for pull ups earlier this year which I have been using quite a bit.

Going to the gym is okay, but you can still do all the similar workouts at home too. I’ll be hitting the gym tomorrow.


The reason for my flip flop on Scooby’s Workshop…

So you’ve seen me supporting Scooby’s Workshop, this guy name Scooby who has his own bodybuilding website and is popular in youtube with his workout lessons. I’ve started watching his videos, thought he was pretty insightful and pretty entertaining, but reading the website and his forum, it got me thinking that one of my blog readers is right that this guy is a fake and he’s the last guy you’d want to take advice from.

This guy claims he doesn’t workout at the gym. He also claims he doesn’ t use all these expensive machines and memberships to get  a ripped body, when you know that is somewhat a lie. Of course, I’m willing to bet he got that body by mostly working out at the gym. Not by that home stuff he’s doing on his websites and youtube page.

Yes, it is possible to get a ripped body at home by not going to the gym at all but you can get a better look and bigger built by going to the gym and being trained by a certified trainer.

Scoob’s not a certified trainer so how can you trust the guy? He also gets defensive on the negative comments he gets in youtube in his forums. Talking about having an ego problem. He puts himself out on the internet for this stuff ’cause I believe he just wants attention with other bodybuilders so he can be respected on his look, he doesn’t just want to help people.

His built is ok but needs a lot of work and it’s no where near to successful bodybuilders that you see in the magazines. He’s got a medium built, not a heavy weight built.

If you want to be into bodybuilding you have to deal with nasty critics. You will be made fun of if you put yourself out there in the bodybuilding world. Of course, people will accuse you of using steroids and of course, people will call you homosexual. It’s a regular thing that goes on with all bodybuilders in the fitness world.

Scooby’s Workshop were pretty good for a while, but then realizing how it’s not good and if you follow his advice, you’re not going to get a good look and get a huge built by learning from this guy.


Edit to add: Here’s his website to show you what I’m talking about…

BTW, everything I say here in this blog entry is my opinion, they aren’t really facts, it’ s how I see them, thank you.

People in bodybuilding forums are idiots…

I’ve read through a few bodybuilding forums online for a little bit. Like I said before every bodybuilder has their own way of teaching people things and giving people advice. When you read through bodybuilding forums online pretty much everyone of them think they are so smart and think they are so right on everything they say.

I don’t know why begginer bodybuilders go online and ask for other people bodybuilding tips from people they don’t even know and trust? Getting advice from amatuer bodybuilders that aren’t profesional trainers? You won’t get the look you want from these kind of people.

You would want to get advice and tips from bodybuilding resource that are true. I would suggest those bodybuilding magazines you get from your newstands store.

I think “Muscle and Fitness” magazine is the best bodybuilding resource you can get anywhere, that is where I learn most of my stuff from. Not Scooby’s Workshop  (I’m beggining to feel this guy is a joke) and I wouldn’t reccomend bodybuilding sites online.

A lot of bodybuilding resource online are mostly fake and don’t really work anyways. Your best bet to get into shape is to learn from magazines (like Flex magazine or M&F, whatever) or from other people with a lot of experience (the people you know well, that is).

I just like to learn the work outs, set up my own weekly program and do things my own way. I feel I am doing a good job. Feeling a little fit and feeling great already. Just don’t get bodybuilding advice from people in message forums. Get advice and tips from the real sources. That is all.


Cool Video: This is why I gave up drinking alcohol…

Like I said, when you want to get into bodybuilding and fitness, you HAVE to quit the drinking and the smoking, both for good.

I don’t even use supplements except the only supplement I drink is Whey Protein.

This dude has it right.

Edit to add: I also love changing my eating ways. It’s awesome eating more healthier and staying away from junk food more often. I only eat junk food once in a while now. I know all bodybuilders don’t eat healthy all the time, they want to have fun and eat junk food like a kid once in a while too, so it’s okay to eat more calories sometimes.