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Anybody can get a ripped and hot body!

If your dream is to get a ripped and jacked body. You want to get that sexy and hot look. If that is your goal, and if people are laughing at you. Calling you delusional, and saying it will never happen. Don’t listen to anybody. Getting a ripped physique and sexy body can happen, and it is possible. If you want it to happen successfully, you can’t give it up and good nutrition is important. You have to stay motivated permamently if you want it badily. Not listening to what anybody says and just keep going. That is actually my goal is to look better. Trying the best I can and taking my time.

It’s amazing how easy fitness and bodybuilding really is. It may seem really tough and risky but all of it is actually very simple, and very safe. Proving people wrong is what this is all about. People think you can’t do this and you can go for it. Getting a new transformation in your body that will knock people out and make ’em jealous.

I’ve been taking a break from the gym. I plan on going back soon. I’m still doing workouts three days a week at home though with dumbbells and body workout stuff. So I’m not stopping. This fitness thing is doing well for me. The main reason why I’m doing it is to look better for the performing stage, to look better with my guitar performing in front of people.

My point in this post, don’t listen to anybody who try to shoot down your dreams. You can make your dream come true.


Thought: Why the “Biggest Loser” TV show is crap and America is wasting their time watching it…

I watched a couple of seasons of “The Biggest Loser” in the past, and that’s enough for me. This seems to be one of the popular shows on NBC. My question is why? The show is crap, fake and scripted. All of it. I also can’t stand that bitch, Jillian Michaels.

Why is the “Biggest Loser” crap? The answer is easy.

On the show, they make working out, losing weight and getting in shape look so difficult and dangerous. When the reality is, losing weight and getting in shape is really the easiest thing to do ever. On the show, they try to make it look like that they make those people work so hard. In reality, when you need to work out, you don’t really need to work out hard and intensely.

I like Alison Sweeney, the host, but she needs to get off that show. It’s not good for her.

In reality, you don’t really need to spend $500-$1000 on personal trainers. In reality, you don’t really need to spend loads of money on gym memberships, when you can do all this for free at home. If other people lose the competition, why feel bad? The hell with the TV show and keep going. You don’t need the “Biggest Loser” to lose weight and get in shape.  The only reason these contestants go on these shows ’cause NBC pays them and it’s an opportunity to get fame. Plus, to get their faces on TV.

These famous trainers like Jillian Michaels and others, why look up to them? They are probably fake and not even real “trainers” as they appear to be on TV. For the fans of this show, you don’t need to learn to lose weight by watching this show ’cause most of it…fake.

All it takes to lose weight is to lift weights, 20 minutes of cardio a day, eating healthy permanently and relaxing your body for results. That’s it. Those who watch this stupid TV show is wasting your time and I hope it gets off the air soon. I would celebrate if it gets cancelled someday.


About the size of bodybuilding…

I know I said, I don’t want to be a giant bodybuilder like you see in Mr. Olympia, but if ya think about it, who knows. Maybe I will end up getting there. I am committed to this for life, so the more I am addicted to this, I probably might get big as possible. Other people say it’s impossible and will never happen, but reading the Arnold’s boydbuilding book, this can happen to anybody. Getting a big physique like those guys can be possible if you don’t give it up, staying strict on nutrition permanently, using good supplements, and all that. Giving your body time to rest and heal up, not overtraining, yes, a huge physique can be possible. Yes, you will get made fun of by people around you. You will get laughed at and people will call you delusional, but prove them wrong that you can do it. You can succeed.


It’s never too late, to lift weights…

I know I started lifting weights and fitness at a late age, I’m in my thirties. I always think in my head and worry that, I think I started too late and will never get the body of my dreams. When I read something about “Age” in Arnold’s Bodybuilding book, there is nothing to worry about in age. As they all say, age is just a number. Arnold says, you can start bodybuilding at any age. it doesn’t matter if you’re 50-70 or older. It is possible to get a built physique no matter the age you start at. So I have really nothing to worry about the age. So if you claim that you’re too old for this, that just shows that people don’t have the motivation for fitness. So don’t always think that all bodybuilders start at their teens, ’cause that is simply not true.

I’ve been looking through this book and reading more from it.

My goal for 2010 and new year’s resolution is to hopefully improve my nutirition. Do the 6 meals a day thing, eating healthy and maybe a few cheats. I am committed and dedicated to getting fit and getting in shape, thanks to Sly Stallone for getting me motivated and getting me inspired to get into it. I’m not inspired by those profesional bodybuilders, I am inspired by the movie stars such as Sly, Arnold, and Dolph. They pretty much got me into it. WWE kind of got me into it too, but it’s mostly Sly that inspired me.

Most people know Sly Stallone as an actor and director, but the public ignore the fact that he is a bodybuilder obviously. Wish people would recognize him for that too.


Arnold’s Modern Bodybuilding Encyclopedia…

So as a Christmas gift from the family, I got this book. Arnold’s Modern Bodybuilding. It is probably the best body building resource ever. I was flipping through pages and reading some of it. Most of it’s pretty much the same stuff that most body builders teach you. Most of it are the same exercises I’ve been doing at the gym.

I stopped going to the gym for a while. Basically to save money for holiday shopping. I’ll be going back to the gym real soon, maybe even next week. Don’t worry, the times that I stopped going to the gym, I didn’t quit working out for a while. I still work out three times a week. Doing home workouts with dumbbells and bodyweight exercises. This book is the ultimate body building resource, it has everything you need to know. It has a lot of stuff I didn’t even know about. I love studying and reading about body building. It became a new hobby of mine.

Like I said, I don’t want to be a giant, I’m not doing this to compete in no competition. I’m doing this to get fit for myself, to simply look and feel great as I said many times. I want the medium sized built, kind of like what Taylor Lautner has, something like that. I don’t think I’ll get any bigger than that. I’m not even up there yet and still have ways to go. I’m noticing small changes and small results but it may take me 5 years or more to get a really fit look. I do get people noticing that I’ve been working out so that’s a good start so far.

I was recommended to get this book by other body builders and fitness people online. So thanks for grabbing my attention to this book. I’ll be hooked to this thing.


What I want in bodybuilding…

When people think of me getting into bodybuilding, some would assume that I would want to be a giant. You know, those type of giant bodybuilders you see in the Mr. Olympia competitions with the likes of Arnold, Flex Wheeler, or Lou Farrigno. Sorry but that’s not what I’m going for.

I just simply want a medium sized built, that’s what I’m aiming for. Just to tone my body up and to look a little better when just wearing nothing but shorts or whatever. I don’t like being flat chested and having thin arms, and am doing my best to change that. I feel I’m doing a decent job even with no trainer.

I still need to work on my nutrition more which is still being planned on and my New year’s resolution for 2010 is to hopefully keep a very strict nutrition plan.

As I said before, I’m not doing this for a profesional career or nothing, just want to get fit for myself.