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Cool Video: Forget treadmills, and other cardio machines, doing cardio outside is the best…

Man this chick rules, and she’s definitely a better instructor than Scooby.

Doing outside cardio is the way to go. Jogging up of hills is very cool, I tried it.

Edit to add: Also, another idea for an intense cardio workout is that since Winter is coming do some jogging outside in the snow. It may be tough and challenging but it’ll feel good, and I’m gonna go for it this coming Winter.


Cool Video: Fitness babes rule!

It is possible that women can get a perfect and sexy body naturally without plastic surgery, all it takes is exercise and good nutrition!

I love fitness babes.

In my local gym, we don’t get hot chicks like her in a small town like Greenwich, but I’m sure other gyms around the Capital District has women with great bodies that workout at them.

Fitness babes are awesome.


Report: Healthy and unhealthy snacks at the movies…

If you’re a bodybuilder or simply trying to lose the weight, you have to be careful what you eat everywhere you go when not at home. Including when you go to the movies. If you’re a fitness and health person that enjoys going to the movies on a regular basis like myself, you must stay away from popcorn completely. Popcorn is your enemy as they are high in calories and high in fat too.

Probably the most healthiest snacks to eat from the snack bar at Regal’s movies would be a pretzel. I never really eat snacks when I go to the movies since the food there is very pricey, but if I felt like it, I would probably go for a pretzel. If I was in the mood for chocolate, Kit Kat bars are probably the most healthiest candy bars out there. Swedish Fish, is also a healthy snack that is good for ya. Swedish Fish, them chewy red fishes that are all tasty and stuff.

I’m trying to keep my nutrition plan, as strict as possible. Only eat healthy stuff during the week, and I just eat what I want on the weekends. When I go grocery shopping, I always find myself looking at every nutritional labels, making sure if it’s good or not good.

I like to eat what I want on the weekends only ’cause I was reccomended that it is okay to still put some calories on ya when bodybuilding. Not too much calories but some.

Read this interesting article here for you movie buffs:


“Muscle and Fitness” magazine, the December issue…

I received “Muscle and Fitness” magazine in the mail after subscribing it, and in the December Issue, it is mostly a “Supplement Issue”. It’s like a complete guide to supplements.

Scooby’s Workshop claims “Supplements” aren’t good for muscle building. Read this month’s “M&F” and you would see why that guy is so wrong. The magazine explains everything in detail on how supplements are very healthy and how they really work your body.

The most popular supplements I’ve heard of so far, is Whey Protein and Creatine. I’ve been using Whey Protein but haven’t been trying any other supplements yet, but after having reading this issue makes me want to try some of the other ones reccomended in this magazine. I think I will try creatine.


It’s time to get my own exercise cardio machine…

Now that Fall is here and Winter is around the corner, it will be kind of difficult to do outside cardio since it will be cold, raining, even snow, etc. So I’m thinking it’s about time for me to get my own cardio machine. I’m probably going to go for a cheap and small treadmill machine. I’m sure you can find a cheap treadmill machine anywhere. I’m not going to spend like $500 – over $1000 on a machine, just something under $300.

I’ve been collecting my own gym equipment, so I can do all workouts at home so I can stop going to the gym in the future whenever I get all the stuff I need for each body part. Starting off with a dumbell collection first. Then I’ll get a bench press and a barbell set somewhere down the road. I’m sure you can get other cheap weight lifting machines anywhere too like on ebay, craigslist or yard sales, etc. You don’t have to spend thousand of dollars at sporting good stores.

I already picked up a chin up bar for pull ups earlier this year which I have been using quite a bit.

Going to the gym is okay, but you can still do all the similar workouts at home too. I’ll be hitting the gym tomorrow.