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Being an athletic person is awesome…

Doing this Fitness and bodybuilding thing, it makes you feel at peace, and makes you much happier. You also get more respect from the people around you. Your family and friends will feel happy for you, that you’ll get off your lazy ass and do something more physical and be more active. You also meet new people this way.

The reason I want to get into this is not really to impress other people. I’m basically doing this for myself. I want to feel stronger, look more fit, and be more confident when I’m wearing nothing but shorts in front of people in public during the summer time.

Plus, I want to get into some kind of sport than I can physically do. I don’t do other sports like: Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, etc. I don’t even do hunting games and fishing. I just wanted to find a sport that I’m good at. I figure “fitness” and “bodybuilding” is perfect for me.

I’m learning so much different exercises and researching it so much, it’s crazy. I’ll be into this for the rest of my life, probably. Will I ever one day, show off my physique? When I start to get improvements later this year or perhaps longer, I probably will. For right now, I only have a small built but I hope to improve later this year.

I haven’t been going to the gym the last couple of days, ’cause I learned you don’t want to go all the time. Most people go only 3 times a week, I think that’s a good idea. Your body needs rests and a few days off. I plan to go back to the gym tomorrow morning on Saturday.

I plan to start buying gym equipment of my own and I’ll start that with buying a bench press this summer. I used to have a bench press, but got rid of it a long time ago.


Nice site for bodybuilding…

Check out this site, this site has everything you need to know about getting the body of your dreams:

Some may think it’s okay and good to work out and lift weights every single day, but the truth is, it isn’t. It’s okay to do exercises everyday that has nothing to do with lifting weights (like pushups or whatever), but lifting weights is not really good to do everyday. I learned that you need a few days off of weight lifting to give your muscles time to rest and grow.

I also learned that you don’t want to lift as many weights as you possibly can until you get dead tired that you can’t do it anymore, which is what I don’t do. Most bodybuilders do at least 3 sets of 8-15 reps each in weight lifting, with a few minutes of rest between each set. You would want to weight lift in the gym at least 3 times a week, not everyday.

I don’t plan to go to my local gym every day, only like a couple of times a week. You don’t want to do overdo yourself. After weightlifting, you would want to do cardiovascular workouts for a long while, like treadmills or the steps or the bike to lose the fat to help turn to muscle.

I was just there at my local Fitness Gym this morning, worked out there for an hour or so before they closed at noon today. They close early on Saturdays.

I am a begginer at this Fitness thing and am learning. Like I said, I am not interested in becoming no Mr. Olympian strong man like Arnold or Lou Ferrigno, but I would at least want to get big enough to get in shape and feel stronger. Basically just to look good with my shirt off like everyone else. I’m not looking to take a career in it or anything, just to simply get that fit look. This is definitely a chick magnet and could hook up with the ladies a little more easier.

I plan to go back to the gym on Monday after work. I’ll show myself working out there on video soon, I just need somebody that is willing to carry the camera around, I’ll find someone to do that.


Brock’s first day at the Fitness gym…

So I now officially have monthly subscriptions at my local “Fitness Gym” in Greenwich. The guy that owns the place was teaching me how to use all the equipment there. All the cardiovascular machines and the weightlifting machines as well. Pretty easy stuff. It has everything you need there to be a bodybuilder to build up every body part.

Working out at a gym is a lot of fun and feels real good. I’ll probably be going there on a regular basis. All year round. It’s a nice little gym with good machines and equipment.

The place is like a little YMCA. A great gym with decent pricing.

I’ll be going back there this weekend to do a full workout ’cause I have to work an all day/evening shift at my job the next two days. I’ll work out there as much as I can depending on my working schedules.

It’s awesome getting into this.


Brock will soon change dieting habits in the near future…

I’ve been plotting out a dieting plan for the workout. I’ve been eating more spinach, vegetables, fish and healthy foods that bodybuilders would eat, but once I find the perfect diet for me, I will stop eating junky and fattening foods. What most bodybuilders usually do is that they eat nothing but healthy stuff all week, and then they just eat all the junk food they want on the weekends.

I know that’s what Sly does. I know all bodybuilders don’t want to eat healthy food their entire life, once in a while, they want to be like a kid and eat junk food like everyone else. I know this helps keep the muscles grow better and it keeps their abs too. Drinking nothing but water, and staying away from soda and other beverages for drinks. Stop eating your calories, and eat more high proteins/low carb stuff is what I’ve been looking after, doing more often.

How badily do I want this fit body? Yeah, really badily. I’m doing the best I can and working my ass off. I know some will think I’m delusional and living in a fantasy world here, but I’m about to prove people wrong. Doing this makes me feel proud and much happier. I am beggining to love this more than being a musician and songwriter.

I don’t have much workout equipment at home. Maybe a few dumbells, a workout ball, and that’s about it. I mostly do exercises that don’t require equipment. I plan on buying a bench press this summer and looking into it. Of course, will go to that Fitness Gym in Greenwich, hopefully tomorrow morning if it’s open on Memorial Day.

I’ve been doing fitness for a long time actually, I just haven’t been public about it until now. Yes, I will videotape myself  a videoblog working out at my local gym when I start going there, that way I can prove that this is really happening.


Brock has found a new passion and that is “fitness”…

Some people would think that exercising may be real boring, tiring, and it maybe painful, but if you stick with it, you would find fitness and bodybuilding, so much fun and addicting. I’ve been loving this now more than ever before. I do this every single day, non stop. I try to work out every body part as much as possible…both the lower body and upper body.

Soon, I plan on getting a membership at the Fitness Center in Greenwich, so I can start working out there two or three times a week after I get out of work.

If you keep at this, you’ll notice a change and a difference in your body, immediately.

Of course, Sly Stallone is my main inspiration for this ’cause this is part of the reason I’m such a big fan of his, not just his movie career. I’m also a big fan of how he does his exercise and bodybuilding too. He proves that you’re never too old to do this and that you can do this whenever you want, you don’t have to start when you’re at a young age, you can start bodybuilding any time.

I know a lot of people out there dream of getting the tough guy muscular look. Stop dreaming about it, and make it happen. You can only live once and if you want something good in your life, to impress people, pursue your muscle dreams NOW!!!!

Being committed to this will be worth it. All them WWE stars, UFC or boxing or action movie stars, they didn’t get that body over night. Yes, a lot of them used steroids and HGH, but it is possible to get a fit body without the drugs, you just gotta work real hard.


Trying to get the six pack abs of your dreams and you aren’t getting them. Here’s what you could be doing wrong…

This article at yahoo wrote a great article on six pack abs mistakes for both men and women. For those obsesssed with trying to lose weight and getting the six pack of your dreams…here’s a piece of what you could be doing wrong…give this a read:

I don’t do ab workouts every day, only a couple of times a week and you don’t want to do them for hours and hours either.

You think sit ups is a good exercise for a six pack, while it could be true, there are plenty of various exercises for the abs. Like the bicycle crunch and plenty of others.

You don’t need weights and those huge special machines to get abs, all you need is your body or use a workout ball for that. You gotta do research on what are the best exercises for abs are without using weights or machines.