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Brock has found a new passion and that is “fitness”…

Some people would think that exercising may be real boring, tiring, and it maybe painful, but if you stick with it, you would find fitness and bodybuilding, so much fun and addicting. I’ve been loving this now more than ever before. I do this every single day, non stop. I try to work out every body part as much as possible…both the lower body and upper body.

Soon, I plan on getting a membership at the Fitness Center in Greenwich, so I can start working out there two or three times a week after I get out of work.

If you keep at this, you’ll notice a change and a difference in your body, immediately.

Of course, Sly Stallone is my main inspiration for this ’cause this is part of the reason I’m such a big fan of his, not just his movie career. I’m also a big fan of how he does his exercise and bodybuilding too. He proves that you’re never too old to do this and that you can do this whenever you want, you don’t have to start when you’re at a young age, you can start bodybuilding any time.

I know a lot of people out there dream of getting the tough guy muscular look. Stop dreaming about it, and make it happen. You can only live once and if you want something good in your life, to impress people, pursue your muscle dreams NOW!!!!

Being committed to this will be worth it. All them WWE stars, UFC or boxing or action movie stars, they didn’t get that body over night. Yes, a lot of them used steroids and HGH, but it is possible to get a fit body without the drugs, you just gotta work real hard.


Trying to get the six pack abs of your dreams and you aren’t getting them. Here’s what you could be doing wrong…

This article at yahoo wrote a great article on six pack abs mistakes for both men and women. For those obsesssed with trying to lose weight and getting the six pack of your dreams…here’s a piece of what you could be doing wrong…give this a read:

I don’t do ab workouts every day, only a couple of times a week and you don’t want to do them for hours and hours either.

You think sit ups is a good exercise for a six pack, while it could be true, there are plenty of various exercises for the abs. Like the bicycle crunch and plenty of others.

You don’t need weights and those huge special machines to get abs, all you need is your body or use a workout ball for that. You gotta do research on what are the best exercises for abs are without using weights or machines.


Tips for begginers on working out…

I remember a few readers asking me for tips on exercise and fitness. Like I said I’m not a fitness expert yet but I’m looking into becoming one. I have been doing working out ever since high school, I have just begun to take it seriously now.

While I’m not too good at giving people tips on what exercises to do, I’ll do my best:

  • Youtube is your best friend – there are tons of videos of people giving you lessons on what exercises to do. Youtube is great resource on learning new exercises. I know doing the usual pushups, situps, etc. gets old and you want a variety of exercises, go through youtube and find ’em all there.
  • There are tons of exercise and workout videos you can buy from video stores.
  • Sign up for your local gym and hire a profesional trainer to teach you (which I hope to do soon).
  • When you start hitting the weights like dumbells or the benchpress, never start off by heavyweights, always start off small and work your way up. The lighter the weight gets, that’s when you’ll want to move up to another 5 pounds or so on the weights, whatever you can lift.
  • Learn to eat right, by eating more proteins and eating as much as possible.
  • Don’t overdo yourself. Don’t obsess with working out all day long and night nonstop. I would say working out like an hour a day or so would be good enough. You want to give your muscles some time to grow and rest. You also don’t want to strain yourself and get an injury (like I already done once before, earlier this year).
  • Learn to use the best supplements from GNC and other nutrients/supplements stores that is best for you. Go online and read reviews of the best supplements of what other people are wrting about them. If other people say it’s a good product to use, then do it. Don’t go for the bad supplements that are fake and used to get a sale at the store.
  • Get off the alcohol, quit smoking cigarettes or weed and stop using illegal drugs completely. They don’t help your body at all. If you want a strong, bigger and fit body, then it’s time to end your hard partying lifestyle. Exercising and lifting weights takes a lot of breath, if you cough while exercising, it’ll be hard to concentrate. Plus alcohol and drugs really doesn’t make your body better. They slow you down working out.

That’s the best I can do.


Edit: Just added a thing I forgot.

Thought: Why are people obsessed with wanting to get fit?

Men and women all over the world wanting to get fit, ripped, and buffed on their bodies are on the rise these days. Fitness has become more popular and mainstream than ever.

Why are people obsessed with it? I can think of ten reasons:

  1. People want to feel more confident and look better when they’re half naked in public.
  2. Hot sex with their lovers.
  3. They want to feel attracted by other people.
  4. They want to join some type of fighting sport like boxing, martial arts or wrestling.
  5. They want to join the Army, Navy, Marines, etc.
  6. They do it for their own ego, in other words, they just want more attention.
  7. They do it to feel more happier and energetic, it’s a good way to get rid of stress and depression.
  8. They want to live a long and healthy life.
  9. They want to join a non fighting sport like baseball, football, hockey, golf, etc.
  10. They enjoy it and are addicted to it.

I guess everyone has their own reasons they do it, but I believe these 10 reasons are the most popular. I am no health and fitness expert just yet, but am learning and getting into it. I’ll put up a new topic section about it.