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The simple way of getting the 6 pack abs…

There are 3 simple ways of getting the six pack abs. It may take a long time and hard work to do, but these simple things will do it:

-Exercise the abs, learn the abs exercises like crunches, you must feel the burn, when you feel the burn, and your abs start to feel sore, that means the muscles on your belly is starting to come in.

-Lose weight and kill the fat.

-30 minutes of cardio workouts a day…fast walking, jogging, and the jump rope will be the best exercises for cardio. You don’t really need those high tech and expensive cardio machines at the gym.

I plan to buy a jump rope soon next time I go to the mall, I’ll go to “Dick’s” sporting goods store. I only weigh about 160 lbs, so I guess you can say that I have a little fat on me, I’m not chubby or super huge, I think it’s mostly the muscle on my body that gave me that weight, since I’ve been into this for a long while. My goal is to lose only 10 lbs, hopefully. That’s it, no less than that.

I do plan to start eating right and staying away from the junk food a lot more often. I’ve been doing that more often these days. You must learn how to read those nutritional labels on the back of the food items at the grocery store. If you get the foods with the high proteins, low carbs, and 0 calories, then you’re all set.

I plan to stop drinking soda, and just drink a lot of water mostly. I still do like the taste of soda, but will only drink that on the weekends from now on.

And yes, to those out there that want to lose weight, quit the drinking. Beer and hard liquor doesn’t do it to ya. It is why I gave up the drinking for good. I haven’t had a beer or any alcohol drink in like, over a year and it’s good. If you work out and trying to lose weight, it doesn’t make any sense to me why people still keep drinking beer. If you don’t lose weight and trying to figure out why, that is why, ’cause of your constant drinking.

I am committed into getting into shape and that is my mission.


Edit to add: Actually, in bodybuilding, I’ve been told that you don’t need to lose weight, you would want to gain more weight if you want to get more muscle strength. You would want to gain muscle weight, not fat weight so I don’t really need to lose the weight if I don’t want to, if I want to gain strong muscle strength.

 This is how all them wrestlers, UFC fighters and action movie stars are able to get so huge. They know how to put a lot of muscle weight on them, not fat weight. You still do a lot of cardio everyday so you can keep those muscles ’cause if you don’t work out, you will lose the muscle. The muscles won’t stay on your body forever, that’s the truth.

Look at Arnold Schwarzenegger, that guy is no longer muscular anymore, he lost the muscle and he’s now fat. Guess being governor took time away from his workout schedule. I’m sure he’ll get back into bodybuilding when he’s done being governor though.

Trying to get massive arms…

When you’re trying to get bigger arms, you can’t just do bicep weight lifting exercises. You also have to do your shoulders, triceps, and the forearms, to get bigger arms. I do want much bigger arms and I’m trying the best I can. I’ve been trying to find information on the internet on how to do forearm weight lifting with regular dumbells and I found a few to add to my workout lists.

Am I doing standup barbell weightlifting or the bench press, yet? No. Not yet. I want to start off doing regular dumbells first, get good doing the dumbells and when I improve, I’ll move on to the standing barbell and the bench presses.

I’m hoping to get bigger arms in the future so I can have some lifting strength. I want to be able to lift heavy things. When doing physical activities in our daily lives like helping people move to a  new house or helping people move heavy things at my day job, I’ll want to be able to do all those things. Be able to help people move heavy furniture or doing physical house work and all that. I’m tired of people having do heavy lifting for me, I’m looking to change that in the future.

I’m not trying to sound like an ego in this fitness thing, I’m just discussion my future goals of what I want to accomplish.

If I ever one day become a house owner, I will start collecting gym equipment to build my own gym, that way I don’t have to bother going to the local gym in town, when I can have my own at home. It’s a dream though.


Good foods to keep those abs…

This article came up with a great plan to keep your belly flat and keep those six pack you have. If you never want to get fat again, stay away from calories/fatty foods, and eat these most every week…

Look like I’ll be adding those foods listed in the article above to my grocery shopping list, next time I go.

I’ve been eating more healthier foods more often now. Staying away from junk food and eating more high proteins/low carb stuff.

For snacks, I also eat those healthy protein bars and protein shakes as well. I’ve cut back on soda, and now mostly drinking water/fat free milk. I’m changing my diet plan. It’s important when getting into fitness and all that. You don’t have to eat right while working out if you don’t want to but it is reccomended if you want to be fit and muscular for the rest of your life.


Some of the workouts I do at the gym and at home…

Here are some of the workouts I do at the gym and at home…I don’t use heavy weights on all of them, since I’m not a heavy weight body builder yet. So basically, I’m just lifting at least 30-90 pounds of weights for 3 sets of 10 to 15 reps each, whatever I can lift good on certain equipment, I’ll go for.

At the gym:

  • Tricep pushdown machine
  • Shoulder press machine
  • Chest press machine
  • Seated row/pull down machine
  • Abs machine
  • Bicep arm curl machine
  • Leg ext. machine
  • Leg curl machine
  • Leg press
  • Sit down calf
  • Standing calf
  • Inclined dumbell chest press
  • Dumbell bicep curls
  • Dumbell bicep hammer curls
  • Inclined situps
  • Inner/outer thigh machine
  • Pull up bar

At home:

  • Military pushups/Diamond pushups/incline pushups/decline pushups
  • Abs bicycle crunch on ball
  • Various dumbell workouts
  • Various balance ball workouts
  • Riding the bicycle

Yep, I’m doing it all and doing everything!  Still learning new workouts, and adding more to the list all the time!


Bodybuilders don’t train all that much as you all think…

Reading stuff on the internet and reading magazines like “Muscle and Fitness”, you may think that Bodybuilding looks so hard and difficult, you may think they all work long hours of hard work to build muscle, but in reality, bodybuilding is easy and doesn’t really take all that hard work as you think.

Most bodybuilders train for 3-5 days a week for an hour or so each, sometimes a little more with rests and days off in between. They also do like 3-4 sets for 10-15 reps for each exercise and weightlifting they do. Then they do their best to eat a lot of proteins and do cardio workouts everyday. I’ve read that’s how a lot of them get that body. It doesn’t really take years and years to get that look. I’ve read it only takes about a year or two to get the body of your dreams.

In the past, I used to swim in the pool or the ocean with a t-shirt on ’cause I was never comfortable with my shirt off. I’m not overweight at all (160 lbs) but still I didn’t think I looked that great being half naked in front of people outside. I’m looking to change that so I can feel more confident being shirtless in front of people. Getting in shape and getting the hot summer bod that women would drool all over is what I’m after, yep.

Plus, when I’m 60-70 years old in the future, I don’t want to see myself in a nursing home walking around with a walker, when I will be like Sly Stallone, being built and fit at an older age, being out and about, being physical at an old age. I mean, why the fuck would you want to be a crippled old man in a nursing home or where ever, sitting around all the time? I certainly don’t want that. I can totally see why middle aged people still do bodybuilding around that age. So as long as I’m still young, this is a perfect time to start bodybuilding and achieve my goals/dreams.

Soon, I will post a list of all the workouts I’ve been doing and maybe I will write out a protein diet plan. At the gym, I’ve been writing down everything I’ve been doing there, so I will write it all down to show you.


It is possible to get a muscular and fit body without using equipment and going to the gym…

If you’re the type of person that don’t go to your local gym all the time, don’t go at all, or can’t afford to pay for subscriptions there…don’t worry about it. You can still get the body of your dreams right at your own home…even if you don’t own any gym equipment of your own.

I don’t need to go to my local gym all the time because I’m already learning so many body weight exercises that don’t require equipment. I’ve been learning so much work outs that could exercise every body part: the chest, the abs, shoulders, arms, biceps, triceps, legs, calves, the butt, the back, etc. I’m doing it all!!!!

The internet is good resource to learn what exercises to do if you don’t own equipment or don’t go to the gym. Google and youtube are your best friends for this. I used to think about hiring a profesional trainer to help me get fit, but I think that is unnecessary now. You can always be a self taught trainer, instead of having someone else train you. I think I’m doing ok, learning how to train by myself. I am noticing a difference and feeling a little change.

A lot of people will be talking negative stuff by saying shit like, you will never be Mr. Muscle Man, but I call that bullshit. If you stay committed, don’t give up, you could indeed prove people wrong. You could easily get a transformation of your body quickly if you do it right. Just don’t listen to what people have to say about what you’re doing, and keep at it.

Anybody can get that muscle look, it doesn’t matter who you are or what you look like.


Being an athletic person is awesome…

Doing this Fitness and bodybuilding thing, it makes you feel at peace, and makes you much happier. You also get more respect from the people around you. Your family and friends will feel happy for you, that you’ll get off your lazy ass and do something more physical and be more active. You also meet new people this way.

The reason I want to get into this is not really to impress other people. I’m basically doing this for myself. I want to feel stronger, look more fit, and be more confident when I’m wearing nothing but shorts in front of people in public during the summer time.

Plus, I want to get into some kind of sport than I can physically do. I don’t do other sports like: Baseball, football, basketball, hockey, etc. I don’t even do hunting games and fishing. I just wanted to find a sport that I’m good at. I figure “fitness” and “bodybuilding” is perfect for me.

I’m learning so much different exercises and researching it so much, it’s crazy. I’ll be into this for the rest of my life, probably. Will I ever one day, show off my physique? When I start to get improvements later this year or perhaps longer, I probably will. For right now, I only have a small built but I hope to improve later this year.

I haven’t been going to the gym the last couple of days, ’cause I learned you don’t want to go all the time. Most people go only 3 times a week, I think that’s a good idea. Your body needs rests and a few days off. I plan to go back to the gym tomorrow morning on Saturday.

I plan to start buying gym equipment of my own and I’ll start that with buying a bench press this summer. I used to have a bench press, but got rid of it a long time ago.