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Thought: Blog post of the day by Iaz…

I just wanted to respond to this post a little bit, by Tobiaz, an upstate NY songwriter:

“I can’t begin to tell you how hard I’ve been working on recording this new album “East Side Gallery” and the levels that the plays are getting for the preview tracks to this album don’t exactly thrill me. This year I have rode the bicycle to the studio. Not even reaching 50,000 plays that’s crazy for the amount of effort and dedication that I happen to be involved in recording the new album. It has been a long road to get to this point. I hope people are not telling me to rush the release of this album because it won’t happen. I’m in a decent studio and I can’t begin to express how I want this album to be an immense success it will deserve it because I’m not even close to having the album done. It is all cool to now be certified with 29,000 friends but the other levels count as well.”

Reality check time – That’s good that he’s working extremely hard on his new album (or demo CD, in fact…). Dude, all bands work on their albums extremely hard. That doesn’t mean the album will be an immediate success ’cause you’ve worked hard on it. I mean, this guy has got 29,000 friends in his myspace and very low plays in his song tracks.

He’s in his blog calling them all fans and supporters when I’m noticing that most of it’s just bands advertising their own music. This is a perfect example of musicians trying to make themselves look popular online.

Iaz is a good dude and all, but honestly, he says a lot of things that are really whacky. He’s in there complaining about how this area doesn’t ask him to play gigs, when I’ve told him plenty of times that this area’s venues don’t go around asking musicians to play. Bands and musicians have to get the gigs themselves, that’s the way it works. Gigs don’t fall in your lap, dude. Gotta go out and get ’em yourself if you want to be a successful, “artist”. Send your demos out to the venues and they’ll get back to ya, that’s how this game goes.

His music is alright and he’s an ok performer but sometimes I think he’s living in dreamland. Myspace is not a good tool to promote your music which is why I refuse to go back there. If he thinks myspace is going to make him big, then there is something wrong.



Thought: Unsigned bands/musicians obsessing with fame and popularity…

It still amazes me that so many unsigned bands out there obsess with wanting “fame” and try to become very popular in their local area. Why obsess with it too much? Are you that desperate for recognition? Keep dreaming.

Yes, I am a musician, songwriter and guitar player, but I don’t obsess with any of it. I’m just a simple guy that wants to play music.

I’m not naming names but there are plenty of bands and solo songwriters out there, that try to chase “popularity” and “superstardom” in their areas.

There are bands and musicians out there that call themselves, “music artists”, “profesional musicians” and “established bands”. There are even plenty of bands that call themselves, a “top act with high energy”. LOL! Quit living in your own delusional worlds.

I don’t call myself any of those things. Just a normal guy that just want to play guitar and write songs.

I’m not that desperate for recognition or popularity. I just play for the love and passion for it. People around here are crazy when it comes to music. A lot of them like to make themselves look popular online when the reality is, their music goes no where.

Many of these bands claim they are not doing it for fame, but I know that is a flat out lie when they seem to be obsessed with popularity. Getting signed is what a lot of bands want around here.

I think a lot of bands are better off staying unsigned ’cause the way the music industry has total control of your music and your image, you’ll realize that fame is a huge mistake.


Thought: Not everyone is going to be your friend in music…

In the past, I used to think that music was going to be friendly, almost all the time and thinking I was going to make friends with everybody. I am noticing that some musicians out there today even think that still. Many musicians are in it to become part of the community and to make friends with other musicians. If that’s what you’re doing music for, then I think you’re doing music for all the wrong reasons.

Yes, you’re going to meet some musicians that have huge ego problems. Yes, you’re going to run into some musicians with huge temper tantrums, you know, musicians that are real dicks and almost negative, all the time. Yes, you’re going to run into musicians, club owners/promoters that will stab you in the back and deal with a lot of drama bullshit. Yes, you’re going to get people that will hate you and think your musical talent is crap. Blah blah blah, you get the deal.

I’ve dealt with these things over the years in music. Hey, all musicians go through it , they all go through ups and downs, all the time.

I learned that if you want to keep doing what you’re doing, making music and playing live, is to ignore all the bullshit completely. You only care about “you”, and your “music”. Not caring what anybody else thinks. This is the best way to go, if you want to keep going in music.

Don’t be into music to make friends with people in the scene. That’s not what music is all about in my opinion, when a lot of people think it is. I know it sounds harsh and you may think I’m crazy, but you need to think about this. The no. 1 rule is only care about the music that you do, if you want to keep going. Nothing else.

If bullshit gets in your way, let it slide right by immediately and keep going with your music. You don’t have to give up what you do  just because all kinds of negativity gets in the way with it.

You have to be strong and have guts.

Making “friends” with other musicians in the music scene is not the right way to go, in my opinion. To be honest, these musicians don’t even care about you, anyway. They only care about their own playing and the music they do in their band. I clearly think musicians are “using” musicians just to promote their own music by networking with the music community.

Don’t trust anybody and don’t listen to anybody, only believe in yourself. Don’t let the negativity stop doing what you love doing. I’m learning.


Thought: Bands/artists that make MTV/VH1 profesional styled videos is silly I think…

I know unsigned and local bands are starting to make very expensive profesionally made MTV/Vh1 styled music videos these days, but why? I know it’s the musicians way of getting their popular song out there but I don’t really see the point in making these videos. Making your music video that seems like a movie and trying to lip synch your own recording, just sounds kind of weird. It almost feels like a Broadway musical where people just walk around and they start singing all of a sudden.

I was never really that big of a fan of music videos with the exception of Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”, Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It” and Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit/Heart Shaped Box”, Pearl Jam “Alive/Jeremy”, are a few of my favorite music videos ever made. Most music videos are pretty bad and silly.

Why pay all that money to make a video when all you really need is to buy a cheap cam corder at the electronics store and record yourself playing live at home?

There is a reason that bands such as Pearl Jam and maybe a few others don’t do too many music videos.

I don’t think you’ll ever see me make these kind of music videos, ever. Simply because I don’t believe in hit songs and trying to dream of fame with these profesionally made videos.

I just think it’s better recording yourself live on video instead of acting over a recording that you just did.

Making videos is very pricey and so expensive. I think bands are better off spending money on more important things like gear, food/hotels for your tours, etc.

Unsigned bands/artists don’t really need to make these kind of videos, in my opinion.


RANT: Talent bashing and musicians defending themselves about it, still hasn’t stopped? What is the deal here?

If you want further evidence on how the local music scene in Albany is so bad, and how the egos and bad attitudes of local music still hasn’t changed to this day, well here it is. My question is, why do local musicians get so hung up on defending theirselves when people bash their talent? When local music fans say a local musician sucks and have no talent, the musician will reply to every negative critique to try and prove themselves they don’t suck.

They try to prove that they are profesionals by explaining everything about their playing in detail, they explain how long they have been playing and how many opportunities they had over the years. Really…what is that trying to prove? NOTHING!!!

I’ve written something in my facebook page that if you’re going to be part of the local music scene, you have to be confident enough to put up with negative feedback. If you put yourself out there in the public, it will give people the right to give feedback, negative or positive. That’s the way music is, not everybody is going to think you’re talented, all the time.

People would take the blame on all of this from the old crumbs “Rant and Rave” board from the past, which I find it kind of silly. It isn’t the way websites are. It is how people are and how people has never changed. People would act like this everywhere. It is what happens when musicians have huge ego problems.

I’m not naming names, but this whole “talent bashing” and defending themselves from the critics is a turn off for me.

Who cares if other people think you suck. Have a thick skin and deal with it, I can. So can you. Being able to put up with all feedback, negative or positive is part of being a profesional. Responding to every negative critic, is doing you no good.

If you want to prove that you’re a profesional and prove that you are talented, stop replying to the critics and concentrate on your music. It’s the only way to turn negative feedback into positive by proving people wrong.

If you get so many attacks by local music fans in your area, they don’t do it because they are jealous, they do it because they are honest, and most of what they say is pretty much right.

I get people slamming my music all the time. Sorry to say, but I kind of agree with what people say about my music. I’m not the best musician in the world, I just do it for fun and enjoyment. It’s a waste of time to reply to every negative critic. You’re not going to win over local music fans that way. The only way to get the area to respect you is to concentrate on your music and get better with your profesionalism, and maybe people’s opinions will change.

On top of that, every single band and solo musician out there, get their share of hate. They don’t reply to them, ’cause they have better things to do like their music. The end.


Thought: Upset at the “Capital Region Got Talent” registration fee pricing? Simply create your own talent show!!!

If the registration fee for “Capital Region’s Got Talent” event going on in Revolution Hall in Troy, wasn’t $50.00, if the registration fee was a tad bit cheaper, like if it was $15 or $20 to register for the contest, I would have auditioned for it.

Check it out here:!.htm

Isn’t $50.00 pretty ridiculous to you? I think so. Because what if you sign up for the contest, and you don’t make it, bam, that’s a waste of $50.00. Down the drain.

If you don’t like how the “Capital Region’s Got Talent” at Rev. Hall is running their show, you can simply create your own talent show that would be similar to America’s Got Talent/American Idol that you see on TV.

Since this isn’t national music and unsigned, you can always create a show like this on your own for free. How???

  1. Simply contact a venue to see if they are interested in putting an event like this together.
  2. If you want to have people sign up for a contest like this, make registration fee, FREE, if the venue owner doesn’t want it for FREE, make it cheap, make the fee cost between $15-$20 or lower, not too expensive.
  3. Make the theme nights for the finals.
  4. Pick some special prizes like free demo recordings at a studio, if you can’t afford that…there are other options for other prizes. Like cash money, free CD’s from other local bands, free music equipment (like guitars, and other gear), you get the idea. You should have each musician in the contest win something so they don’t have to feel like they went there for nothing.

As you can see, if musicians at the “Capital Regions Got Talent” event don’t win the 5,000 dollar demo recording and a gig at the venue, each contestant just win a t-shirt, sticker and a few tickets for a show there. I don’t think that’s a very good prize for the losers of the show. Do you think the losers of the talent show would think about those things? Each of them would want a demo recording which is why they signed up for the contest for.

How about giving the losers of the contest $50 each for a demo recording? Or a piece of music gear. Something that has to do with a musicians music, that they can walk out of the contest happy.

I can assure you these musicians that lose the contest and if they get a t-shirt, sticker and a few tickets, they are not going to be happy. They all went to the contest for a $5,000 recording demo and a gig at Rev. Hall. Musicians care most about music. They don’t give a rats ass about these little prizes.

I don’t like their age limits when this thing should be for all ages. Kids deserve to be a part of this too.

I understand people want the opportunity for a $5,000 recording deal and a chance to play at Rev. Hall, but you can create your own opportunities for your own cash and prizes for a similar contest. Who needs the Rev. Hall when you can do a contest like this where everything is not so strict and difficult?

I can put together a talent show like this myself but I don’t have the budget to get all the prizes for it though that will make musicians happy. This talent show at Rev. Hall is a joke, and you know it. These musicians that went on these shows, how much do you want to bet they don’t care about these prizes and the contest itself? They’re performing on there for publicity, to promote their music and a good opportunity to get recognized in the area.

I hope other venues will come up with talent shows that are better than this.