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Report: Friday the 13th remake leading babe found…

A young actress named Amanda Righetti is in final negotiations to be the leading female star in the “Friday The 13th” remake to star alongside Jared Padalecki. She hasn’t done much film work in her acting career, she mostly did work for TV. This looks to be her first big film for theater.

Variety Reports:

Great choice, she’s pretty hot looking. There can’t be a Friday film with no hot babes, right? Most all Friday movies has blood and gore and naked women, so hopefully this chick will show us some tits and ass too.


Report: Neil Armstrong biopic coming to the big screen…

The famous NASA astronaut, Neil Armstrong, the first human being to ever step on the moon will be made into a biopic film. Nicole Perlman will pen the screenplay.

Variety Reports:

Very nice! Neil Armstrong deserves his own movie.

Who should direct it and who should play Neil?

I’d say give it to film maker Ridley Scott and give the role of Neil Armstrong to actor Mark Wahlberg. Neil looks almost exactly like Marky Mark and wouldn’t surprise me at all if they get him.

Neil Armstrong is still alive and well. I’m glad Hollywood is finally doing a movie about him. Hope they do a good job so it can be Oscar worthy.


Report: Roger Ebert making a return to writing reviews soon…

Roger Ebert, the legendary film critic will be returning to reviewing films full time later this month. He will NOT be returning to TV for his show “Ebert & Roeper” because he is unable to speak at all. How is he unable to speak? He had surgery back in January that ended in complications, a mistake happened during his surgery that he lost his speaking voice. He had surgeries before, one in 2006 which he had a cancerous growth on his salivary gland, he also had emergency surgery where a blood vessel burst near the site of the operation.

While Ebert is no longer able to speak, he can still see and hear, so his love for movies hasn’t ended. He says he is cancer free and successfully battled it, and is not ready to think about more surgery.

He will soon be attending the 10th Annual Ebertfest at the University of Illinois which runs from April 23-27.

The Associated Press reports:

I was never a fan of Roger Ebert’s reviewing because he always gave good movies that I liked negative reviews. I never pay attention to critics to begin with, I judge movies by my own opinion.

I ain’t all that excited for Ebert coming back but I hope he gets well.

It will be interesting to see what film he will review in his return.


Report: Sean Connery back in 007?

This is no April Fools joke, it’s the real deal, Sean Connery is considering coming back to the James Bond 007 franchise. In the old days, he was made famous for the James Bond role. If he returned in “Bond 22 – Quantum of Solace”, he won’t play James Bond again of course, since Daniel Craig is on the role, but instead Sean Connery maybe playing one of the main villains.

Connery commended the film makers that Daniel Craig is the perfect Bond. He also says he “wouldn’t mind” playing the villain and not James Bond.

More on it here:

Man, it would be great to see Sean Connery back on the big screen. He hasn’t been on the big screen since “the League of the Extraordinary Gentlemen” which that film was released way back in 2003. It’s been five years since he hasn’t been on the big screen. Where ya been Mr. Connery?


Report: Jason Voorhees found for “Friday the 13th” remake…

Aint It Cool exclusively reported that actor Derek Mears is confirmed to play the role of Jason Voorhees, the legendary hockey masked serial killer in the “Friday the 13th” remake. Derek can be seen in a slew of horror films such as “Cursed”, “The Hills Have Eyes 2”, and more…

Aint It Cool reports:

Really good choice. I never even heard of this guy or never seen him in any films but after seeing pictures of him online, he is perfect for Jason.

Now I’m really looking forward to the remake!


Thought: About Dolph Lundgren working with Nu Image/Millenium…

I just thought of this. I think the reason for Dolph Lundgren’s big comeback to the big screen is considering that Stallone bringing back Rocky and Rambo to the big screen was a major success, Nu Image/Millenium decided it was time to start doing this to other 80’s action movie stars. So they picked Dolph Lundgren to work with first.

Will Nu Image/Millenium studios try to get Steven Segal and Jean Claude Van Damme back to the big screen? Those two have been mostly doing straight to videos and independent work too. Jean Claude had said on MTV Movies Blog just a while back he is eyeing a major comeback to the big screen as well.

It would be nice to see Lundgren, Segal, and Van Damme all doing block buster successful films again. Bringing back the 80’s. Maybe Segal can do another sequel for “Under Siege 3”.


BREAKING NEWS: Tom Hanks drops out of “Fahrenheit 451″…

Tom Hanks has been confirmed to Frank Darabont’s film “Fahrenheit 451” (the classic sci fi novel by Ray Bradbury) for a long time. Not anymore. The film is now once again without a leading man. Before Tom Hanks, Mel Gibson was interested in playing the role for a long time until he decided to quit acting for good. Hanks pulled out due to a busy schedule.

MTV Movies Blog reports:

It’s understandable why Hanks would drop out, ’cause he just completed the film “The Great Buck Howard”, he’s currently doing the voice overs for “Toy Story 3”, and soon he’ll be filming “Angels and Demons”. He’s just too busy with other projects he’s committed to that he doesn’t have time for anything else.

Who should Darabont go after next? Who should play Guy Montag the leading character?

I’d say go for Emile Kirsch, the actor who played in the film “Into the Wild”, he’d be perfect for the role, I think. They need a younger actor for Guy Montag.