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BREAKING NEWS: The Velvet Revolver fired Scott Weiland…

Slash recently announced that the band “Velvet Revolver” had kicked lead singer Scott Weiland out of the band. Slash says that the Velvet Revolver is about the fans and the music, but Scott Weiland was not committed to either, so the band was forced to move on without him. Which means they kicked him out. Weiland still seems to be an alcoholic and a drug addict which is probably the reason for his strange behavior.

Weiland agreed to leave the band so he can join the Stone Temple Pilots for a full reunion tour this summer. reports:

The Stone Temple Pilots reunion won’t even last long either, should Dean and Robert trust him after this?


Report: Chris Cornell speaks on Idol’s David Cook for “Billie Jean” cover…

Chris Cornell the former frontman for Soundgarden/Temple of the Dog/Audioslave recently saw David Cook’s performance of the Chris Cornell version of “Billie Jean”, a Michael Jackson cover on American Idol. Cornell says he was actually impressed with David’s singing and flattered that Cornell got the shout out on Idol. Cornell says that Cook sang the song almost note for note, sang it exactly the same way Cornell sang it. (see the videos below for proof). Cornell goes on saying that he is so proud of his version and wanted to know that he did it first.

Billboard reports:

I don’t know what Chris Cornell is smokin’, but David Cook’s voice sound nothing like Cornell’s, not even close. I totally agree that Cook sang it “great”, but no where near Cornell’s range.

Cornell should appreciate to what Cook did for him rather than putting him down, Cornell is acting like his version is better.

I dont’ watch Idol anymore but I’ll have to start watching again, I stopped watching a few years ago. I’ve been hearing that Idol has been using live bands and using real instruments more than the “karaoke” thing, which is cool.


Report: U2 signs with Live Nation…

U2 has signed a deal with Live Nation for them to help the band with promotion of concerts and merchandise. It will not affect the band leaving their current label Universal Music Group. This is the same company that pop music queen Madonna will be working for as soon as she leaves Warner Music Group.

Variety reports:

Since the band’s last couple of albums “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” and “Atomic Bomb” didn’t sell very big, I can understand why U2 would go for this.

U2 has always been a favorite band of mine since I was a child and still love them today. “Atomic Bomb” was an ok record, I love “Can’t Leave Behind” way more.

I hope their next album will be a great one, they’re currently in the studio recording it.


Report: Rap star Nelly is dying to collaborate with Springsteen…

Rap star Nelly was desperately trying to ask rock legend Bruce Springsteen to collaborate on a song with Nelly on his new album. Nelly already asked the Boss, but the Boss is already stuck on his world tour in support of his new album “Magic”. Nelly is dissapointed that he couldn’t get Bruce, however, Bruce did say he was interested in doing it. They may save the collaboration in the future, they might do it around the Holidays.

The Associated Press reports:

Hmmm, interesting. Wonder how Bruce is gonna pull off a rap song? I don’t see Bruce rapping in the song, he’ll probably just provide backup vocals and lead guitar solos maybe.


Report: Madonna wants to save Britney…

Madonna spoke out to the media telling them that she wants them to leave Britney Spears alone. As everyone knows, Madonna and Britney have had a longtime friendship but in the picture above they briefly appeared to be more than just friends. Madonna still has love for Britney today.

More on it here:

I agree.

I said it before and wouldn’t mind saying it again. Who cares about Britney Spears? Everyone needs to stop obsessing with her and stop giving her the attention she doesn’t deserve. There is more to life than Britney Spears folks. Worry about your own life, so she can worry about hers.

I hardily ever blog about her ’cause I’m sick of her. I find gossip websites like TMZ and perezhilton to be partially responsible in the media being all over her.

I’m sick of seeing Britney all over google news and other entertainment news sites.

It’s a free fucking country, why can’t Britney have it? Who cares if she likes to drive cars with kids in it or with dogs on her lap? Who cares if she wants to have a cup of coffee at a coffeehouse or go do some shopping somewhere?

Britney Spears being in the news all the time will never die down. Leave the girl alone and let her do what she wants!


BREAKING NEWS: Tom Petty announces Mudcrutch reunion with original members…

Tom Petty just announced the official reunion of his former shortlived band before the Heartbreakers, Mudcrutch with it’s original members. The Mudcrutch lineup includes Tom Petty, Mike Campbell, Benmont Tench, Tom Leadon, and Randall Marsh.

In 1974 Mudcrutch left their hometown of Gainesville, Florida to California in search of a record deal because of Tom Petty’s dream of being signed to a major label. The band had difficulty finding a label that would accept their music and later a label named “Shelter Records” signed the band. They released a single titled “Depot Street” backed with “Wild Eyes” but it didn’t chart. While the band was trying to record their first album back in those days, it didn’t go well and the band disbanded. So their first album never got made.

After all these years, Mudcrutch has finally got the opportunity to get together to make an album (with old and new material) and tour to follow it. The debut Mudcrutch album will hit stores April 29th.

The band Mudcrutch will not do a world tour, they will only play a bunch of dates in California.

From Tom Petty’s official website:

Pretty sweet news! I’ll definitely get the Mudcrutch album! Looking forward to hearing it!


BREAKING NEWS: A few good Led Zeppelin news!!!

NME, a UK magazine for music news brought up a few good latest news about Led Zeppelin.

The first Robert Plant seems to be in a better mood about playing more shows with Led Zeppelin and seems more positive about it. He says Led Zeppelin will be all up to playing more shows only for the right reasons. Like the last time was a tribute to Ahmet Ertegun, “special” reasons would be things like that. They may not go on a full fledge tour but they’ll probably play some more shows. Hopefully they play MSG in New York one more time to relive “The Song Remains the Same” concert in 1973.

John Paul Jones hinted that Led Zeppelin could go back into the studio again to record a new Led Zeppelin album. For many months now Jimmy Page has been hinting us that he’s working on new music that was meant to be for Led Zeppelin. Lets keep our fingers crossed that there could be a new Led Zep album in the future!

And the last, Jimmy Page hinted that last year’s December 10th O2 show could be getting released on DVD in the future. He confirmed the show was videotaped but he said creating the DVD of the show would be a lot of hard work. Lets keep our fingers crossed for a DVD release of this show as well.

This is pretty sweet news here.

If anything, I want a new Led Zeppelin studio album more. I would like to see what new changes and style of music Led Zeppelin would sound like today if they worked on new material. If they work on a studio album and release it, then they can do several more shows to support it.

Led Zeppelin, Guns N’ Roses, Ac/Dc….coming back to music again?

I said it before and will say it again, “We need our rock n’ roll back dammit”. If those three bands come back to the national music industry full time, people can start caring about mainstream music again.