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BREAKING NEWS: John Edwards admits to cheating on wife but denies getting her pregnant!!!!

“The National Enquirer” tabloid newspaper first brought up the story that John Edwards cheated on his wife Elizabeth who is still battling cancer, the tabloid reported that Edwards had an affair with a woman named Rielle Hunter. Ever since the rumours started to spread to the public. John Edwards finally came out and confessed to it. Edwards denied being the father of Rielle’s baby and did not yet take a paternity test. Edwards and Hunter met at a NYC city bar while Edwards wife was battling cancer.

More on it here:

Another cheating politician! Just what we need! Now I see why Edwards dropped out of the presidential campaign because he knew this would come back and bite him in the ass to get him impeached.

What a douche! How cruel Edwards can be? IDIOT! IDIOT! IDIOT! IDIOT!

Elizabeth should not forgive him and divorce his stupid ass.


Cool Video: “W.” teaser leaked to the internets!

Oliver Stone’s film “W.” which is a biopic film on our soon to be former president George W. Bush has been leaked online. The film stars Josh Brolin as George W. and James Cromwell plays George Bush Sr.

My thoughts on the film? I think it actually looks pretty promising. It looks real good and I might actually go see it in theater after all. The video does not allow embedding so I will just post the link.

Enjoy while it’s on before Oliver forces youtube to take it down.


P.S. My mistake, Josh Brolin plays George W. Bush throughout the entire film, they just use makeup effects on Josh when he reaches the middle aged, James Cromwell plays George W’s father who also our President at one time. Edited for corrections.

Report: George W. Bush in a fist fight at a bar? Hmmmm…not really but close…

The “No Country For Old Men” and former “Goonies” star Josh Brolin was busted for getting into a bar room fight along with actor Jeffrey Wright and other film crew members. Brolin, Wright, and other film crew were in town to film the movie “W” a biopic film about our soon to be former president George W. Bush directed by Oliver Stone. The film is currently being shot in Shreveport, Louisianna where they were hanging out at a bar named “The Stray Cat Bar”. The actors and film crew were hanging out late at night after a hard day’s work of filming “W” until things got out of hand and a brawl broke out.

Brolin himself and others were arrested. Brolin was booked into holding cell and immediately posted bond to be released. Brolin is playing George W. Bush in the film “W”.

The Associated Press reports:

Come on Brandon Walsh, leave your tough guy image on the big screen.


Report: Somebody killed Adolf Hitler at a Berlin wax musuem…

The Maddam Tussauds musuem in Berlin, Germany just had it’s grand opening Saturday July 5th. In the museum had a figure as Adolf Hitler. In Germany it is illegal in that country to glorify and support the Nazi dictator and leader. A man who is unidentified came in the musuem and just tore the head off of a waxed made Adolf Hitler. Adolf was a man who started the Nazi’s to help him murder all the Jews in Europe during World War II.

More on it here:

The musuem should have realized that anybody in Germany could have came in and destroyed it. Not just that one man. If they rebuilt the Hitler waxed figure, I’m sure someone else would come in and destroy it again.

Speaking of Adolf Hitler, there are hundreds of war movies that was taking place during WWII fighting against the Nazis. But hardily any of them had  an actor playing Adolf Hitler, except for “Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade” which Hitler appeared in a cameo when Indy Jones ran into him by accident.

I really think hollywood should do a biopic film about “Adolf Hitler”. I’m not saying this ’cause I’m supporting Hitler, no way. I think a major “Hitler” movie should be made so people can learn his history. If a “Hitler” biopic gets made, I think it would be a controversial film and would be a success. A “Hitler” biopic would take a lot of heat in the movie industry just like Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” did. A “Hitler” biopic could be a powerful film and dramatic if done right and if picked by the right actor to play “Hitler” himself. Hollywood should go for it and the media would eat it up.


BREAKING NEWS: Tom Brokaw “is” Tim Russert’s official replacement for “Meet the Press”…

Yep, I knew it! As I already predicted, it was pretty obvious NBC News were going to choose Tom Brokaw to take over Tim Russert’s place.

Tom Brokaw will host “Meet the Press” throughout the 2008 election season.

Tom Brokaw is a legendary TV figure who was the head anchor for “NBC Nightly News” for over 21 years, then retired, Brian Williams took his spot.

Reuters reports:

Perfect choice, I’m glad NBC went for Brokaw!



Report: Brian Williams takes over “Meet the Press” for now…

NBC Nightly News head anchor Brian Williams will take over Tim Russert for “Meet the Press” only for the weekend. A permament host has not been confirmed. It is not yet decided if Williams will host “Meet the Press” for the entire weekend. It could last for a couple of days.

Variety Reports:

How much do you want to bet that the permament host will be no one other than Tom Brokaw? Brokaw and Russert has been best friends for years so it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Brokaw does become Russert’s official replacement. Brokaw seems like the best choice anyway.



The Listening Room: Tony Scozzaro performs Springsteen cover “Born To Run” on acoustic at Tim Russert Memorial…

Tony Scozzaro the brother in law of Tim Russert is a musician, looks to be a classical guitarist. Hear him perform “Born To Run” on acoustic guitar here. Pretty impressive guitar skills I may say, I’m blown away by this performance.

I believe Tim Russert was a huge fan of Bruce Springsteen’s music, that’s why the Memorial was mostly Springsteen.