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Dirty Harry 2 Disc DVD SE set…

So I got out of work a little early today and went to Saratoga to Best Buy on a hot summer day. I picked up the “Dirty Harry” 2 disc SE DVD as you see above. With all this talk of Clint Eastwood and Dirty Harry in the news as of late, got me in a big Dirty Harry mood. So this caught my eye when I saw this DVD set sitting on the shelf so I picked it up and bought it.

I also picked up a few music CD’s as well. I picked up Weezer’s the “Red” album and the “Blue” album both. I used to have the “Blue” album by Weezer but lost it. I heard the “Blue” album millions of times and still love that record to death. I think Weezer is an amazing band and one of the best bands going today in the music industry. I also picked up Bo Diddley’s “Definitive Collection” greatest hits album. I’ll review the Weezer “Red” album for this blog after I listen to it a few times. I’ll also review the Dirty Harry DVD.

Hope you’re all enjoying the hot summer weather, glad it’s finally here, it’s been a long time coming. I love summer.



Thought: Going back to school?

I just got back home late for work, decided to work extra this weekend as a request from my boss, I gotta work most of the day tomorrow so my blog may be a little slow this weekend.

I know a long time ago, I’ve discussed in blogs that I plan to go back to school…to college I mean, to get a college degree for a better job. It might actually happen this fall when classes start back up.

I might be going to Acc College in Queensbury, N.Y. What courses will I be taking? I may be taking a few of them. I’ll be taking some type of “English/writing” class so I can learn how to write better. I want to learn to write better to work on my grammar and work on better writing skills. To work on writing so I can write better for my blogs plus to hopefully start a novel writing career. Becoming a novelist and author was my original dream before music, and I just started to take novel writing again seriously. For novel writing, I’ll probably mostly write horror and crime fiction the stuff that I mostly enjoy reading.

I also might take some type of business course where I can learn how to run and open up my own small business. I own my own small business, I can be my own boss and not worry about working crappy jobs. Opening up my own store has always been a dream of mine. I’m thinking of opening up a bookstore that sells music CD’s too.

Don’t know if the college thing will actually happen but I’m definitely looking into it. I’ll never give up the music and guitar playing, and performing live, that I’ll always do. I just do music for fun and a good hobby. I don’t think I’m ever gonna become a profesional musician nationally, so I figure why not get back into writing fiction stories soon and open up my own store.

I’ll have more on this college thing later this summer.



Thought: Myspace is full of anonymous fakes…ways to tell that the profile is not real…

So are you the type of myspace user that is willing to add anything that sends you an add request? Are you the type of myspace user that adds people you don’t even know? Or did you come across a myspace fake anonymous just to cyberbully you?

Here are easy ways to tell if the myspace account is anonymous and fake. Many people in myspace aren’t really who they are. When I had my music account up, I came across a lot of fakes so I know this with experience. It’s easy to tell that if a person in myspace is a fake.

Here is a step by step:

  • Their pictures in the photo galleries may look like the same person but if you look closely at each photo you can see that the photos is a different person, example, the face is not quite the same and the hair color of the person is a little different each photo. It’s just their way of trying to make the anonymous page look like a real person.
  • The myspace user uses a default picture that is not of themselves, just some random google images or photoshop work they did themselves.
  • You think you’re making friends with the user, they refuse to give out who they really are, they refuse to give their phone number or where they really live.
  • You want to meet the user in person to hang out like friends, they tell you where to meet, and surprise, they never show.
  • You don’t hear from the user much and rarely see it logging in often…it’s because they are too busy using their own “real” myspace account, switching back and forth to their real one and their anonymous one.
  • In the information they write about like in the “About Me” stuff, they write silly and humorous things that a real person wouldn’t write about themselves, for example they write stuff like, “I’m fat and hairy, Richard Simmons is my hero” and stuff like that. They mainly write nasty and obscene things in the “General Interests”, and “About Me” stuff just to press your buttons.
  • In the comments section, you never see real people interacting with the myspace fake user, it’s mostly either advertisements and myspace hacked accounts posting stuff, for example, you never see the fake users friends calling them by the real name and just posting ads in the comments. Mostly hacked faked accounts. If there were real people in there, they would just be making fun of you.

And there you go. I can completely understand why people with myspace accounts only add people they know ’cause they don’t want to run into fakes. Myspace is a whole world of fake people.

Nothing wrong with adding strangers and trying to make friends with people you don’t know in myspace, but you gotta be careful. Just make sure they are truly a real person and make sure you can trust him or her long enough first.



Thought: About embedding a widget jukebox player into this blog…

I just read in the help section of wordpress that wordpress doesn’t allow media outside of wordpress to embedd into this blog, like other widgets elsewhere and stuff like that. So look like the media widget mp3 player is out, I can’t do it here. Now I figured out why I couldn’t do it!

Oh well, this weekend, I’ll link my soundclick page to the side of this blog at the “blogroll” section and you can hear my tunes from there. At my soundclick page, I got older songs on there from last year but I plan on using my soundclick page for my music only.

I’ve been writing songs again. Been coming up with a lot of great ideas. Can’t wait to finish ’em, record ’em and get ’em online.

Last week when I picked up “Grand Theft Auto IV” videogame, I picked up the “Guitar DVD – How to Play Acoustic Rock Guitar” instructional DVD/booklet that only costed $10.00, it’s a guitar instruction series made by Andy Aledort who is the Guitar World editor/transcriber. I looked through the booklet of the DVD pretty quickly and I pretty much already know everything in it. With myself being an acoustic guitarist. I would say I am pretty dedicated to rhythym guitar. Now my lead guitar playing could get worked on a little more but this DVD instructional set will help play lead guitar better. I want to get better at guitar solos, it’s the main reason I picked up the instrument to become a kick ass lead guitarist. I’m doing everything I can to get up there.

My blog is a good promoting tool for my gigs ’cause I know everyone in the Capital District is reading this thing. Most people who came to my shows in the past have been mostly my blog readers and it’s a great feeling. It’s not a delusion ’cause I know what I see and it’s the truth. If the entire Capital District wasn’t reading my blog, then it wouldn’t have gotten a nod in the Metroland twice in a row.

I just want nothing to do with myspace. Too many whack jobs in that site. I feel good without it. I’m still considering going to Facebook though. When I make an account there I’ll let you know.

I’ve been playing Grand Theft Auto IV a lot and I’m still amazed and in awe of how realistic that game is. Ok, that’s it for now, I figure I would talk about something other than “news entertainment” topics for a change.



Back from the mall…

I just got back from the Wilton Mall in Saratoga Springs, N.Y. Yes, I did pick up Grand Theft Auto IV for PS3 at Best Buy. Best Buy wasn’t mobbed at all as a matter of fact, it was easy to pick up. I just walked in and grabbed the game.

I did pick up a music CD too. I almost bought Madonna’s “Hard Candy” but I put it back and bought Kate Nash’s new CD “Made of Bricks” instead. I’ll get Madonna’s new album another time.

I did see a movie today just to make time pass by even if there was nothing playing in theater so I decided to check out “The Forbidden Kingdom”, the action flick starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li, the movie was actually pretty good and entertaining to keep it small and brief. I’m not going to bother reviewing that film.

Like I said, I’m going to complete “God Of War” first before I start GTA IV.

So far I have three games for the PS3… “Guitar Hero III: Legends of Rock”, “Viking: The Battle of Asgard” and “Grand Theft Auto IV”. I bought that “Viking” game a couple of weeks ago and haven’t even played it yet. So many games to play so little time.

I won’t buy any new games for a while since I have plenty that will keep me busy.


Thought: No more myspace for the Brock…

I have decided to cancel my myspace music account today. I am actually thinking about leaving that stupid site for good. Myspace is in fact a crappy site, I actually despise it, I’ve been hating on myspace for the longest time. So many weird and crazy people in that site, people who are delusional and you can’t trust anyone there. I can explain so many reasons I hate that site. See the post I did before “10 Reasons to Hate Myspace” several entries back.

As far as uploading my music goes, there are other sites where I can do that. I’ll just go to my soundclick music page. I don’t like myspace at all. The site is pure crap.

What’s funny is that most bands and musicians think “myspace” is a great promoting tool for your music, hate to burst your bubble, but it is not. “Myspace” does not get people out to shows. I will explain more on that another time.

Myspace is a disgrace to this society. I feel much better without it and it’ll help me become less addicted to the site. There is more to life than myspace and I have found better things to do than that site. I’m thinking about cancelling my personal account too.

Thanks for your understanding.



Thought: Reasons to hate myspace…the truth about the popular friend web hangout…

You think “myspace” is a good place to hangout online to make new and old friends or keep in touch with people you already to know?

Here are reasons to hate the site:

  • About bands/music artists: If you think you are going to go into the site to make friends with your favorite bands and music artists, think again. A lot of music artists in that site could give a rats ass about you. They are only in there for networking and promoting their music, period. I’ve said it before that just because a band has more than 10,000 friends doesn’t make them a star or well known.
  • Myspace is mostly a promoting site: All them famous celebrities that have official accounts, famous bands, supermodels, actors/actresses, companies, film makers, comedians, political figures, etc. They are only there to plug in their careers, they aren’t there to chat with you. Figure it out.
  • Finding a date in myspace: If you’re looking for a girlfriend or boyfriend or just looking for a fuck buddy in a one night stand in myspace, that stuff could work but it can be very risky. How do you know if the woman you’re talking to is really a woman? It could be really a man just to harrass you for fun, an anonymous person just to poke at you (Megan Meier story below as an example). Nothing wrong with finding a relationship or sex with random people in myspace as long you be careful, keeping it legal and all that. Plus, if you’re looking to hook up sex with random people in myspace, how do you know if they are clean with drugs or sexual diseases?
  • Threatening to delete/block users if you don’t talk to them: I completely understand that people are in myspace for true friends to keep in touch in a daily basis, but I think it’s absolutely pathetic that people threaten to block/delete other users if they don’t talk to them. If I add people in my personal account, I keep them on my friendslists and leave them right there even if they don’t talk to me at all. Sorry to say this, but when you see people not talking to you at all even if you know them well, that means they have a life and have better things to do than hang in myspace all the time. If you’re the type of person that threatens to delete/block people ’cause they don’t talk to you… have you come to realize that you have no life and hang in myspace too much? I don’t talk to people much in myspace ’cause I have better things to do than hang in that site everyday and all day. Think about it now…
  • Private personal profiles are for cowards: I don’t turn my personal myspace profile (not my music page) to private ’cause I want people to know who I am before they send me an add request. If you turn your myspace profile to private, you are obviously hiding something from people out there. I have nothing to hide. It’s why I make things public so people can see.
  • Women complaining about men sending them “sexual” comments: I’ve seen this quite a lot in myspace and it can get quite entertaining. The women in myspace who whine about men sending them “sexual” comments like, “I wanna fuck you” or “You have a great body, I wanna lick your tits”, etc., calling them out and threatening to ban/delete them from the page or worse call law enforcement. Time out. If ladies don’t want sexual comments in myspace, then they shouldn’t be posting up half naked pics of them or in their bios section in the “hobbies/interests” write up, the women write “I like sex”, if you women put that stuff up there, this is exactly what you’re gonna get. So don’t blame the men, you have to look at how you create your myspace page that attracts men to your page. Use common sense.
  • Anonymous cyber bullying harrassment: This type of thing goes on quite a lot too. Ways to tell if someone bullying you is anonymous is if their typing style is weird and they refuse to reveal who they really are. This is the point of people going anonymous ’cause they don’t want you know who they are. They do this so they can avoid getting in trouble by myspace staff or so they won’t get investigated by law enforcement. Look at that Megan Meier story below in the previous entry, law enforcement found out the anonymous cyberbully that harrassed Megan in matter of seconds. They can run but they can not hide, law enforcement are computer geniuses and they will track the harrasser down no matter how anonymous you get. You have the right to report to law enforcement as long as you have the evidence. People has gotten arrested for cyberbullying and harrasment over myspace. The thing with myspace is that you can’t blame the site with myspace harrassment, it’s just the way people are in real life. Just a bunch of unhappy depressed people who have nothing going on in their lives. Best thing to do is ignore all cyberbullying and negative messages in myspace completely, and it will go away.
  • Myspace errors and bad servers: One thing that pisses me off so much in myspace that things hardily ever work in myspace, one thing the picture gallerys is not working, the commenting stops working, myspace e-mails, etc. It even pisses me off when maintenance closes down my page for “your account is closed for maintenance will be back shortly”. Myspace is such crap that they fail to keep the site in working order 24/7.

So there you go, there are some reasons that myspace is not so “glorifying” as people think it is. If News Corp. ever happens to close down myspace for whatever reason in the future, I won’t feel heartbroken about it at all, I would say good riddance if that ever happens. There’s certainly more to life than “myspace”.