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Report: Goldman’s going after Gilbert’s OJ book now…

First the Goldman family successfully snubbed the rights to OJ’s book “If I Did It”, the Goldman’s now own that book, now they are weighing in on Gilbert’s book about OJ being drugged up and confessing to him.

More on it here:

Even if what Gilbert says in the book is true, that is not gonna do anything to put OJ in a second trial for the murder of Nicole and Ron. OJ’s going to trial again yes, but it’s unrelated to the murder case, he’s soon going to trial for the Vegas robbery obviously.

Everybody thinks OJ will be found guilty of the Vegas robbery and go to prison but I don’t think so. OJ’s always hiring the best lawyers that will defend him no matter what happens.

I hate the Juice like everyone else and hopes he does rot in prison one day but I don’t think it’s ever gonna happen. He will walk the Vegas robbery just like he walked the murder trial. That’s what these lawyers are payed to do defend their clients no matter what happens to them.

I can’t blame the Goldman’s for this but no matter what they or anybody else does, nobody could get the Juice to confess. OJ is craving for all the attention he’s getting in the media.

It’s pretty fuckin’ hilarious why OJ would want to get on the “Apprentice” when he’s about to go on trial for the Vegas robbery. There is no way NBC would hire him for the show. If OJ did get signed for the Apprentice, I’m sure the Goldman’s would have sued NBC and Donald Trump both so OJ’s paychecks from the show would go to the Goldman’s, not the Juice.

People need to stop writing books about OJ ’cause that’s doing nothing but keeping OJ’s name out there in the media.



Report: OJ Simpson drugged up and confessed to ex-manager…

Exclusively reported to the Associated Press, one of OJ Simpson’s former cronies named Mike Gilbert, a memoribilia dealer is releasing a book titled, “How I Helped O.J. Get Away With Murder: The Shocking Inside Story of Violence, Loyalty, Regret and Remorse” is being released in bookstores everywhere this coming Monday. The book is about 230 pages and will cost $27.95. In the book, is a tell all story of how Gilbert was hanging out with The Juice smoking weed, OJ was really high that he confessed to him that he murdered Nicole Brown and Ron Goldman.

OJ’s lawyer, Yale Galanter, of course responded to this saying that Gilbert is a delusional drug addict that is doing this for the money and saying he is having trouble paying taxes with the I.R.S. Gilbert was a die hard fan of Simpson’s football career “before” his murder trial, that he and Simpson became friends, and doing business together.

The Associated Press Reports:

Gilbert will not be a delusional man if all of this turns out to be true. I think Gilbert is trying to help the Goldman’s and the Brown family, it isn’t about the money the way I see it.



Report: Al Sharpton continues to protest in NYC after a day of being arrested…

After a day of being arrested for trying to stop rush hour traffic in New York City of protesting, Al Sharpton is planning another one. Charlie King the director of Sharpton’s National Action Network says the first protest was only the beggining and is about to get worse.

The Associated Press Reports:

It’s great to see that Al Sharpton is not giving up. He’s willing to take risks, he won’t care if he gets arrested again and again and again and again until justice is sought against the three cops who killed Sean Bell.

I used to hate Al Sharpton but I’m starting to respect the dude for this, he got my support now.

Keep up the great work Rev. Sharpton, you should be considered a hero now!



Report: No evidence to hunt down “Smiley Face Gang”, Families of victims say there is…

The FBI says there is no official proof or hard evidence that the 40 victims were killed by the famous national gang called the “Smiley Face Gang”. As reported previously the Smiley Face Gang were made famous for killing young college men who get drunk at bars by drowning them at a river, then spray painting a smiley face at a nearby tree. The victims were all viewed as accidental drowning by swimming in a river after a night of drinking.

FOXNews reports:,2933,353624,00.html

I would have to agree that it would be very hard to track and hunt down these killers. These killers are pretty sneaky. My belief is, that they make each killing look like it was an accidental drowning, that’s how they get away with them all. It’ll be hard to find evidence for all that in order for police to go hunt them down.

The only way I can think of to prove that the Smiley Face Gang did these crimes are: 1) If they turn themselves in to authorities. 2) Or a victim fights back, escapes from the attack successfully and goes to police after to report it.

What’s really weird is how these 40 victims never fought back for self defense. I’m sure the victims tried to fight back but the gang had to have a lot of people, I’m willing to bet the gang is mostly kids around the 20’s. The gang could possibly be using weapons and could possible be 20 people in the gang against one. That would be hard to escape and to fight back.

It’ll take a long time to find out who these killers are and it will take a long time to see if those killers are really linked to those murders. This is another mysterious crime that won’t be solved for a long time or perhaps will never be solved. First things first, they have to really prove if these drownings is a murder which will also be difficult.

These gangs must be smart people if they can do this stuff without being caught and without being witnessed by the public. I hope this case does get solved down the road.



Report: 40 Drowning Victims may have been murdered by the “smiley face gang”…

The smiley face gang known as a national gang famous for killing young men by drowing them in a nearby river and drawing a smiley face on a nearby tree. 40 Victims has been killed by this gang from all across the U.S. The Smiley face gang is still on the attack. The gang mostly target young men in their 20’s – 30’s who are regular bar hoppers.

Read more about the Smiley Face gang in this FoxNews article:,2933,352960,00.html

The man that was missing and found in a river, Joshua Szostak, News Channell 13 reported that Szostak could possibly be a victim of the Smiley Face Gang.

If the Smiley Face Gang is in the Capital District, this is pretty scary. And what’s even scarier is that Capital District law enforcement closed the case not going any further to investigate what happened to Szotak.

Those that like to go barhopping out there, be careful and watch your back! Or don’t go out at all and be safe at home would be better.

Hope the police will hunt down the Smiley Face killers soon and fast.



Report: From being a criminal in videogames to being a real life criminal, it’s only a game folks…

Since the game’s release yesterday of Grand Theft Auto IV, controversy at the videogames stores has already started to heat up. People buying the game in the long lines of the videogame stores decided to go from videogame fantasy to being a real life scum bag criminal….

A hooded man buying the game stabbed a passer by in the head and neck, about a 100 people in line witnessed the attack. The onlookers at the line actually thought it was a stunt or an act to bring up hype and excitement for the videogame but turned out it was the real thing after the stabbed man fell to the ground and rushed to the hospital.

It was a nasty scene, there was blood everywhere, as if it really happened from the videogame in real life. The 23 year old victim suffered stabbed wounds in the head and back, he was sent to the hospital and released after the injuries weren’t serious.

More on it here:

And this next story, a man was arrested after attacking a few employees of the videogame store and fleeing with several copies of Grand Theft Auto IV. San Diego police chased after the thief by helicopter in real life just like it would happen in the videogame.

More on it here:

Come on kids. This is just a videogame. Like the saying goes “Don’t Try This At Home”. You don’t want to become a vicious criminal in real life because you’ll risk your life of police gunning you down.

While you may win fighting off the police in the videogame that doesn’t mean you will be successful in fighting off police in real life.



Cool Video: Rev. Al Sharpton wants justice sought against the 3 police officers who killed Sean Bell…

I hate Rev. Al Sharpton. But looks like Rev. Al Sharpton is having a change of heart toward the media by helping the Sean Bell family. As I predicted before, the fight against the police officers will not end until justice is served. A lawsuit toward the 3 police officers will not solve anything ’cause that still makes the cops free and to shoot anyone who they want. Rev. Al Sharpton and the Bell family should do whatever they can to put the murdering pricks in prison for the rest of their lives on death row.

Kudos to you Rev. Al Sharpton, you actually get my respect this time. 🙂


BREAKING NEWS: 3 NYPD Police Officers acquitted in Sean Bell killing…

3 NYPD police officers were acquitted and found not guilty of murdering 23 year old innocent Sean Bell who had nothing to do with the crime that the NYPD was investigating at the time. Sean Bell was celebrating his wedding day at a strip club in Queens, NYC at a bachelor party police barged in the strip club without warning and immediately started firing their guns as if it was a movie or a videogame or something. 

After the verdict was read, emotions went high in the courtroom as Bell’s fiance walked right out. Angry protesters were outside the courtroom.

The Associated Press reports:

How do you fucking like that! 3 cops got away with murder!

I see a major lawsuit coming toward those three cops and to the Queens courtroom by Bell’s family.

Fucking bastards.

Just more reasons to say that the police is a disgrace to this society. It’s all about power and greed. They’ll do anything to impress their bosses, police don’t give a shit about anybody but themselves. They only care about doing what they are payed to do.

I’m so pissed off at this story! I hope Bell’s fiance and mother seek justice on these police officers they deserve.