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BREAKING NEWS: Friday Night Lights coming back for Season 3!!!! It’s official!!!!!!

At last! Friday Night Lights known as the best TV show on television is coming back for a third season! It’s for real! The show came this close to getting axed after low ratings in the first two seasons. Die hard fans who still watch the show begged and begged NBC to not cancel to continue the show. Well NBC helped make the fans dream come true by making a deal with Direct TV to save the show. The show is coming back! WOOT! WOOT! WOOT!

Friday Night Lights will make it’s return to NBC in October of 2009 after that year’s Superbowl. The show stars Kyle Chandler, Connie Britton, Taylor Kitsch and plenty more cast.

More on the story here:

Thank you Direct TV again! WOO HOO!!!!!! This is the best news of the day!



Report: Elvis Costello and Elton John teaming up for TV show…

Two rock n’ roll legends, Elton John and Elvis Costello will team up to create a TV show for the Sundance channel with a show titled “Spectacle”. Elton John will serve as executive producer, Elvis Costello will be the main host of the show. It will be a weekly variety talk show for music. The show will start airing sometime in December on the Sundance channel. The show will be filmed at NBC’s Studios 8H, the same building where “Saturday Night Live” is at. The show was announced at this year’s Sundance festival.

Variety Reports:

Pretty cool. If you have cable TV with the Sundance channell on it, you can watch this show then. I have the Sundance channel ’cause I have digital cable. I’ll be looking forward to seeing this.

I’m a big fan of both guys, Elvis and Elton.


Report: Stone Temple Pilots to perform on Jimmy Kimmel in May…

The reunited Stone Temple Pilots will have their first TV appearance in many years and the episode will air May 2nd on the Jimmy Kimmel show.


I’ll have to tune into this to see what song they’re gonna do. It wouldn’t surprise me if it would be “Plush” or “Big Empty” so they can let the world know that the band is back.


Report: Chris Cornell speaks on Idol’s David Cook for “Billie Jean” cover…

Chris Cornell the former frontman for Soundgarden/Temple of the Dog/Audioslave recently saw David Cook’s performance of the Chris Cornell version of “Billie Jean”, a Michael Jackson cover on American Idol. Cornell says he was actually impressed with David’s singing and flattered that Cornell got the shout out on Idol. Cornell says that Cook sang the song almost note for note, sang it exactly the same way Cornell sang it. (see the videos below for proof). Cornell goes on saying that he is so proud of his version and wanted to know that he did it first.

Billboard reports:

I don’t know what Chris Cornell is smokin’, but David Cook’s voice sound nothing like Cornell’s, not even close. I totally agree that Cook sang it “great”, but no where near Cornell’s range.

Cornell should appreciate to what Cook did for him rather than putting him down, Cornell is acting like his version is better.

I dont’ watch Idol anymore but I’ll have to start watching again, I stopped watching a few years ago. I’ve been hearing that Idol has been using live bands and using real instruments more than the “karaoke” thing, which is cool.


Report: NBC kills the daytime soap opera “Passions” for good…

Since NBC cancelled the short lived daytime soap opera “Passions” last year, NBC tried to bring it back to life to bring it back to the tube. Universal Media Studios tried to help the soap find a home. The “Passions” cast and crew were once told to keep the show alive on the internet only but failed at that too. NBC killed the show because simply, no one wants it.

“Passions” is a day time soap opera created by writer James E. Reilly, the series debuted in 1999.

Variety reports:

Well, I wonder why no one wants the show. It’s because the show is simply horrible.

Nobody cares for daytime soap operas anymore because all the ratings are so low on them. Rumours are circulating all over the internet that NBC could axe “Days of Our Lives” next year in 2009. The soaps are pretty much the lowest ratings on TV right now.

Honestly though, I don’t blame the low ratings on the bad writing and acting ’cause some of them can actually be real good. I blame the low ratings on these shows because they are shown during the day where people are at “work” or people who don’t work just do things during the day and not stay home watching TV.

If some of these shows were moved to Prime Time TV, I assure you the ratings would go up then.


Report: Kathie Lee Gifford making big comeback to TV…as co-anchor for the “Today Show”…

The former co-star for Regis Philbin, Kathie Lee Gifford is making a full time comeback to TV. You will see her as co-host on “The Today Show” on the 4th hour, her first day is April 7th.

The “Today Show” is a longtime news program with Matt Lauer, Meredith Viera, Ann Curry, and Al Roker.

More on the story here:

Congrats Kathie! We all miss this humorous woman on TV, it’s gonna be cool to see her back on TV again!


Report: Former “Quincy M.E.” star Jack Klugman files lawsuit against NBC studios…

The former star of the classic hit TV show “Quincy M.E.” Jack Klugman filed a lawsuit against NBC studios, claiming the studio lied about the profits and still owes him money after all these years. The show aired from 1976 to 1983, Klugman played the iconic character Dr. R. Quincy, a doctor who fought crime.

Klugman claims that his contract was lost when his agent died and NBC refused to provide a copy. Klugman is desperate that he wants the money owed from NBC that was never paid.

The Associated Press Reports:

Hmmmm, well, looking at his “internet movie database” profile he hasn’t done much acting over the years since Quincy. Mostly he’s been doing special guest cameos in various TV shows for one episode. He hasn’t done anything new since 2005.

He must be out of “acting” work and going broke. I do remember this TV show though.