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Report: Ac/Dc to exclusively release new album at Wal-Mart…

The legendary rock and roll band, Ac/Dc, plans to release the new album exclusively at Wal-Mart stores first, the new album produced by Brendan O’ Brien. While the album still does not yet have a title, the band plans to release the album this fall.

Billboard reports:


Look like I’ll have to pick up the new Ac/Dc album at Wal-Mart when it’s out. I wonder why they’re selling it at Wal-Mart first and not everywhere in the U.S.?

I’m willing to bet that this is a test to see if the world still cares about Ac/Dc after all the years the band has been gone. If the CD sells well at Wal-Mart, then the band will sell it everywhere, I think that’s how they’re doing it.



Cool Video: Radio interview with AC/DC’s Brian Johnson…

Ac/Dc frontman Brian Johnson finally came out of hiding after all these years and was interviewed a radiostation called WMGK 102.9, not sure where the radiostation is from.

In the interview they talk about Ac/Dc working on the new album of course, no album title has been decided yet. Brian talks about that Angus is hard to recognize when he’s not in the schoolboy suit. Brian admits that Angus is a very shy and quiet man, gets real nervous when performing on stage. During the bands break, Brian admits this is the longest Ac/Dc has ever been out of music.  Brian says he’s been working on music and writing songs with other bands people don’t know about on the bands hiatus, he’s also wrote 3 songs for a movie that he and a comedian friend worked on, plus Brian says he’s just having fun and enjoying life while Ac/Dc is on a hiatus.

Watch the youtube clip to hear this entertaining interview! Good to have you back Brian!


Thought: My Top 10 Favorite Ac/Dc songs…

In celebration to the long awaited return for one of the greatest rock n’ roll band of all times, Ac/Dc, I figure I would name my top 10 favorite songs by the band and I’ll explain why too.

Here is the list:

  1. Thunderstruck – Simply one of their best tunes. The opening one string riff, the thumping and the “Thunder” chant, then the band ticks in, and blam. The song is on. I was never too crazy about Brian Johnson’s vocals that much but he sang this song beautifully. I always liked Ac/Dc for Angus and Malcolm’s playing mostly. “The Razor’s Edge” was one of my favorite albums of theirs.
  2. Hell’s Bells – One of the best songs on “Black In Black”. The sound of the bell, the arpeggiated opening riff, and once again, blam, the song is on and the band ticks in. Ac/Dc is good at that. Again, Brian Johnson’s vocals are great in this song.
  3. It’s A Long Way To the Top If You Wanna Rock N’ Roll –This song just makes you want to bop your head up and down throughout the entire thing. Bon Scott’s vocals are fun and catchy. The guitar riff is so bad ass. It’s such a great rock n’ roll tune. What’s cool is that Bon Scott plays the bagpipe in this tune.
  4. Highway To Hell – Another great song from the Bon Scott era. A very dark song, energetic and tight playing by Angus and Malcolm. A classic.
  5. For Those About To Rock (We Salute You) – Simply one of the baddest rock songs ever written. Such a great melody that makes you want to sing along to.
  6. Rock and Roll Ain’t Noise Pollution –This has always been one of my favorite tunes off “Back in Black”, I’ll play this song to death, the riff catches on ya immediately right when the song starts, it’s a perfect song to end that album with.
  7. Stiff Upper Lip – One of their newest songs from the album title track. I always dug this tune ’cause it has a bluesy feel to it. You can dance to this one. Angus and Malcolm don’t use any heavy distortion, just clean guitars and a little overdrive. A great tune in my book.
  8. Moneytalks – Easily, a song that you can never get out of your head. Great guitar playing, awesome vocals by Brian Johnson. A really good rock song. You can definitely sing the chorus to this song all day long.
  9. T.N.T. – Simply such a bad ass song. One of my absolute favorites. Another tune makes you want to head bang to.
  10. Whole Lotta Rosie – A heavy rock song inspired by old school blues. Such a kick ass song all around.

The reason I love Ac/Dc so much is because they simply write killer songs. All of their music is so simple and basic, they’re more worried about writing catchy songs not worry about how technical their guitar playing is.

I’m looking forward to the new Ac/Dc record this year. I hope the new one don’t dissapoint.



BREAKING NEWS: AC/DC confirm new album this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-D

Just not too long ago, Billboard reported that a new Ac/Dc album is in the works. Ac/Dc reported on their website, it is true that a new album is coming out! The band is recording in Vancouver with producer Brendan O’ Brien and engineer Mike Fraser.


FOR THOSE ABOUT TO ROCK, WE SALUTE YYYOOOUuuuuu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀


The boys are coming back!!!! Can’t wait!!!!

New Ac/Dc album for this summer? Lets hope so! 🙂




I’ve been saying for months now that Ac/Dc could possibly be working on a new album and making a full time comeback soon. It turns out that I’m right!!!!!!!!!!

Ac/Dc has begun recording their new album for Columbia Records with producer Brendan O’ Brien. Of course, a full world tour will be following the new Ac/Dc album. This will be their first record in 8 years since 2000’s “Stiff Upper Lip”.

The news came from the band, The Supersuckers engineer who works with Ac/Dc.

Billboard Reports:



Get ready!!!!!!!

Rock n’ roll is coming back to destroy pop music!

The boys in Ac/Dc are coming back! Fuck YEAH! Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😛



Thought: Ac/Dc is due for a comeback by now, don’tcha think?

So, the major label industry is going down the toilet. National rock music is dead. Pop music has taken over. What does this world need so people can start buying records again? Yes, this world is in need of an AC/DC comeback!!!!

AC/DC has not released a new album since the year 2000, which was the album “Stiff Upper Lip”. It’s been 8 years since they haven’t released a new record. So this is no surprise that the band will go on another very long hiatus. The band has always been known to do this, take long breaks in between albums.

The band is not broken up. They are still together. Because if you look on the bands official website: http://www.acdcrocks.com/, you can see the band is doing whatever they can to keep their fans happy while they are on their break. Ac/Dc just released a live DVD set “Plug Me In” (which kicks total ass by the way, I own it) and they are holding a contest where you can win Cliff Williams autographed bass signed by the man himself. So there’s more proof that the band is not broken up.

What the world needs is an Ac/Dc comeback. A huge one. Ac/Dc needs to take over the music industry again. The national music industry is dying. Please come out and save it Ac/Dc. We NEED YOU! We need the true gods of rock with a new album and tour to follow it. I totally miss Brian Johnson, and the guys. Angus Young has always been one of my favorite guitarists and he’s a hero of mine.

Please come back dudes! Grow some big balls and stop hiding. I feel that Ac/Dc is writing a new album and it will be the best they’ve ever done. “Stiff Upper Lip” was an ok album but trust me, their next album will be better. If they’ve taken a break this long, they’re probably taking their slow time with the next one.

The boys in Ac/Dc will be back, I promise you that.