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Metallica at the Times Union Center in Albany, N.Y. go on sale this Saturday!!!

Metallica tickets for the Times Union Center for their November 12th show in Albany, N.Y. go on sale this Saturday at 10 a.m. I’m definitely going to order two tickets this weekend, I’ll find a friend or a family member to go with.

In other Metallica news, their “Guitar Hero” game is out in stores now, which I definitely plan on picking up soon. I don’t know about this week, I gotta wait for my next paycheck, then I’ll go pick up the game after I get paid.

After I pick up “Guitar Hero: Metallica”, that will be my last game, I will purchase for a while. I got plenty of games to keep me busy.

I’m currently playing the videogame, “Bioshock”, then I gotta beat “Resident Evil 5”. I’m really looking forward to “Guitar Hero: Metallica”, I think that’s looking like to be the best Guitar Hero game ever made. “Guitar Hero: Aerosmith” is an okay game, I think, “Guitar Hero: Metallica” is going to be way better. Looking forward to it.