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Report: Larry Birkhead buys Anna Nicole’s lingerie for Dannielynn at celebrity auction…

Larry Birkhead recently attended a celebrity auction in Los Angeles and bought $3,000 worth of lingerie worn by Anna Nicole Smith that she wore during one of her Playboy photoshoots. The reason that Larry Birkhead bought them is because he’s saving them for Dannielynn when she’s old enough. When Dannielynn reaches the age of 18, Larry plans to tell everything about Anna Nicole’s life because Larry wants Dannielynn to know who her mother is. Larry doesn’t want Dannielynn to know about Anna Nicole’s Playboy past until she is a full grown adult. So there is nothing to worry about Larry telling Dannielynn dirty stories about Anna Nicole when she’s underage.

The Associated Press reports:


Larry’s a good man! He seems like a good father.

If Dannielynn becomes a Playboy playmate or an adult porn star when she’s a full grown adult in the future, I’m not sure if Birkhead would want that or not.

But I’m betting your money that Dannielynn will become a sex symbol when she’s old enough and legal.

It’ll be interesting to see what Dannielynn is going to look like when she’s older. Will she be big, blonde and beautiful just like Anna Nicole? Or will she look normal and natural?

Playboy will be eyeing Dannielynn when she’s older for sure.




Report: Larry Birkhead confirms Anna Nicole gave Daniel drugs…

Larry Birkhead testified for the inquest of the death of Daniel Smith, the son of Anna Nicole. At first Birkhead says that Daniel stole drugs from his mother Anna Nicole, but later Birkhead changed the story, saying that Anna Nicole gave Daniel methadone. Birkhead also confirmed that he saw Daniel smoking pot with Anna Nicole and Howard K. Stern.


If what Birkhead says is true, then it’s no surprise to me that Daniel would be partying with Anna  Nicole.

RIP the both of them, it still feels like they died yesterday.