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Report: “Star Trek” writer hints Khan maybe the next villain for sequel…

At MTV News there maybe a possibility that Khan could return as the main villain for the sequel of the new “Star Trek” but played by a different actor since Ricardo Montalban passed away in real life.

See it here:


Bringing Khan back played by a younger actor is a great idea, in my opinion. If Heath Ledger was still alive, he would be my first choice to play the new and young Khan. Since Heath is no longer with us obviously, my picks to play a young Khan is either Johnny Depp, Daniel Craig, Cillian Murphy, and Robert Downey Jr. maybe?


Report: “Star Trek” film makers admits William Shatner was written as a cameo in the script but had to scrap it…***SPOILERS***

One of “Star Trek’s” writers, Roberto Orci, admits that William Shatner was written in the script for a cameo and they originally had William Shatner do the, “Space, the Final Frontier” narrative voice over at the end, but they took that out too, find out all about it here…

If you haven’t seen the new “Star Trek” movie yet, DO NOT read this article, there are major spoilers in the storyline here:



I’m sure they’ll find a way to bring William Shatner back in the next movie though. They’ll have plenty of time to come up with the right ways to bring him back that’ll make some sense.

Remember that when William Shatner claimed that the new “Star Trek” movie will bomb without him? Well it didn’t!!!! I’ve been saying that from day 1.


Report: “Star Trek” did well in box office, but still not the no. 1 Star Trek movie…

JJ Abrams, “Star Trek” may have made a whopping $76 million this Mother’s Day weekend, but still didn’t top, “Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home”. It couldn’t even get past “Star Trek II”. Still though, no. 5 is pretty good.

There’s still a chance that JJ’s “Star Trek” could top all Star Trek movies ’cause JJ’s “Star Trek” will probably be in the theater for a pretty long while.

See the box office mojo chart here:


JJ’s “Star Trek”, I’m still blown away by the film, go see it soon!


Film Review: Star Trek

Starring: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Leonard Nimoy, Eric Bana, John Cho, Karl Urban, Zoey Saldana, Simon Pegg, Bruce Greenwood, Winona Ryder

Directed by: J.J. Abrams

Just got back from seeing the movie, “Star Trek”. I also did a little shopping and picked up a brand new, Samsung, DVD Home Theater surround sound system which kicks ass, hooked it up already and I think the home theater sounds better than the movies at the mall!!!!!

Here is my review of JJ Abrams, “Star Trek” which I’m glad to finally see…

Plot/synopsis: “Star Trek” has been officially rebooted by Paramount, to focus on the earlier days of Trek back in the classic TV series. Since the original cast are now too old to reprise their roles, Paramount had no choice but to sign other young stars.

This film focuses on how the original cast got together for the U.S.S. Enterprise in the Federation. Starting off with how Kirk and Spock grew up, met each other…remember, Kirk and Spock never got along when they first met. They actually hated each other and shows it in this film. The characters of the new cast have similarities of the original TV series. The new Federation crew battle against the evil Nero, played by Eric Bana, who plays an alien called a Romulan. Leonard Nimoy as the adult Spock doesn’t really have a cameo, he’s pretty much in most of the movie.

My thoughts on the film? I think it’s the best “Star Trek” film since “Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country”. I don’t really have much to say about the new “Star Trek” film ’cause I was pretty floored and watched it in awe throughout. I wasn’t bored and thought the film was really amazing, breathtaking. The long wait to see this film was really worth it.

Congratulations to JJ Abrams, that man saved “Star Trek” big time. William Shatner may have missed his chance to star in this one, but I think JJ will get Shat in the next one, definitely.

Whether you’re a “Star Trek” fan or not, you gotta see this. You don’t have to watch the “Star Trek” series or the earlier movies just to see this film. The point of this new film, is to hopefully attract new fans to the “Star Trek” franchise. That’s why they thought it was a good idea to focus on the younger cast in this new one, to get new young fans to “Star Trek”, I agree, it is a good idea that they reboot to a younger cast.

Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto both did wonderful. The young Captain Kirk was a short tempered, womanizing man, which Chris pulled off nicely. Zachary Quinto playing the young spock is almost dead on with the young Spock from the original TV series.

Leonard Nimoy playing the old Spock was amazing acting by Leonard too. Eric Bana as Nero was fuckin’  badass! I think Nero was the best Star Trek villain since Khan! Zoey Saldana is fuckin’ hot, I think I have another celebrity female crush to add to the list. Bruce Greenwood playing Captain Pike was badass as well!

The film was perfect. I loved it all the way through. Great sounds effects, good scoring, good cinematography and special effects. I hope in the sequel, they will battle Klingons in the next one. I think the Klingons is my favorite Star Trek villains. “Star Trek” is a must see for all. Screw “Star Wars”, give “Star Trek” a chance, the “Star Trek” franchise deserves to get popular again and I’m very curious on how this one is going to do in the box office. Check it out! You won’t be dissapointed! I’ll want to see this movie a couple of more times in the theater!

Score for “Star Trek” = **** (4 stars as in “excellent”)


“Star Trek” Hollywood premiere photos here…

Just found Star Trek “Hollywood” premiere photos. The entire cast was there in person, even the film crew.

The only cast from the past “Star Trek” movies were there were George Takei, Rod Roddenberry, Jonathan Frakes (Commander Riker), and Marina Sirtis (Deanna Troi) were also there. That was it.

William Shatner and Patrick Stewart were no where to be seen and you figure they would be there? Huh.

Jonathan Frakes is looking great though, it’s nice to finally see him out of hiding after all these years. Look like Commander Riker and Counselor Troi are dating each other in real life, look at the picture of them below, holding hands as if they are a couple.

That’s cool, they all got to watch the “Star Trek” movie outside. I would have loved to been there myself. I’ll never forget the day I visited, “The Star Trek Exhibition” museum in San Diego. That was great.



Btw, Zoe Saldana is looking fuckin’ hot…woah…dayam….I think she caught my attention….