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Report: Jeph Loeb creator of “Batman: Dark Victory” comics defends Robin about Christian Bale’s comments…

Christian Bale threatened to quit doing the Batman movies if the film makers ever decided to bring the character Robin into the new films. Which is pretty hypocritical of Bale to say because he once said that Batman “Dark Victory” comics is what Bale loves to read. And guess what? The “Dark Victory” comics had the Robin character in them.

Jeph Loeb says the Robin character in Christopher Nolan’s Batman series would work if done right. He says if they took the time to tell the story properly, the Robin character can be good and extremely moving.

MTV Movies Blog reports:


A Batman movie without “Robin” would be a huge mistake. If Chris Nolan decides to do a third Batman movie (I know he will keep doing a few more), he should definitely bring in Robin in the next one.

Chris O’ Donnell doesn’t work as Robin. They need to find the right actor. And no, Tobey Maguire, Hayden Christensen, and Shia Leabouf would not work as Robin either.

We need a young actor who can act really good. A good Robin actor can make the character work “if done right“. Robin is a very important character to the Batman franchise, always has been. If Nolan’s new Batman movies does not include Robin, would be travesty. And those who think Robin does not deserve to be in a new movie is insane. Seriously, Robin being in a new film would not kill the Batman franchise. I think it’ll be a success.