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Video: Eric July, “Why Young People Love Bernie Sanders”

Ya know, all the Bernie Sanders worship are mostly coming from young people. Mostly people in their 20’s and up. Yeah, full grown adults support Bernie Sanders too but they don’t worship him as bad as the younger folks do. The young folks worship Bernie like he’s a king or something and it’s pretty weird to me.

Why does a lot of young people love Bernie Sanders so much? It’s because Bernie is just like them just like Eric July said. I agree too. It seems that Bernie has a mind of a young kid which is sad coming from an old man.

This video is probably the best explanation of why Bernie is not to be trusted and why he wouldn’t be a good president. This guy gets it.

Ya know, I think the only reason why a lot of people support Bernie Sanders is ’cause they know that Hillary would be a bad president. If they supported Hillary then people would give ’em shit for it so they support Bernie instead. They feel that Bernie is the best Democratic candidate they can have.

If you support Bernie Sanders and want him president then you are one misinformed person. What’s even crazier is that Bernie Sanders supporters ignored his 1972 rape fantasy essay and gave him a free pass on that one. If a conservative candidate wrote that rape fantasy essay then his political career would have been over pretty quickly.

Like I said before, it’s no surprise that libtards would love a crazy old man like Bernie ’cause they always love the worst candidates. I remember when they supported Al Gore and John Kerry back in the day when they ran for president and they both lost to George W.



Funny how liberals are upset over Chrissie Hynde’s rape comments but don’t have a problem with Bernie Sanders rape essay…

So libtards give Chrissie Hynde backlash and so much shit for her rape comments but then Bernie Sanders wrote that rape essay 40 years ago but libtards give him a free pass. So what’s up? Chrissie tells women to be more careful on how they dress and how much they drink but Bernie degrades women by saying it’s okay for them to fantasize about them getting raped & abused by men. Liberal media attacked Chrissie Hynde but defended Bernie about “rape”.

The liberal community don’t seem to care about Bernie’s rape essay. I brought up Bernie’s rape essay to a few liberals in facebook and sure enough, they laughed it off. They were Bernie Sanders supporters too. Ya know, Bernie’s rape essay is verifiable and 100% real but of course, liberals wanna shrug it off.

The proof of Bernie’s essay being real is right here: http://www.theblaze.com/stories/2015/05/31/bernie-sanders-new-claim-about-his-gang-rape-essay-and-fifty-shades-of-grey/

There’s even a photo of it and some libtards still refuse to believe it.

Bernie Sanders is a perverted old man. The man is probably a sex and porn addict. He probably reads “50 Shades of Grey”.

Liberals calls themselves “feminists” but they don’t attack Bernie for his rape essay. Why? Is it because Bernie is a liberal politician? That’s probably it. Bernie’s essay is offensive and way out of line. It’s crazy but he doesn’t get any flak from the left about it, instead they applaud him. No surprise. Liberalism is a mental disorder, it really is.

It really disgusts me how the left gets a free pass in everything. Whenever they say stupid things, they get defended. When they commit a crime, they get defended. Whenever they lie, liberals don’t care. When the right does similar things say stupid things & commit crimes, they get a lot of backlash. When will both parties ever be held responsible for things? I’m tired of the left thinking they’re above everything and thinking they are better than the “right”. I’ll have another rant on that soon.

Bernie should get the same flak that Chrissie is getting. Anybody who believes that Bernie shouldn’t get any flak for his essay is a dumbass. Bernie treated women like sex objects in that essay and sure enough, people still love the guy. WTF is wrong with people?


Hey libtards, college shouldn’t be free you broke motherf**kers…

One of the big reasons that a lot of young people love Bernie Sanders so much is ’cause he wants “college” to be free. Barack Obama has also played around with the idea of a free college. I’m like, really? I don’t agree with college being free. In my opinion, when liberals want “free college”, I think it’s just them really saying, “I’m broke and can’t afford college”. Now they’re wanting even more free handouts. It seems they want free everything these days ’cause they’re financial budgets aren’t so great and many of them are afraid to admit it.

College shouldn’t be free ’cause it should be something that you should work hard for and on top of that, if College were to be free how are the teachers and other staff at college schools gonna get paid? College isn’t free for a pretty good reason ’cause the teachers and staff needs to get paid to help you. They shouldn’t do that for nothing.

What are more reasons college shouldn’t free? Here’s an interesting piece:


I just think the “free college” thing is silly and wrong. It’s just my opinion and I have every right for one. If libtards don’t like it, I don’t give a shit.

Bernie is just a whacky old man and delusional. I can’t understand why some love him so much.


If you love Hillary or Bernie Sanders then you are a hypocrite, here’s how…

According to the loony left, they criticized McCain and Romney of being too old and too white. The funny thing about that is that libtards love Hillary and Bernie Sanders. I thought being too old and white was a bad thing, right? Bunch of hypocritical losers liberals really are. *yawn*

The GOP side of the election isn’t that old and white anymore. We actually have some younger GOP candidates this time: Marco Rubio, Scott Walker, Rand Paul, Bobby Jindal, etc. Libtards should be happy with GOP that they have diversity but nope, they just continue to hate, hate, hate while they continue to jerk themselves off with that old man, Bernie Sanders.


I don’t see anything special about Bernie Sanders at all and can’t understand why libtards love him so much. No surprise there ’cause they always love the worst candidates just like they did with Barack Obama.

Bernie Sanders is a crazy old man and I don’t think he can handle the White House at that age, you freakin’ kidding me? Someone like him wouldn’t even make an 8 year term. He could suffer a heart attack anytime and could be carried out on a stretcher.

If you like Bernie, it shows even more you don’t know anything about politics and shows why Barack Obama was elected twice.


Bernie Sanders, another American hating commie? No surprise ’cause liberals seem to love them…

It turned out that Bernie Sanders is neither a democrat or a socialist. He’s actually an anti-American commie like the rest of ’em.

Read this piece for more:


Why do liberals keep loving anti-American people? Is it simply because they hate America too?


The only reason I think liberals support Bernie Sanders is because…

… they know that Hillary is unfit for president. They finally realized that Hillary won’t be a good candidate for the elections so they quickly support someone else instead ’cause there is no one else they could support other than Hillary. I don’t hear libs talking about Martin O’ Malley, Jim Webb or Lincoln Chafee that much so libs must not like them.

The media and Democrats are still looking for a Hillary replacement though since it looks like she’s not gonna make it past the primaries. I hear they are trying to get Joe Biden to run and I also heard they are trying to get Al Gore to run. Just wait until Al Gore gets on the race… liberals will quickly forget Bernie Sanders and will be quick to support Al Gore. There are no great Democrat candidates so they’re desperately trying to find one but they can’t.

Why do you think Democrats can’t find a great candidate? Think about why the Democrat party has only 5 candidates and the Republican side has more than 10. Does that say something there about the Democrat party? It should be good enough to show that the Democrat party is pretty corrupt and broken. It should show that most Americans are getting fed up with the Democrat party. I believe that is probably why liberals are getting mad at this election ’cause of the lack of Democrats and there is more GOP candidates. They hate out of jealousy and it’s driving them crazy. If there were more Democrats, I’m sure that would have made liberals happy and they wouldn’t be complaining. So far only 5 democrats on the race and nobody else has jumped on yet.

I would think that the reason not many democrats has jumped on the race is ’cause they know they are corrupt and criminal so they figured they wouldn’t be a good candidate, think about it, ya know? They know they don’t have what it takes to get a lot of voters. They would receive a lot of public backlash if they get on like what Hillary is going through.

Bernie maybe doing okay in the election but not as well as Donald Trump. Bernie won’t make it past the primaries.

Liberals think they’re gonna win this election but I don’t think so. They lost the 2014 mid-term and they’re gonna lose this one too. We’ve had it with Democrats… they’re done.


Isn’t it interesting how liberals quickly went from supporting Hillary to supporting Bernie?

Before the elections even started, I could have sworn liberals were obsessed with wanting Hillary to become president. They were all over her for a while but now libtards are obsessed with wanting Bernie Sanders in the White House. While I’m not a big fan of Bernie Sanders, I can deal with him as president, I guess ’cause anybody is better than Hillary, ya know? I just don’t want Hillary Clinton in the White House and if Bernie turns out to be the one who will stop her from getting elected then kudos to him.

Again, I don’t care about Bernie Sanders and can’t figure out why liberals love him so much. Especially with him not doing much with “Black Lives Matter” protesters…


A few reasons why people shouldn’t be supporting Bernie Sanders:

– He’s a known socialist

– He wrote that “sexist” essay degrading women. Yet liberals totally ignored it.

– He was too weak to stop “Black Lives Matter” protesters shutting down his rally.

Liberals still love him. That’s the thing about liberals… they ignore all the bad stuff about democrat politicians & candidates but continue to support them anyway. That’s messed up, ya know? I really believe libtards really are misinformed and naive with their politics. The way they post their politics in facebook is proof of that.

I don’t think Bernie has what it takes to win at all. Trump is gonna win by a landslide, watch for it!