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Why the hell do libtards worship Bernie Sanders? He’s just another corrupted nutjob like the rest of ’em…

I think this is worthy of a youtube video rant: Why the hell do libtards worship Bernie Sanders and treat him like a king? It proves my point that libtards really are naive and uninformed with their politics.

Remember, Bernie wrote an essay 43 years that men fantasize about abusing women and women fantasized about getting raped. Sure enough this report doesn’t get all over mainstream media outlets. It was only reported in right-wing alternative news sites.


After this story got out, it’s no surprise to me that libtards still support the old nutjob. Bernie writes an essay really degrading women. Bernie writes a “sexist” essay about women and there’s no liberal outrage. Yet a lot of libtards call themselves feminists.

I can name tons more reasons why libtards shouldn’t support Bernie as all it takes is a google search.

It’s no surprise that liberals would support another corrupted nutjob ’cause liberals seems to love corrupted politicians. Remember they treated Barack Obama the same way in 2008. This is worthy of a youtube video rant and I’ll have it up next week. They deserve that name “libtard” for a lot of reasons.


Liberals think Trump surging in the polls is gonna give Hillary Clinton a guarantee win, can I say delusional???

Honestly, libtards do seem to enjoy the fact that Donald Trump is doing well in the polls, I have been noticing that ’cause the reason is they think it’s helping the Democrat side. Hillary maybe at 58% and the Donald maybe at about 20% but I think pretty soon Trump will go higher than Hillary… give it time. If Trump keeps up the good work, telling the truth and all… he could get higher than Hillary in the polls. More people will get turned off by Hillary and stop supporting her when more info about Benghazi and other of her scandals come out.



Honestly, I believe the media and Hillary are cheating this election ’cause I believe Hillary’s high poll numbers are fake at best. Lies by the mainstream media for sure.

I’m pretty confident that the Donald is gonna kick ass in this election. Hillary or Bernie won’t stand a chance.

The media also like to make lies that both candidates the Donald and Hillary can’t be trusted. Really? From what I’m seeing Americans don’t trust Hillary at all and it’s quite clear people trust Donald Trump more. The media doesn’t care what the people want at all. The media is doing whatever they can to destroy Hillary & Donald so they can ram Jeb Bush down our throats. Donald Trump surging in the polls is actually helping Jeb Bush surge, it’s not helping the Democrats at all. Media is desperately trying to get Jeb Bush to win the nomination. They don’t want Trump or Hillary as president if you’ve been paying attention. Media wants Jeb Bush, that’s who they’re trying to help.

Hillary’s not gonna make it anyway ’cause at some point, I think pretty soon she’s gonna be held accountable for Benghazi. So hopefully Trey Gowdy will soon prove her guilty and throw her in prison before 2016 even happens.

I’m confident that Donald Trump is gonna win this election all the way. I don’t care what libtards think. Everybody wants Donald Trump to be the next president. Don’t listen to the media’s lies ’cause they can’t be trusted at all.


Liberals treat Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton like heroes yet they continue to ignore the bad side about them…

What is it with these freakin’ liberals treating liberal politicians like heroic figures and yet they continue to ignore the bad & evil side of them? They ignore all the bad stuff about Barack Obama and then they continue to treat him like he’s their fucking King. Now they’re doing the same with Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton.

I wrote in facebook that both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton are both corrupt but sure enough, people laugh it off. Libtards accuse me of not researching stuff before forming my opinion which is bullshit. Of course I research everything before I form an opinion. I get myself informed before I judge and I’m sure you can tell that I do. I wrote in facebook the other day that I don’t understand why so many people love Bernie Sanders so much when he’s just a corrupt crook like the rest of them in government. I’ll tell ya how Bernie Sanders is corrupt like all the others. Well for one he is a well known and confirmed socialist. Next up, here comes his perverted essay about fantasizing gang rape that he wrote back in 1972. His gang rape essay has been exposed but sure enough, liberals ignored it and they continued to support him anyways. Bernie Sanders is a perverted old man and yet libtards think Bernie would be good for America as president. Are you freakin’ kidding me?

Liberals also worship Hillary Clinton… ignoring all the number of scandals that she has and she is a huge liar and hasn’t accomplished anything. Yet, libtards love her anyway. When you ask libtards what she has accomplished over the years, they can’t up with an answer. They all believe that she should be president just because she’s a woman, yet they forget that Carly Fiorina is running too.

Isn’t this fucking pathetic and wrong? Like I said in a previous post, don’t fight with liberals. They will dispute everything you say. They will only side with their left-wing views.

You try to warn liberals that left-wing politicians and figures aren’t to be trusted, they’ll attack the hell out of you and call you out. Then they go out of their way to warn us not to trust right-wing figures like Donald Trump. They believe that left-wingers are good people and they believe right-wingers are bad. That’s how fucking one-sided these people are. It’s getting old and it’s all gotta stop.


Why the Democrat party may have turned their back on Obama… power grab for upcoming Elections????

It seems like that the Democrat party and liberals have finally turned their back on Obama, it’s looking like. The GOP refused to do anything about Obama but now the Democrat party is getting on him. The left is getting on him over this trade thing and I’m noticing that the liberal left is now questioning the death of Bin Laden since Seymour Hersh put that story out. Also, it looks like that Bernie Sanders have joined the Obama bashing bandwagon.

Ummmmmmm… wait… let me get this straight… after all this time that the liberal left gave us so much shit bashing Obama… they’ve seem to have joined the bandwagon? I think it’s definitely a power grab for the upcoming elections for sure.

Ya know, I’m not liking any of the GOP candidates to be honest with you… that includes Rand Paul, Carly and Ted Cruz. Not a big fan of any of them. I’m not a big fan of any of the Democrats; however, if Bernie Sanders gets the nomination… I’ll vote for him ’cause he’s better than Hillary and the corrupt GOP.

I’m real disappointed in the GOP… so from this point on, I’ll never refer myself as Republican but I’ll still have “conservative” views, though. The Republican side in Congress have been really weak and they’re a bunch of cowards.

You see career politicians don’t care about Americans as they claim. They only care about one thing: power. That goes for both sides. Instead of helping the American people, they help each other gain power. We got guys like Speaker John Boehner and Mitch McConnell leaning to the left even though they are GOP aka RINOS. Republicans are quiet about emperor Obama while the Democrats are on the attack of Obama all of a sudden.

What happened? Why did Democrats turn their back on Obama? It definitely seems that Harry Reid and Obama aren’t getting along behind the scenes ’cause remember he’s the Senate Minority Leader. That’s probably part of it.

The Democrats should be careful, though. Obama likes to play revenge and if you piss him off any of them could be on his “hit list” aka mystery death victim.

I don’t like Obama’s Asian trade deal either ’cause anything that Obama touches is gonna be bad. It’s pretty insane that the GOP backs the trade deal. Proves how cowardly the GOP are and how they are afraid of Obama.

Anyway, like I said before, part of the reason the Dems turned their back on Obama is part of the upcoming elections. Dems hoping to get more votes in from conservatives, ya know? That’s probably what it’s all about.

I hate the GOP, man. I’ll confess it. They refuse to do anything about King Obama and his lawlessness. I remember last year in 2014 Democrats were talking about impeaching Obama more than the GOP. So Democrats turning their back on Obama goes way back. It seems that the GOP supports Obama more than the Democrats and it’s disgusting to me. What’s with the switch up? First the GOP got all over on Obama for a while and Democrats supported him… now it’s the way around.

If it’s gonna be the Democrats that will bring down Obama then that would be cool and kudos to them. I’ll never switch my views to the left but I’ll give them my respect if they can take down Obama. Politics can get really weird and crazy for sure.


Elizabeth Warren not running at all, is that why Bernie Sanders made announcement?

Democrats were desperate in shoving Elizabeth Warren in our faces but it looks like she isn’t running at all. That is probably why Democrats put Bernie Sanders out there instead. It seems to me that Democrats grew tired of waiting for Warren to make her announcement so they made Sanders do it instead. Seems like the Democrats are controlling the election like they usually are. So it’s looking like that Sanders is Warren’s replacement to challenge Hillary.

Now everyone wants to make assumptions on who’s not gonna make it past the primaries and not make the General election but you shouldn’t make predictions this soon. This is a president election so anything can happen.

Yes, Bernie Sanders can easily get the nomination and so can Rand Paul due to their massive popularity. That’s the key to making it far in the election is “popularity”. Without the large number of voters, they’re not gonna make it far. Even though Hillary is not as popular as the media makes her out to be, she’ll make it pretty far anyway ’cause you know that she’s gonna try to “fraud” her way through. Voter fraud that is. Don’t be naive. Voter fraud does exist and it has been already proven. Both the 2008 and 2012 elections were rigged… that’s how Barack got elected twice. They could do the same to Hillary or Bernie. Either one could win due to voter fraud.

You see, I’m tired of Congress and the American people giving Democrats so much power. This country is trying to make it seem that politics is a one-way street for them… in other words Democrats thinks the world revolves around them. I’m tired of it. You see, liberals mistakenly believe that everything about the Democrat party is so wonderful and it what’s the country needs. They never see anything wrong with the Democrat party at all. LIberals are the type of people who looks at the world “positively” and thinks Democrat politicians are wonderful. That is what’s messed up about liberals. They see that everything that Democrats do to the country is a wonderful and “positive” thing when the reality is that they don’t realize what they’re doing is putting a lot of damage and hurt to the country. They really are that “delusional”.

Not everything about the world is positive and great as some would think. There are a lot of bad people out there and that includes those politicians in government. It’s very strange to me how liberals have such a hard-on for left-wing politicians. I don’t get it. You can’t trust politicians of all kinds and that includes Democrats. I don’t trust Republicans anymore either.

You can’t side with a party like if you’re siding with your favorite football team. You have to look at reality but of course, no one knows what “reality” is anymore. Politics shouldn’t be a black and white world but liberals certainly is making it that way.


Mainstream media trying to stop Hillary to make room for Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, etc….

So Bernie Sanders is gonna be the next Democrat to announce a Presidential run which doesn’t surprise me. Bernie Sanders has been sparking a lot of buzz and popularity in the liberal world. He’s another liberal favorite. I see libs in facebook re-sharing Bernie Sanders memes everyday so obviously they love him. I don’t know why. Bernie is just another corrupt and delusional democrat like the rest of ’em but anyone is better than Hillary I guess.

I guess America don’t have to worry about Hillary getting elected ’cause it looks like it’s not gonna happen anyway. The mainstream media decided to throw Hillary under the bus and they’re doing all they can to make her look bad over Benghazi and the e-mails. So the mainstream media IS reporting about Benghazi now, all of a sudden. After a little over two years of the media being silent over Benghazi, they are doing their jobs now? Why? It’s because the mainstream media is desperate on destroying Hillary before the election. The media establishment is now desperate in trying to stop Hillary to make room for other liberal favorite candidates such as Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, etc.

I’ve seen a lot of responses in facebook today saying that liberals changed their mind on Hillary and their vote is gonna go to Bernie Sanders instead now that he’s gonna run. So Hillary is gonna lose a lot of support now that Bernie is gonna run.

So don’t worry, America, it doesn’t look like Hillary is gonna make it far in the election anyways. It appears that Bernie is way more popular than Hillary.

Like I said before, I’m okay with any Democrat running for presidency even though I’m not a big fan of them… ANYBODY IS BETTER THAN HILLARY!!! That is why the media is reporting on Benghazi all of a sudden just to get rid of Hillary. Make room for other people for the election. They wanna shove Bernie Sanders in our faces now, not Elizabeth Warren.

It’s funny how liberals got all excited about the Bernie announcement. They’ve been all over it on facebook all day.

Rand Paul vs. Bernie Sanders in the General election is gonna be interesting, though.

IF there will be an election though if “Martial Law” doesn’t happen.