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Here is your favorite Bill Clinton, you delusional libtards… ENJOY THIS!!!

When will those delusional libtards ever wake up and realize that the Clintons are all scum bags? Here is their favorite Bill Clinton who all the libtards hailed him as a hero and rock star. Slick Willy Bill being friends with a sex offender and pedophile have just been exposed….


Was Slick Willy Bill himself involved in those “orgies” on that island? The article doesn’t say but it wouldn’t surprise me if he was since he seems to be a “player” and “womanizer” type. The woman said she was forced to have sex with “politicians” too so you never know that he could have been a part of it. Who the hell knows.

I bet libtards are gonna ignore this and they’ll continue to support him anyway.


Bill Clinton’s defense over Hillary’s Benghazi just shows he’s part of the cover-up too…

Now it’s no surprise that Bill Clinton or Slick Willie Bill was gonna jump in for the defense of Hillary over Benghazi. It’s too predictable. Of course, Bill will come out and defend her when she’s in a lot of trouble for it. That’s what those sweet husbands do for their lovely wives… protect them. His defense about it was really lame. He was nothing but opinionated. He said so himself, “In my opinion…”. He didn’t even acknowledge Chris Stevens and the other three guys who were killed. Sure enough, he had to blame Bush by mentioning the embassies/consulate attacks under the Bush administration. Bill also tried to make it sound like a lot of diplomats were killed under the Bush administration. He lied about that too. There was only one diplomat killed under the Bush administration, that David Foy guy that I pointed out earlier. A diplomat and an ambassador are both not the same thing, though.

Bill seems to know more about Benghazi better than anybody. You could see it in his eyes as you watch his speech talking about his murdering wife. He knows that Barack and Hillary were absolutely involved. Bill knows EVERYTHING!!! He’s just helping to protect his wife and the Obama administration.

I’m sure all those freakin’ liberals will go crazy for Bill saying that stuff and hail him as a hero for it.

What the American people can’t get through their thick fucking heads is that 4 of our own Americans died and nothing was done about it. People can’t understand that shit and it’s really pissing me off.

Karl Rove is right on the money that Hillary’s brain tumor will be a problem in the 2016 elections. People have been speculating about her health for years. I don’t trust the Clinton’s. Bill is lying about her health problems and so are her doctors. I mean, a day or two after Benghazi, Hillary fell and had a concussion. The brain tumor rumors started from there. Then she gets plastic surgery and now wearing glasses? What is she hiding?

Bill definitely had a big hand in helping to orchestrate Benghazi and to help cover it up… he has experience with this stuff… does Waco, Texas ring a bell anyone???

Bill Clinton is a lying piece of garbage like all the rest of ’em.

Never forget Benghazi.


I agree with Mitt that Bill Clinton shouldn’t be the focus to stop Hillary for running in 2016…

I like Sen. Rand Paul and all but I disagree with him bringing Bill Clinton into things hoping that will make Hillary lose her chances of running for President in 2016. I understand why Sen. Paul is doing that but that shouldn’t be the focus. The Monica Lewisnky stuff was a long time ago. It’s over and done with. Bill took responsibility for his actions and admitted to it all. It’s all over… no need to bring it up again, ya know? If Bill is still womanizing, who cares… that shouldn’t be a surprise to people that he’s still trying to get into women’s pants but Bill’s womanizing shouldn’t be the focus on trying to bring down Hillary.

Instead Republicans should be focusing on Benghazi. Expose Hillary for the Benghazi attacks and that will for sure ruin her chances. Hopefully Hillary gets exposed for Benghazi before 2016 comes.

The full story, here.


Thought: About the Chelsea Clinton wedding…

So the internet has been buzzing about the Chelsea Clinton wedding all weekend. My question is why? In facebook, I’ve been seeing statuses written by people about them wanting to go see it. Really? Are they serious?

They are public figures and famous politicians yes, but they deserve peace and privacy just like the rest of us want. I wouldn’t want to go to a celebrity wedding. Imagine how crazy it would be in those type of weddings. You will see rich and wealthy people all over the place. There will be fancy and expensive food that you can’t even afford. Really expensive beer and wines for the reception after. Why go to a celebrity wedding when you don’t know them?

Can you imagine talking to these type of people at a wedding? I don’t think it’ll be as fun as you think. You don’t see the Clinton’s getting in your personal business with your marriage, so you shouldn’t be getting into theirs.

Congrats to Chelsea, I’m not knocking her wedding, I’m talking about real people like us wanting to go to it. I wouldn’t want to go see it ’cause wouldn’t it make you feel a bit uncomfortable hanging with a bunch of politicians and rich people? I know I would hate it. Anyhow, I think Rhinebeck was a horrible location for them to do the wedding. They should have done it in the Clinton’s home state of Arkansas. I am pretty sure Hillary picked that location because she used to be Senator for New York State. I’m not sure, but I think the Clintons still live in New York State. Maybe that is why they picked Rhinebeck.