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Report: Carrie Fisher says she’s game for Star Wars return, but no confirmation from Lucasfilm yet…

Carrie Fisher, had an interview with Palm Beach Illustrated, and of course, they couldn’t resist asking if she would reprise her role as Princess Leia for, “Star Wars 7”. She replied back with a simple, “Yes”. That was it. So Entertainment Weekly, contacted Lucasfilm themselves, and the folks at Lucasfilm said that they haven’t even started casting yet. I expect the casting to start pretty soon, though.

I don’t know how they are going to pull off Princess Leia in the new, Star Wars. Carrie Fisher used to be beautiful and gorgeous in her younger years, but now look at her. Carrie looks way different today. I’m sure she still has what it takes to play Princess Leia just fine, but she may look a little bit different. Of course, it wouldn’t surprise me that Lucasfilm will try to make Carrie look younger and beautiful with the power of make up effects, and computerized air brushing. They can easily make her the beautiful Princess still, but she will be a little older.

Will Leia be married to Han Solo and they have a few kids together? Luke will mentor those kids and train them to be Jedi’s? I’m sure that’s the plot they’re going for, but I hope they’ll have  more of a story than that, honestly, I think mentors training the younger generations in fictional movies is getting old. They already have the same idea with, Ghostbusters 3.

See the story at, Entertainment Weekly.


Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher to reprise their roles as Luke and Leia for “Star Wars 7”??? Seems so…

Before the Disney and Lucasfilm merging, George Lucas, contacted none other than Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher first before everyone else got to know about Lucas’s plans. George didn’t really ask them to come back as Luke and Leia, he just wanted to give them the news first that they were going to go on to make, “Star Wars 7, 8, and 9”. Why did George give the news first to Mark and Carrie? Probably because the next trilogy will be written for Luke and Leia to return, and George wanted to get their blessing.

Just like most of us Star Wars fans, even Mark Hamill has mixed feelings on the Disney/Lucasfilm team up. Will Luke and Leia return for the next film? It wouldn’t surprise me, if “Star Wars 7” will be written for them to return.

If they are coming back, I hope they get Harrison Ford as Han Solo and Billy Dee Williams back as cameos. I think it’ll be cool, if they continue the story of, Luke Skywalker. I hope that’s what they’re going for.

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Report: Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia to join “Sorority Row”?

The former Star Wars star mostly known for her iconic role as Princess Leia, Carrie Fisher is currently in negotations to star the leading role in “Sorority Row”, which is a remake of a horror film made in 1983 titled “The House on Sorority Row”. Jamie Chung and Audrina Patridge are already confirmed to join the cast. Rumer Willis and several other actresses have also joined the cast.

The plot will be about a group of sorority sisters who try to cover up the death of their house-sister, then things go wrong, they are now being stalked and killed by a serial killer. Fisher is set to play the sorority house mother.

Shooting will begin in early October in Pittsburgh.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


The horror movie industry seems to run out of ideas of original work. I’m sick of the horror film remakes. When will we ever get something original?