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Thoughts on 4 blacks kidnapping and torturing white man…

Predictably the media is in full on cover up mode. They either won’t say who the victim is or they won’t mention that the thugs were black either. Well if you want the full video and uncensored that proves it’s 4 blacks vs. 1 white male well here it is.

It’s disgusting and it’s an obvious hate crime, no doubt. This was definitely motivated by racism against whites and black liberals hating on Trump supporters. Just more dumb BLM people. Look, I love black people dearly but not all of them are good people. There’s a lot of blacks out there who are dangerous and violent animals. Many who you do not want to be hanging around with or become friends with.

After seeing this, reminds me of the George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin thing. Just think what George Zimmerman went through when he was getting his head slammed against concrete by Trayvon Martin. That’s when the whole BLM (Black Lives Matter) movement started after Barack saying, “If I had a son”… the whole BLM thing started from there.

This whole thing is on Barack Obama really. This is Obama’s America. Obama’s goal in America, “divide & conquer”. This is all on people such as Barack, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Eric Holder, etc. You can even throw Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in the list too ’cause they had a huge hand in “race-baiting”.

This is a huge part of why I’m all in for Trump being our next president ’cause we really need to unify the country. End the BLM movement and unify us all. Hope these 4 punks gets punished with the fullest extent of the law. Although, I have a feeling they’ll get out with smaller punishment ’cause of the race-card alone. Racism against whites is real and it’s getting way out of hand. Part of Barack’s way of destroying America which he did a good job at. We really got to get together again ’cause this isn’t what Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have wanted. I’m sure he’s rolling in his grave.

Things like this is a part of why I got into boxing just in case these things happen to me. Just in case I get jumped by black thugs or whoever just because I support Trump, ya know? I’ll have no problem doing whatever it takes to defend myself even if it means knocking the opponent out and sending him to the hospital.