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Report: Joe Satriani speaks out on the Coldplay plagiarism lawsuit publicily…

The legendary guitar virtuoso shredder, Joe Satriani, speaks out for the first time publicily, defending his lawsuit against the band Coldplay for ripping off his song “If I Could Fly”.

The Satch claims he has no negative grudges against the members of Coldplay, he’s just trying to protect his own music. He also claims, he’s warned the band before and wanted to talk with them privately, but Coldplay ignored Satriani. The Satch explains that he got his e-mail flooded with fans complaining that Coldplay ripped off Satch. Satch claims he was very upset when he heard the Coldplay hit, “Viva La Vida”. This what gave the Satch no choice but to force legal action against the band.

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Come on Satch, stop being such a whiner. How is Satch going to prove that Coldplay ripped him off? Satriani will need solid evidence. If Satch can prove to the jury how Coldplay ripped him off, Satch would win. If Satch doesn’t have any proof, Coldplay wins the dismissal. You can’t just bring the two songs to court and have the jury listen, you’ll need more evidence than that. I don’t think Satch has anything to prove.


Whose Side Are You On: Joe Satriani vs. Coldplay

Joe Satriani who is a legendary instrumental guitar virtuoso has filed a copyright infrigement lawsuit against the band Coldplay. The Satch is accusing Coldplay of Plagiarism a song that Satriani wrote called, “If I Could Fly”. The Satch thinks Coldplay’s popular hit “Viva La Vida” sounds very similar to Satch’s song, “If I Could Fly”.

Satch is pretty pissed about this because he is seeking a jury trial, cash for damages and any damages attributable to the alleged copyright infrigement.

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I like Joe Satch and I like Coldplay too, but sorry Mr. Satriani, I’m on Chris Martin’s side here. The Satch in stepping in Prince’s and Axl Rose’s shoes, “waaah waaah, this and waaah waaah that”, me oh my, and everything about me.

I heard the two songs in youtube, yes, there are similarities. But does this violate the copyright infrigement? Hell no.

In Oasis’s “Wonderwall”, there’s only 4 chords throught the entire song, and so many bands and artists pretty much use those same chords. It’s hard to make original music that doesn’t sound like anyone else because all the styles and everything else has already been done. I’m sure there are so many songs that sounds exactly like Nirvana’s “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. Green Jelly kind of ripped off Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” with their tune “Electric Harley House of Love”.

This lawsuit is LAME, Satch. Lame, lame, lame. It will get Satch no where. Chris Martin is safe. I know Satch doesn’t get much recognition in the media and I know the economic times are tough but suing another band is very low of him. Shame on you, Joe. Where’s your Holiday spirit, man?


Report: Coldplay to call it quits in 2009?

Chris Martin of Coldplay revealed that he may break up his band Coldplay and call it quits in the music business. He’s only 31, and he claims he’s getting too old for music.

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Come on, Chris! You’re never too old to rock! Look at Neil Young and Springsteen!

I really don’t think age has anything to do with this, I think he just wants to spend more time with his family. He must love being married to famous actress Gwyneth Paltrow.