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More on Gov. Cuomo…


Ya know something? I may not like President Obama too much but at least he respects Conservative people/right-wingers. You never see Obama calling out conservatives and saying stuff like, “they deserve no place in my country”.

Even if you’re liberal, you’d have to admit that what Cuomo said was offensive; although, it wouldn’t surprise me that liberals worship him as some kind of hero now.

If people wanna be against abortion rights, support the 2nd Amendment and be against gay marriage then that’s our right. That’s one thing that pisses me off about this whole left/right thing, ya know? The other side don’t wanna respect our opinions and beliefs. When the right wants to express our opinions in politics, the left will get all mad and will get all over us. That is what’s going on here with Cuomo. His way of calling us homophobes and saying that we aren’t welcome here.

I’ve been protesting against Obama so much on this blog, look like Cuomo is gonna be next but unless he apologizes to Conservatives, I’ll think about backing off on him.

Why does the state of New York always get bad governors? First Elliot Spitzer, and then David Patterson… next we have Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo is the worst of the other two guys.

I’m a proud conservative and that’s what I believe in. Liberals shouldn’t be so hateful toward us… makes you wonder why conservatives hate the left in return, right? Cuomo really upset the conservative community on the internet.

As you can see here, Senator Ted Cruz was quick in responding to Cuomo’s offensive statement. Sen. Cruz advises NY conservatives to move to Texas ’cause everybody knows that Texas is a die-hard conservative state. Plus, Texas is the state that Sen. Cruz is senator for.

Freedom of speech works both ways. Always remember that.


The IRS targeting conservative groups, in my own words…

Since I don’t know much about the IRS, taxes, money, and all that bullshit with politics; I decided to do a little reading about the IRS scandal. Without copying and pasting anything, I’ll explain the IRS scandal in my own words so I can prove to you that I really read through all this and that I know my stuff.

Last Friday, the IRS finally admitted to targeting conservative and tea party groups; they target people who are registered to tax exemption (meaning: to be free from or not subjected to taxation). They go through people who registered with the IRC 501 (c) (4), social welfare kind of stuff. They would go after people with the names: “tea party”, “patriot” or anything that has something to do with conservative kind of stuff. They are exempt from paying federal income tax and that’s the kind of status those groups were hoping to get. Of course, that requires IRS approval and they weren’t allowed to have any kind of political acts in the registration; therefor, the groups were singled out for extra scrutiny (singled out: meaning… select from a group. scrutiny: meaning to watch more closely or watch like a hawk).

Obama responds to this controversy claiming that he is outraged and those responsible will be held accountable. He also said that like all of us; he hasn’t learned about this controversy until  it broke out in the news last Friday.

Not only that this was an illegal move by the IRS, it also takes away our first amendment rights when we should be allowed to lobby in political movements with the IRS. Rand Paul puts it perfectly with the 1st Amendment, read his excellent write-up, here. I’ve been keeping a close eye on Rand Paul since his filibuster at the Senate and I’ve been quite liking him a lot so if he decides to run for President in 2016, he’ll get my vote.

Sure enough, President Obama pretends he doesn’t know anything and pretends to be the innocent victim like he usually is. If you think for one second that he wasn’t involved in the IRS scandal or didn’t know anything about it going on, oh please. He’s the President of the United States. I think he’s a lying son of a bitch like he usually is. Of course, he had to know some stuff about it or was involved a little bit in some way. I mean, isn’t the IRS part of the Presidency and Obama Administration? At least they are the ones who hires the commissioners, the Internal Revenue and all that stuff?

It’s kind of funny how Obama stayed quiet about the IRS and gets right into the action after it was announced all over the news. I mean, how can you trust Obama and Eric Holder after them wiretapping the Associated Press? They are evil and disgusting snakes. ALL OF THEM. That includes the IRS who have been nothing but sleazy bastards for years.

As for the Benghazi stuff, 100’s of e-mails have been released by the White House but that’s still not enough information. Obama is still hiding shit. Those e-mails were sent by some unknown official and who else would it be?

The Obama administration maybe doing a good thing by taking the IRS guys down but this still makes them a bunch of sleazy hypocrites. They respond to the IRS but refuses to respond to Benghazi and still disrespects the 4 victims that were killed there. Also,  The Obama administration shouldn’t go after the IRS, when they just did illegal things themselves by going after the Associated Press phone calls. That’s what makes them hypocrites right there.

This whole government is corrupt and broken altogether. I’m sorry guys but I don’t see how the Obama lovers could continue to defend the guy. This is not good enough to make the supporters turn on him yet? Wow. Un-fuckin-believable.