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Cool Video: Funny UFC videoblog…

New UFC videoblog. I love watching these things. Behind the scenes stuff of UFC. In that one videoblog with Dana White ranting about Loretta Hunt, Dana may seem like a guy with a short temper but in reality, he seems like a good dude. Dana seems like he’s happy all the time, always smiling and stuff, except for that one video about Loretta Hunt, was  the only time I’ve seen him out of character.

This video gives you a preview of the new UFC video game and Dana is playing the video game himself. This is a cool videoblog with lots of laughs and humor.

Check it out.


Brock will watch UFC 97 tonight…

I usually don’t watch UFC too much, but I’m just beggining to get interested in it. I will watch UFC 97 on PPV tonight ’cause I want to see the Lidell vs. Shogun match tonight. I usually watch the UFC ppv’s only if the main events seem interesting to me, this one seems interesting. I’m sure it will be a good ppv and I will review my thoughts after.


Cool Video: Dana White, aka attention whore!

The UFC official youtube page put up this hilarious video which is about Dana White announcing that he is not doing video blogs anymore. There is this other guy saying all this stuff why he is not doing vlogs. At the end of the video, you see Dana White holding up signs that says, “My video blogs are back”, with duct tape covered his mouth.

It’s funny as hell. The users in the comments are thinking he really is leaving when Dana just said he is not at the end of the video. I guess you can call this a late April Fools joke. Dana is still doing the video blogs.

I see another rant by Dana about Loretta Hunt coming up soon!


Cool Video: Loretta Hunt speaks more on Dana White on ESPN…

Loretta Hunt speaks more on Dana White via sattelite, you can actually see her on camera this time…she says in her article she wasn’t trying to piss Dana off, she was just doing her job…reporting sports news on Sherdog.com that she was hired to do…but she knows that all of Sherdog’s work will not make everyone happy…she also says Dana has the right to be upset…is she actually sticking up for the guy? That’s what it’s looking like.

See the video here:



Cool Video: Loretta Hunt responds to Dana White video on FOX SPORTS!!!

Here we go, sports TV talk shows are already onto this, FOX’s “Fight Game” had Loretta Hunt on the phone talking to the people on the talk show. She says she didn’t even see the video, it seems like she doesn’t even care, and her story about “Managers/agents not getting credentials” wasn’t meant to be taken personally. They even said Dana White was unprofesional.

Check it out here:



Report: Women in Sports media group wants UFC to take action against Dana White…

UFC’s President and CEO, Dana White, may have apologized for the anti-gay slurs, but the fight against his controversial youtube video isn’t over, folks. The Assn. of Women in Sports Media, wants the UFC company to take action against Dana White. Not only that he used the gay slur, he also used offensive words toward the women, like “cunt”, and others in the videos that offended the women.

The media group has also defended Loretta Hunt and they say that many women are also UFC and MMA fans. I think Dana needs to realize that many women are fans of the sport that he could turn women off.

This article doesn’t state what kind of action they want UFC to go against Dana White, whether they want him to get terminated as President or some kind of suspension/punishment, but it’s all up to Lorenzo and Frank Fertita, what they would do with Dana White since they are his bosses. The women media group just wants the UFC officials to confront Dana about this.

More on it here:


I actually kind of agree with them, that writers women media group, is right that men shouldn’t talk to women that way. It’s okay to swear in conversation, but calling innocent women, “bitch” or “cunt” is way out of line.

Loretta wasn’t acting like a bitch in her article about managers and agents not getting credentials at all, she’s just doing her job and doing news that a reporter would do.

While I’m sure, some people would like to see Dana fired for this, I’m sure his bosses would defend him and say he didn’t do anything wrong.


Report: More on the Dana White vs. Loretta Hunt feud…

This is Loretta’s article that Dana is pissed about, read up, it’s an interesting read…


Sherdog responded to Dana’s videoblog attacking Loretta Hunt. Sherdog says they aren’t backing down on their fight with Dana and UFC. Sherdog will continue to expose the UFC to the public how they don’t give managers and agents credentials. They made it pretty clear, Sherdog.com doesn’t care how pissed Dana gets, and they will continue to show the world how Dana isn’t a good business man.

See Sherdog’s statement about UFC and Dana White here:


I’ll be keeping an eye on this feud. Will Dana and Sherdog.com battle it out in court?

It isn’t slander or libel if Sherdog is right and if they really are accurate.

EDIT TO ADD: Instead of battling it out in court, I think Dana himself and Loretta should fight in the next “UFC” ppv, they should settle things in the ring. Who would win in a real fight with Dana vs. Loretta? My money is on Loretta, I think she can kick Dana’s ass, women are pretty tough!