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Report: Dave Mustaine to induct Metallica in the Hall of Fame? It’s looking very likely, band invites Mustaine to the Hall of Fame pre-ceremony party…

Oh my!!! It looks like Metallica and Dave Mustaine are burying the hatchet. Dave and Metallica are showing that they have no negative grudges against each other at all. Check this out!

James, Lars, Kirk and Rob invited Dave to attend the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame, pre-ceremony party. Dave himself wrote on the Megadeth official website, thanking them and wishing them a congratulations on Metallica’s induction.

How fucking cool is this? Isn’t this awesome? 🙂 Nobody ever thought they would be nice to each other, but it looks like their long feud would come to an end. Finally. Life is too short to hold grudges.

Lets cross our fingers if Dave will be the one to induct Metallica into the Hall of Fame. Yeah!!!!!! Maybe even Metallica and Megadeth will one day go on tour together!! Metallica to Gigantour?

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Dave Mustaine needs to induct Metallica into Hall of Fame!!!

While Dave Mustaine was in Metallica very briefly when the band first started in the early days, Dave won’t be part of the Metallica inductee since he never played on a Metallica album. Dave still should be part of the Metallica legacy by having Dave induct the band into the hall of fame. It really seems appropriate that Dave should be the one inducting Metallica.

Come on James and Lars, bury the hatchet and call a truce with Dave. Life is too short to hold long grudges and it would be cool to see Dave, James, and Lars become brothers again.

I doubt it would be Dave inducting Metallica but it would be a surprise if Metallica got him.

If not Dave Mustaine, then I can see Dave Grohl, Axl Rose, or Ozzy inducting the band.


Report: Metallica wants Jason Newsted to share Rock Hall of Fame honor if band is inducted…

If the band Metallica is inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year, James Hetfield reveals that he wants to share the induction with Jason Newsted. Jason Newsted is a former bass player for the band who has played bass on the Metallica albums “And Justic For All”, “The Black Album” and “Load/Reload”. Jason Newsted joined the band after Cliff Burton’s death and Newsted became a prominent member of the band.

As the band were making plans to go back into the studio to record “St. Anger”, Newsted announced he quit the band due to private and personal reasons. Later in the movie “Some Kind of Monster”, Jason admits the real reason he left the band was for creative differences, Jason complained that he wanted to write his own material in Metallica but James and Lars were doing most of the writing, leaving Jason out of the songwriting process. So Jason left Metallica and formed his own band called Echobrain.

James Hetfield speaks out to Rollingstone saying that he will not have Dave Mustaine share the Metallica Hall of Fame induction because Dave didn’t play on any Metallica records but Jason Newsted did.

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What a load of crock. The band Metallica should share the honor with Dave. Metallica and Dave Mustaine have been feuding for over 20 years to this very day.

They should just act like adults, bury the hatchet and get along, but of course, I don’t see that happening any time soon.


Report: Dave Mustaine is desperate for a #1 Megadeth album in Billboard Top 200…

Dave Mustaine admitted in the Megadeth official forums that the band never had a no. 1 record in the Billboard and his goal with the next record is that he wants it to be no. 1. After just releasing the latest Megadeth album “United Abominations” in 2007 (which that album kicks hella ass by the way), Megadeth is preparing to work in the studio on their next record while the band is just finishing their tour.

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Dave is an amazing musician and an excellent songwriter. I’m glad he is preparing for another Megadeth album this soon, but do you think it’ll be no. 1?

I don’t know, I’ll have to wait to hear the album first and then I’ll judge. Their last record “United Abominations” was amazing.

Megadeth shouldn’t be obsessed with making a no. 1 record when they should concentrate on making great music for their fans. Just shows that Dave Mustaine still have a huge ego in him and he’s clearly competing with Metallica, big time. That’s the whole point of Dave forming Megadeth to begin with to compete with Metallica.


Report: Lars Ulrich interview…Metallica drummer speaks on cocaine use, Dave Mustaine, negative fan reviews on “St. Anger”, and more…

There is an interesting interview with Lars Ulrich at The Quietus website where Lars talks about a variety of topics. He speaks how Noel Gallagher from Oasis inspired Lars to get off cocaine.

He is still talking about Dave Mustaine of Megadeth to the media when Dave was fired from Metallica 24 years ago. Lars says that he and the rest of Metallica aren’t friends with Dave, Lars says he won’t telll Dave to back off and move on because he isn’t that kind of guy, Lars still has respect for Dave as a person and as a musician. Lars respects Dave’s work with Megadeth as Lars is a fan of Megadeth as well. Lars says that he is flattered that Dave Mustaine still loves Metallica to this day. Although they respect each other musically, they never got along personally.

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I’ve always thought Megadeth was much better than Metallica anyways.

Will Dave and Metallica ever bury the hatchet and become friends in the future? It could be possible but I doubt it will ever happen. I’d love to one day see Metallica and Megadeth tour together but I don’t ever see Dave asking Metallica to play for Gigantour. They once shared the stage for Woodstock ’99 and that’s probably the only time you’ll see them share the stage.

I don’t think they should move on and stop thinking about the past. Mustaine is just trying to get answers on why Metallica kicked him out, and Metallica continues to refuse to admit the truth to the public. It’s no wonder Dave is still bothering Metallica because the band continues to act like assholes to him.