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Will the first Democratic debate get big ratings??? I’d say no…

Will the Democratic debate this coming Tuesday, draw huge ratings? I’d say no definitely not. I predict the ratings will be pretty low… just watch for it. The low ratings for the first Democratic debate will prove that America is fed up with liberal politics. I’m sure some people are gonna watch the debate but the only people who will watch it are all those dumb liberals who will probably tune in for their cult leader, Bernie Sanders alone. Other than that, nobody is gonna watch the debate… not only that we’re gonna sick of liberalism… nobody is gonna want to support Hillary just by watching it. Nobody wants to see Hillary lie her ass off throughout the whole thing.

Will I watch it? Maybe I’ll tune in for a little bit, not sure but I’m sure it’s gonna be a horrible debate anyway as all the candidates are gonna do is attack Hillary throughout the whole thing anyway.

I don’t want to see them defending gun control, Planned Parenthood, seeing what they’re gonna do about the fake Climate Change and blah blah blah.

It’s gonna be interesting to see how they’re gonna treat Hillary though. Will they treat her good or will they treat her unfairly? I think CNN is gonna treat her good. They’ll treat her like she’s a princess or something. She’s probably gonna do the most talking than all the others.

If I did watch the debate, it would be for laughs only ’cause it would be entertaining to see how mad Hillary will get. I wouldn’t be surprised that they wouldn’t talk about Benghazi at all ’cause Hillary’s staffers won’t allow the moderators to bring up the question. CNN will protect her over Benghazi and the e-mail stuff. If the other candidates bring up the e-mails and Benghazi, the moderators will silence them by cutting them off. That’s how it’s gonna go, I think.