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Why I’ve been talking a lot of politics lately…

Some of you may wonder why I immediately switched my internet discussions from entertainment stuff to politics/government stuff. Well, here’s the thing…

I’ll start talking a lot of politics when the government starts getting crazy and out of control like everything that is going on: the government committing violence in other countries, arming terrorists overseas, the IRS scandals, spying/wiretapping/hacking, the drones, etc. When it gets to the point that when everything is like, “enough is enough”, I have no choice but to call out on the bullshit.

On top of that, I’m just trying to help wake people up on President Obama. My goal is not only trying to get Obama impeached — there is way more to it than that.  My other goal is to get people to learn more about him. Those liberals/lefties don’t know a lot about President Obama ’cause they are so obsessed with this human rights bullshit. You see, I like human rights stuff, don’t get me wrong. That stuff is secondary to me.

I’m more concerned about living and surviving in my home country. When it comes to government politics, country comes first. All the drones, killing Americans over seas, that stuff is scary and some pretty serious shit. How can they ignore that stuff and call President Obama a good guy? You know another thing… every time something bad happens in the world and the US is upset about it… President Obama will think of something good to happen to get their minds off of it. Just like what happened with the gay marriage stuff today.

I think getting to the bottom of Benghazi is more important than anything else. I really wish more Americans would concentrate on Benghazi but nope, those freakin’ liberals are too obsessed with this human rights stuff. All that is fine and good; however, victims of violence getting their justice is more important than anything.

I mean, here is something for you to think about for a few days. Think long and hard. With all the violence Obama committing over seas, think what he will do to us. He just armed Syrian rebels and that’s not scary enough for ya? That madman, Obama — he can kill all of us if he wanted. Seriously, think about it. I think that’s his plan. He has a secret kill list and all this other scary stuff that these Obama supporters and defenders don’t know about. He has already murdered a lot of people and gotten away with it.

We should be scared of this man. A lot of people are already are… but it’s mostly republicans/conservative people who hate him too. We need those liberals/lefties to wake up and side with us. It’s insane to me that all the bad stuff Obama has done is not good enough for them to turn their backs on him yet. I think they will turn their backs on Obama once the truth comes out of Benghazi. Just give it time.

More on why I have been talking politics more than anything else ’cause it simply interests me. I’ve doing a lot of reading and studying political/government stuff. I like learning about it, studying it. Plus, there is no news to talk about in the Entertainment world. Mostly all gossip and stupid celebrity stuff I don’t care to talk about anymore with the exception of the Paula Deen controversy which I will get to soon. I still do talk about movies, music and TV shows here and there, though.

Politics is awesome. I’ve always been politically motivated.