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Thought: About Dolph Lundgren working with Nu Image/Millenium…

I just thought of this. I think the reason for Dolph Lundgren’s big comeback to the big screen is considering that Stallone bringing back Rocky and Rambo to the big screen was a major success, Nu Image/Millenium decided it was time to start doing this to other 80’s action movie stars. So they picked Dolph Lundgren to work with first.

Will Nu Image/Millenium studios try to get Steven Segal and Jean Claude Van Damme back to the big screen? Those two have been mostly doing straight to videos and independent work too. Jean Claude had said on MTV Movies Blog just a while back he is eyeing a major comeback to the big screen as well.

It would be nice to see Lundgren, Segal, and Van Damme all doing block buster successful films again. Bringing back the 80’s. Maybe Segal can do another sequel for “Under Siege 3”.


Report: Former Rocky IV star Dolph Lundgren making huge comeback to the big screen…

Action movie star Dolph Lundgren is confirmed to direct and star the leading role in an action thriller titled “Command Performance” he co-wrote with another screenwriter named Stave Latshaw. “Command Performance” is being made by Millenium/Nu Image the same company where Stallone’s “Rambo” (2008) was made under.

Lundgren first got his name known to the world when he starred as Ivan Drago, a Russian boxer, in Stallone’s “Rocky IV”. He also played the iconic character He-Man in the live action “Masters of the Universe”, while he was also well known to playing He-Man still the film failed in box office. His other roles include “The Punisher” (1989 version) and the popular action film “Red Scorpion”. Over the years, Lundgren did mostly independent films and most of his movies went straight to video.

“Command Performance” will be Lundgren’s first big movie in many years. Lundgren describes the film similar to the “Die Hard series as if you were at a rock concert”. The plot sypnosis of “Command Performance” will be about a drummer in a rock n’ roll band whose warming up for a big concert in Russia but of course, badguys ruin the show and Lundgren’s character get into the action by kicking all their asses. The drummer of the band is a former Marine. Lungdren says he inspired the story idea from pop music legend, Madonna.

Lundgren says he will not use stunt double and will do it all himself, the drums and all the action scenes, everything. Lundgren says he used to be a drummer and wants to get back into it.

The Hollywood Reporter reports:


Sounds like a sweet action movie that’s going to be quite a ride.

Congrats Dolph! You deserve a big Hollywood comeback.

It’s about damn time they gave you a chance! I’m looking forward to the film.