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Report: Tami Farrell is new Miss California…

As you probably already read all over entertainment news sites, Tami Farrell (Miss Malibu) is now Miss California. Surprisingly, she is MUCH hotter and way more sexier, than Carrie Prejean! She’s definitely a nice pick!


BREAKING NEWS: The Donald changes his mind about letting Carrie Prejean keep her crown, gives her the “you’re fired”…

K2 Productions, who is under the license of Miss Universe and they are the producers of the Miss California pageant, has terminated Carrie Prejean for breach of contract. Keith Lewis, the executive director got the okay from Donald Trump about his decision. Carrie Prejean is officially no longer Miss California.

More on it here:


Perez Hilton is probably sitting at his computer with a huge smile on his face about this news. I’m sure he wants to give the Donald a hug for this.

Well, so much for letting Carrie Prejean keep her opinions.

Carrie to sue Donald and the Pageant? Wouldn’t surprise me if that is coming soon.


Thought: I am confused on this whole Carrie Prejean vs. Perez Hilton feud…???

I’ve read the news that Shanna Moakler resigned as codirector for the state pageant, because I guess she’s on Perez Hilton’s side on this one. Moakler is agreeing that Prejean is a liar and a little brat.

Sarah Palin and more celebrities came out for Prejean’s support.

I’m just confused on this whole thing. I don’t know who’s side I am on. I guess I’m not on either side…still, they’re both acting really dumb and childish, really.

I agree with freedom of speech and people’s honest opinions on whatever they want ’cause this is America. Perez needs to think about that, he needs to realize that people’s opinions doesn’t revolve around him, but I have this feeling that he’s never going to stop his drama against her until she agrees with him. His obsession with Carrie Prejean is beggining to be a little frightening actually.


Thought: Why Perez Hilton doesn’t bash Donald Trump since the press conference?

While I’m sure gossip blogger, Perez Hilton, hates Donald Trump for supporting Carrie Prejean, noticed how he has never bitched about it since then. He’s still bitching about Carrie of course, but he’s been pretty tightlipped about the Donald.

Why is this you may ask?

I think, the Perezzers know that this will lose his opportunity to return as “Miss USA” judge for next year if he messed with the Donald.

It is pretty funny stuff that this Perez dude won’t shut his mouth about Carrie. His blog has been all about her for a pretty long while now. His obsessive hatred over this woman is pretty silly.

Yep, I blame Perez for all this stupid Carrie Prejean nonsense, although this feud is one of the most entertaining celebrity feuds in a long while.

It’s obvious Perez thinks the world revolves around him. If he gets out of his delusional mind and get a real career (blogging is not a career, sorry), focus on the real world for once, then life would be much easier for him.


BREAKING NEWS: Carrie Prejean keeps her crown, The Donald supports her 100%…

The Donald, let Carrie keep her California crown, and also says that she can say whatever the hell she wants since this is America! The Donald also says that the only reason she is being picked on in the media, is because she’s beautiful.

I actually agree with the Donald. Do you think Perez Hilton makes fun of her on his blog because he is jealous of her good looks? I’m beggining to think so. He’s jealous that all the guys in the world looks after her, and not him.

Notice how The Donald never says a word about Perez Hilton. And noticed how Perez never bashed Donald once on his blog. I think Perez knows that the Donald is evil and if Perez messed with the Donald, he knows there will be hell to pay.

Carrie’s a hot looking girl, I’d do her, sure.

More on it here:



Thought: Nothing wrong with Rihanna and Carrie Prejean having nude pix at all in my opinion…

I don’t understand why the public is making a big deal and act like it’s a bad thing that celebrities like Carrie Prejean and Rihanna having nudie pix.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with it at all. Let me explain…

People all over the world pose nude for pics and make pornographic pictures all the time, even real people like us do it also. As long as you’re doing it legally and as long as you’re doing it on a website that allows nudity, I find it a cool thing that people expose themselves for the world to see. In my opinion, nude photography is fantastic art work and people should do it more. If you’re so proud of how your naked body looks, don’t be afraid to show it off. Nothing wrong with it!!!! EVERYONE does it.

I don’t understand why people like Rihanna and Carrie Prejean are upset at the nude pix leaking the web, ’cause that’s what the real world is all about these days. If you don’t want people to see your privates, then it’s best you don’t take nude pictures of yourself at all, ’cause who knows who can steal your pics and anybody could have put them online?

This nude pics thing isn’t such a big deal at all. I’m sure Donald Trump would agree. So would Hugh Hefner. Don’t be surprised if Hugh Hefner would want a Carrie Prejean Playboy pictorial shoot. Playboy will offer Carrie a deal sooner or later.

Nothing wrong with people making home made pornographic pics at all. I actually think it’s a cool thing that people do it.

I’ll be on the lookout for Donald Trump’s Press Conference about Carrie Prejean’s fate today.


Report: Carrie Prejean’s fate is all up to the Donald…

The USA Pageant officials announced today that they aren’t responsible to decide whether the pageants gets to keep their crowns or not. Like I already said the other day, it is all up to the Donald himself, since he owns the Pageant.

TMZ reports:


I still think the Donald will still support her. He will let her have her California crown and maybe even let her be in this year’s runners up that she was disqualified for.

If Donald does this, Perez Hilton will be bitching about him for weeks and weeks. I’m sure of it! Be careful Perez, if you’re reading this. You know how the Donald treated Rosie O’ Donnell, I see a heated Donald Trump vs. Perez Hilton media feud pretty quick. It all depends if Donald supports Carrie which I think he will. He already gave a hint of that the other day.

Oh yeah, I’ll admit that Carrie is pretty fuckin’ hot looking too, seriously.