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Robert Deniro another delusional leftist Hollywood actor, what’s new???

Yeah, there’s a lot of actors in Hollywood with left-wing political beliefs. Most of Hollywood is pretty liberal… there are only very few conservative actors in Hollywood left these days.

Anyways, back to Deniro… I respect him as an actor ’cause he is undeniably talented and a legend but when it comes to Hollywood, I don’t really care about the actors political beliefs.

It’s no surprise to see that Deniro wants Hillary president only because she’s a woman. We’re gonna get that a lot. Leftist people wanting Hillary to become president simply because she’s a woman. It really is idiotic and it’s pissing me off that people can think that the only reason they want Hillary as president is because she’s a woman.


My belief is that the reason that people want Hillary as a president because she’s a “woman” is ’cause they can’t think of any other reason why she would be president.

Keep in mind, Hillary is not the only woman on this planet.

Yeah, a woman president can be possible and would be great for America; however, you can’t just want a woman president just because she’s a woman. What about her behavior? Her personality? Her political issues? Those are the things that you gotta look at, not just because she’s simply a woman, ya know?

Hillary is responsible for Benghazi. Not caring to lift a finger to help those 4 men. That alone should disqualify her from the president race and yet those fucking uneducated liberals want her president anyways.

Remember, there are other women, ya know? I’m sure there will be Republican women and other Democrat women gunning for the White House. Why does it only have to be Hillary?

I can’t stand all the Hillary obsession. It’s just sick and wrong. What the fuck is wrong with America when we have left-wing politicians committing crimes and lying to people left and right and yet, America thinks they’re great anyways? I can’t fucking stand it, y’all! We live in a messed up country for sure!


Ben Carson calls Obama a “psychopath” and I’ve been calling him that for years!!!

Yet another reason to vote for Dr. Ben Carson! Whatever Ben Carson says, it’s gonna get the liberal mainstream news all fired up!!! That’s part of what I like about him. Ben Carson certainly isn’t afraid of Obama at all and that’s why I listed him as one of the “Top 10 People Who Aren’t Afraid of Obama” youtube video I made. I didn’t include Ben Carson in that list for nothing, folks!

I also loved it when Ben Carson said this: “But he knows he’s telling a lie!” Carson vented. “He’s trying to sell what he thinks is not true! He’s sitting there saying, ‘These Americans are so stupid I can tell them anything.’ “

That is so true! Obama does know that he’s lying on so many things. Obama thinks Americans are so dumb and naive. He can tell us so many lies and so much bullshit and nobody picks up on it. To liberals nothing Obama says is wrong. The sad part is that a lot of liberals actually believe everything Obama says.



This is the article that CNN and MSNBC are writing about, the GQ article of Ben Carson watching Obama’s latest SOTU address with Armstrong Williams at his home:


That’s the problem with conservatives when it comes to election time. Seeing that GQ is a die-hard liberal magazine, they’re just doing whatever it takes to make Dr. Ben Carson look bad. They caught him talking shit about their precious Obama so they publish that article hoping to damage Ben’s reputation and turn off voters. Their opportunity to destroy Ben but….

… it’s not gonna hurt him at all. It’s only gonna give people more reasons to vote for him. Conservatives LOVE it when people call out Obama and being realistic about our traitor in chief. Conservatives will support anybody who calls out Obama. That’s part of why Ben Carson has a lot of supporters.

Ted Cruz isn’t my choice for president but Rand Paul is my first choice and Ben Carson is my second choice.

I’m getting real tired of liberals thinking it’s wrong for people to bash their precious Obama just because he’s the president of the United States. So you can’t bash our US president? Pretty hilarious coming from a bunch of losers who all they did was bash George W. Why is it okay to bash Bush and not Obama? People are really messed up.


It’s interesting how liberals are interested in Ted Cruz’s personal background but not Obama’s…

So liberals are trying to get to know Ted Cruz more. They’re desperately trying to get to know more about his family and other personal info. They’re trying to figure out whether or not Ted Cruz is eligible to become president. All that is fine and good but I’m noticing that the left don’t care about Obama’s personal info and background. What about Obama’s controversial and shady past? How come liberals aren’t talking about that?

Not only they aren’t talking about Obama’s fraudulent birth certificate… you don’t see liberals talking about his controversial and shady past at all. Where are discussions about the trouble past of Ann Dunham who is Obama’s mother? What about all the people Obama surrounded himself with as he was growing up such as Frank Marshall Davis, Jeremiah Wright, Bill Ayers and many others. How come liberals aren’t talking about his fascination with Saul Alinsky and Karl Marx? You don’t see the mainstream media on any of that stuff. This stuff isn’t conspiracy theory, it’s all pretty well-documented.

Yes, the media questioned Obama’s birth certificate but all that stopped when Obama showed his long form birth certificate on TV. The whole birth certificate controversy died after that.

Why is Ted Cruz a huge target in all of this birther stuff and not Obama?

I believe it’s because Ted is a conservative. You know how liberals feel about them evil conservatives and right-wingers. The left would do anything to make them look bad. Nobody gets on Obama on this stuff ’cause of his liberal beliefs and you know liberals get a free pass in everything. There are people getting on Obama’s birth certificate still but it’s mostly “right-wingers”, the left won’t even talk about that stuff.

Research Obama’s past and educate yourself about the man like I did. There are all kinds of books about him, there are movies made about him and google is your friend too. I wished people did the smart thing and research Obama before voting him for both elections but nope. Nobody cared to read about Obama’s shady and communist past. He grew up around communist people.

Liberals would only hate people on the right but they won’t hate anybody on the left at all and it’s pretty disgusting, in my opinion. All liberal politicians are heroes to them. Us “right-wingers” aren’t like that at all. We know who is good and who is bad. Us conservatives don’t side with everyone on the right. It’s about honesty and being realistic. The left don’t know what honesty is. There has been former left-wingers who left the liberal party and switched to the right and I’m noticing that is happening more and more lately ’cause why? People are starting to wake up on how shitty the liberal party is. You should do the same. Educate yourself on conservatism and you would see that it’s not all that bad.

I should have a video rant on this soon.


Month of April to be a slew of presidential 2016 announcements??? Looks like it…

Sen. Ted Cruz was obviously the first to announce president bid for 2016 race. I’m sure there will be a lot more announcements in the month of April. Who else in the GOP is gonna make announcements? My predictions: Rand Paul, Ben Carson, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump, Jeb Bush, Herman Cain, Kelly Ayotte, Michelle Bachman, Sarah Palin, Gov. Rick Perry, Scott Walker and I’m sure there will be many others.

As for the Democrat party all I can think of are: Hillary (maybe? Hope not…), Elizabeth Warren, Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and that’s about all I can think of.

I hope we don’t elect Hillary or Joe Biden ’cause if we do, we’ll be passing along Obama’s presidency to them if you know what I mean and we can’t have that. I’m okay with any Democrat running for president as long as we don’t get Hillary or Joe.

We are in desperate need of a conservative president next time around and I think we’ll get one. Americans are getting fed up with the left. I don’t think the left will have a chance for the next election. I think liberalism will soon be done and over with. We’ve pretty much had it.


Dr. Of Common Sense, “Obama not leaving office in 2017″…

Another cool video by E.T. Williams aka the Dr. Of Common Sense.

I’ve been saying for a while now in this blog that Obama may not leaving office even if 2016 elections comes. It would be great if he would step down for someone else to take over but I have this sick feeling in my stomach that Barack is gonna be president for a pretty long time. He could cancel the elections if he wanted. Keep in mind, Obama haven’t been faithful to the constitution and he breaks a lot of laws. What’s stopping him for doing the same with the upcoming election? How will he continue to be president after 2016? Declare martial law? Executive orders? Keep in mind, he’s the Mr. Pen and a phone guy. There might not even be a 2016 election at all. I’m tellin’ ya.

Read this article at WMD that E.T. Williams is talking about:


I’ve warned you guys plenty of times myself that Obama could still be president after 2016.

Think about why Eric Holder is still Attorney General when he announced resignation, Senate confirming Loretta Lynch and he even had a farewell party. Guess what? Holder is STILL Attorney General and I have a feeling he will still be Attorney General for a pretty long time.

I don’t think Obummer is gonna leave. He’s not gonna leave until the USA is no more.


Sorry but I agree with Ben Carson…

I don’t buy into this “being born gay” crap at all. It’s all a big lie. It really is a choice, in my humble opinion.

I also think people are taking Ben Carson’s comments out of context. He isn’t saying that prisons turn people gay, he’s only giving that as an example of how becoming gay is a choice. He brings up some pretty valid points and talks truth. Of course, when you tell the truth about these things you get labeled as a homophobe or a bigot.

When babies are born, birth doesn’t automatically choose them to be gay or straight. Being gay or straight is a preference, meaning it’s a choice. So when a child grows up, they learn how to be straight, gay or bi. So when a person is gay, they learned how to be that way as they grow up. I’ve seen people who have decided to give up being gay and become straight instead so it’s a choice, absolutely.

Ben Carson didn’t have to apologize for this ’cause the point is valid. Some claim his comments destroyed his upcoming presidency but I disagree. It didn’t hurt him at all ’cause he is surging in the presidential polls ’cause of it: http://www.msnbc.com/up/watch/ben-carson-surges-ahead-in-polls-410016835972

I know this is a risky topic to talk about ’cause you could get your life destroyed even when you gave an opinion when you should have every right to it. Ben Carson just gave me another reason to vote for him in 2016 if he gets the nomination.


Rand Paul’s speech at CPAC 2015 is here…

Great speech by Rand Paul at CPAC 2015. He killed it once again like usual.

He’s so right that our privacy are being invaded by our government like with all the scandals going on and stuff with the NSA, IRS and the regulation of the internet and all that stuff.

He also brought up Benghazi and says that Hillary should not even be running for president at all ’cause she didn’t lift a finger to save Ambassador Stevens and the three other American men who were killed at the compound.

Speech is worth listening. I think Rand Paul is my no. 1 pick for the oval office, this man needs to be in the White House.