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Ted Cruz destroys reporter on gays…. this is awesome!!!

I wasn’t a big fan of Ted Cruz but this is actually pretty awesome! He might just earn a “vote” from me just by this epic interview!

A reporters asks Ted Cruz one of the dumbest questions I’ve ever heard and he asks Ted, “Do you have a personal animosity toward gay Americans” I mean, what? What kind of question is that? Listen to Ted’s response. It’s awesome.

Ted says that the left is obsessed with sex which I agree. They’re obsessed with gay sex for the most part and all the left does is try to shove this stuff in our faces and try to get us to accept it. We all respect gays. Just not gay-marriage. Liberals accuse conservatives of having a “personal animosity” toward gays but we don’t.

Why would liberals be hurtful and offended about our views against “gay marriage” and homosexuals and all that stuff when they are not outraged at ISIS killing homosexuals? Like I said before, Iran does the most gay discrimination than any other country but liberals side with Iran over Obama’s nuclear stuff. Gays are getting murdered all over the world. Obama murdered his past gay lovers (Donald Young, Larry Bland, Nate Spencer). Is there any liberal outrage toward any of that? No.

All they’re worried about is shoving gay rights in our faces and trying to smear Conservatives for being against it.

I’m tired of the left shoving gay rights in our faces when what we should be really talking about is Obama’s imperial presidency and how he wants to destroy the country. I wanna talk about Benghazi ’cause I care about getting answers for Benghazi than anything else in politics.

This gay stuff is getting unreal.


Serious question for liberals who support Obama doing business with Iran…

So liberals are predictably supporting Obama doing business with Iran in hopes of them getting the nuclear deal going. Liberals mistakenly believe that Iran aren’t the enemy and claim they are the innocent victims. Iran has sympathy by the liberal left which is kind of funny.

Since the liberal left are so obsessed with gay rights and all that stuff why do liberals thinks it’s okay for Obama to do business with Iran when Iran have a pure hatred for homosexuals. Iran had a pure hatred for homosexuals for decades. Gay marriage isn’t allowed there. They are mad at Indiana and Arkansas accusing them of banning gays in their state when the “Religious Freedom” act isn’t about that yet they don’t have any outrage at Iran for discriminating gays? Not only that gay marriage isn’t allowed in Iran, homosexuality isn’t allowed in Iran at all as it is a punishable crime by imprisonment, corporal punishment, sodomy and even execution. Look it up.

Isn’t Obama all about gay rights too? Yet he is working with Iran trying to get the nuclear deal going.

How come you don’t see GLAAD calling out the liberal left for supporting Obama working with Iran when they discriminating gays? How come the left isn’t outraged at Iran for their gay hate? How come the liberal left aren’t outraged at Obama for working with Iran after all their gay discrimination?

OH my god. What the fuck is wrong with people and their messed up delusional heads???